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serious answers only please!!...

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but what if hes gone to the dentist before and they never told him he had it (i was surprised they didnt) he had swollen red gum, his teeth arent as straight as they ...

What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?
Last week I woke up with really bad tooth pain, so I went to the dentist and he took x-rays and it showed my wisdom tooth was trying to come out but the tooth next to it is blocking it. It hasn't even got to breaking skin yet, which was causing the swolleness and pain. I'm supposed to have my wisdom tooth pulled out tomorrow but since the visit to the dentist I've had no pain at all and am trying to figure out if I should go or not since there isn't pain anymore. What would happen if the tooth just stays down there?

Some people get wisdom teeth that never show up and have no problems.. Some people have wisdom teeth that finally push through and they have no problems... and Some have wisdome teeth that start pushing against other teeth, thats a problem.

Now the question is whether you have a good dentist or one that want to make money. Some dentist will just say oh we need to pull them, not because they actually do but because it can make them some extra money for the mercedes payments. You have to decide that on your own. I can say that I never had my pulled, when they started to try and come in it hurt like bloody hell and if I hadn't been in the middle of no where in South America I would have gladly had them pulled. After they actually broke through the gums and came in the pain went away (i guess I was teething at 30 years old).

My personal thought is if it isn't hurting you can wait. It may never bother you again or it may end up causing you more pain than you can imagine and they may have to be pulled.

In other words you can gamble either way, no matte which option you go for your not going to die. If it needs to come out you'll feel pain again, just remember that if it becomes infected and an absess forms that when you then go to the dentist the puss will keep the novicane from working like it should so you might end up with a more pain free extraction if you do it now than if you do it later...

Heinz M
If they don't cause problems for you, nothing. ~

don't know, I don't have any!

I got all four out a few years back. I have a dentist in the family, and he says that better to get them out before they start giving you trouble. Basically, get them out before they start hurting!! He says the complications of not getting them out is far more painful then you can imagine. (ie. infection, on and off discomfort) If x-rays show that your unbirth wisdom teeth are coming out slanted (blocked by already up there tooth), then you definitely need to get them out. The tooth will keep growing and pushing against the other tooth, and make crooked and cause pain. If x-rays show the unbirthed tooth as straight, and if your mouth has room to house the tooth, then you can leave it be. My mother has all four wisdom teeth intact, but her front teeth are crooked because of it. Some people don't even grow wisdom teeth, I hear too, which to me, is unbelievable. I guess that is why they are so wise?

nothing will happen if you don't get your wisdom teeth pulled out......except in the future you might have Mora pain, but the pain you had that one day could have bean from something else. my opinion is that you should get them out so that the pain won't come back in the future, and just to get it over with........i haven't had my wisdom teeth out but last year before i got braces i had to have a tooth that hadn't broken through taken out, it really doesn't hurt.

The joke is, "If your wisdom teeth stay in, you'll be smart forever . . . ."
Seriously, what you have is an infection, probably caused by rotting roots and/or deterioration of the bone that is holding them. If the tooth is "trying to come out", the roots can no longer hold it. Because they are at the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are almost always "blocked" by the molar next to them.
The infection and the flexing were probably what was causing the pain. As your immune system kills the infection, things will probably feel better. You can wiggle the tooth to see if a root is broken or if the socket into which the root sets is too large, meaning bone is missing. Unfortunately, in either case, the original problem which caused the infection and structural damage will still be with you. Why go through the pain of letting it happen again in the future, when you can get it over with right now without that future pain?
We all want to avoid expenses, and we SURE want to avoid the dental pain. One day, people will be able to get a third set of teeth. Till then, you will have to plan for both expenses and pain.
I suggest you keep your mouth as sterile as possible to help your immune system make you comfortable for a long enough time that you can save up a thousand or so. The pain will not be nothing, but it will be managable.
"Does it hurt?" "Yes."
"Do I like it?" "No."
"Can I take it?" "YOU BET!"

Amy L
I ignored mines for 2 years and the pain kept escalating. At first just a few "tings" of pain. Eventually, jaw, head, and ear aches that woke me up in the middle of the night. Two were impacted (growing sideways underneath the gums), two fully in. But once I got them out, the pain was gone. My pressure from the wisdom teeth was gone and a huge relief. It can cause pain or shift your teeth. If your doc recommended it, it is probably best to take them out. I was asleep and didn't feel a thing nor remember much after. Felt strange to go in w/the teeth and out w/o them and have no memory of it, lol. The whole thing took 30 mins. And within a week, I felt back to normal. It was definitely the best thing to ever happen to my teeth. =)

Get them out. I did not have any problems until last November then within a week I had horrible pain. My wisdom tooth was pushing on my molar then was craking it. Needless to say I went in and had all four taken out the day after Thanksgiving. Best thing, no pain since then and my teeth have straightened a bit.

go get it out. They'll give you some drugs and either pull it or cut it out and stitch you up. Had 3 of them done years ago, cut out, and it really wasn't much pain at all. I was over it in a day.

They wont kill you or anything but they will keep pushing through until they are totally through and it will throw your other teeth out of line and they will become crooked. Sometimes they don't even try to come thorough. Some people dont even have them. Most dentists take them out though if they are impacted to stop any risk of them coming through and rthrowing your other teeth out of line.

If you have an appointment to remove your wisdom teeth then do so. They will eventually end up giving you more problems. I had mine removed and I had no problems whatsoever. In fact, afterwards I went and ate fried chicken. I was a bit groggy from the medicine but that didn't stop me from eating. Good luck.

The tooth won't just stay down there. It will eventually push its way out and mess with your other teeth in the process. Tooth pain may not be constant. It can come and go up to a point. Then it will be serious pain. Worse pain than just going ahead and pulling the darn thing out.

Agree with MJ3000.

The pain will come and go. As it tries to break the surface, it will apply pressure to other teeth which will start them to turn. Some will twist a little, during which causes pain. Some will turn inwards or outwards, during which causes pain.

But at some point, when they all come out, they stop causing pain. But then your teeth are messed up in the back. I had molars turned inwards, so they constantly bit my tongue.

As you get older, the roots will fuse to the jaw bone, making it much harder to extract, also increasing the probability of infection when they are removed.

Based on having 4 wisdom teeth pulled, do it now, rather than later. You'll appreciate it.

OBTW: If you can, you should always see the dentist on a regular basis. A lot of times, they can catch the problem before it starts causing pain. Way too much experience going the other way.

Looks as though you have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. As the years go by, the tooth will continue to bother you. Finally you will have no choice but to have it removed. Once you're past the age of 30, there are more complications that can arise with removing wisdom theeth. That includes nerve damage and paralysis. I'd suggest you have all of your wisdom teeth removed at the same time.

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