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 My tooth hurts really bad it throbs why does it do that???
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 Does it hert????
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is it gonna hert, and how long will it take to get better?

please be honest but nice!<...

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 How long do i need to wait to eat food after having cavities filled?

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 Most of the english men wont brush their tooth is it true?

 Why does my breath stink so bad??
On numerous occasions when I open my mouth to talk, I get asked if I just farted....in other words, my breath smells like fart to others....how can I fix this? I brush my teeth once everyday....

 I have a lot of tartar build up I brush my teeth twice a day why is this still?
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What happens if I don't get a cavity filled?
I'm 24 and have my first cavity and am scared to death to get it filled!! I do not like being stabbed in the mouth with a needle first of all. It scares me greatly! Second of all I cant stand the thought of having an ugly silver area on my tooth. I take pride in the fact that I have nice teeth and really am disturbed my the thought of seeing that spot all the time. Its weird to say but that though freaks me out for some reason. The dentist said the cavity most likely has nothing to do with my brushing, but rather because of natural grooves in my teeth. My tooth does not hurt one bit, and it looks perfectly normal to me. I'm really trying to avoid getting this done. What will happen if I keep waiting? How long does it usually take for a cavity to get worse?

Ps, please dont just tell me I need to do it without saying a reason. Also, please dont tell me that it doesnt hurt, what may not hurt to you may hurt to me, everyones tolerance is different. Eek! Thanks for your help!

Jen palla【ツ】
if you dont get it filled than it will eat away your whole tooth and it will hurt SO bad that you will probally pull it out yourself first

You should have it filled now before it gets worse and the nerve becomes sensitive. Chances are that you won't need an anaesthetic if you get onto it straight away. I've had fillings done early with no anaesthetic. Plain sailing! Also, you can have an acrylic filling to match your lovely white teeth! Cheers!

from a purely financial perspective you can spend a couple hundred or less now or several thousand later. believe me when you hit the toothache stage its very expensive to fix if its still fixable or you will have to pull it and get an implant. you can also have your dentist prescribe a couple Valium to take before the procedure to make you less nervous.

big big question .. but u took some effort to tell the whole story atleast.. so thanks for it first of all.

1.> if u dont fill it then, the cavity size will increase.
eventually the whole crown (upper most layer of ur tooth) will be gone.
then the inner Calcium is open for attack from acids will wither out..
thats how cavity grows faster. and faster

2.>if u still neglect then
one day it will have some mild infection.
this may pain for 1 week to 2 weeks..
depending upon ur dental hygiene..
when it pains u will feel like pulling out ur tooth.

3.> u need to take a pain killer + antibiotics till pain goes.
antibiotics to kill stupid bad bacteria inside the tooth enjoying on tooth decay and food particles.
4.> if not filled bcos of food particles inside ur mouth will smell when food gets decayed inside..
(one solution for this is.. u can manually clean it everyday)..
need to spend some 15 mins everyday reserve if u have 4 tooth with cavity.. how do i know this dont ask.. thank god i dont have 5 such teeth.

5.> eventually that tooth will break off into pieces..
may eventually cause mild gum infections puss etc.,
u can cure it again with some mild generation 2 antibiotic.

6.> its said that bad teeth tend to speed up the process of spoiling its neighbor tooth or the one on its apposite.
I believe there is not enough evidence to convince me on this topic at least.

7.> now ur 24 so its probably bcos of ur neglect ion that this problem happened or else. u have sensitive teeth...
whats sensitive teeth please Google around else ask me a question i will answer it for u.

8.>well filling is a ok to horrible process...
RCT root canal treatment is removal of fleshy thing inside ur teeth which is called pulp. it does pain like hell..
and stupid dentists. only give u anesthesia when u say it pains too much please.. please give me an injection.. and that injection does pain too.

9.> i personally hate any tampering with my so natural human body so i hate injection so does it go with body modifications.

10.>for a cavity to get worse it can take anything from few months to years...
if you want to treat it u need to do as early as possible.
11.> if u leave more time then instead of filling they put TOOTH CAP. which is costly and compulsorily involves RCT.

12.> if u still dont do anything u will loose that tooth.
CAPS , bridges give u near natural tooth like appearance and effect.. in working tooo..

13.> i wish suddenly i loose all my tooth so i dont have to brush them anymore instead i would go for permanent steel implants which dont pain expect for implant operation.

14.> if ur cavity is too deep then its already too late then it needs to be extracted if u still leave it then
it gets broken into small bits and pieces of tooth eventually after 1- many years of ignorance.
this again can be extracted by dentist which is little more painful than a normal extraction becos it involves cutting of gums or u may just ignore and leave with it.

at last but not the least....humans are most unlucky as far as teeth are concerned all crocodiles get like almostunlimited teeth during their life time..
I am an embedded engineer not dentist but i believe in being jack of all trades while being master of my specialty trade


I had a tooth that had a cavity. The filling for whatever reason fell out and I didn't know. The cavity got worse, and then my tooth got infected. The root ended up dying and I had to have the tooth pulled. So that's what a cavity ended up doing to my tooth with no filling in it. I had a few cavities that were filled when I was younger. I haven't had a cavity now since I've gotten older. I don't think they still use the silver fillings. Don't they now have the white kind? I thought they did anyways. The needle is uncomfortable but the freezing kicks in really quickly. I think you can ask them to use a topical gel to mostly freeze the gum before they put the needle in. It's been a while since I've had a cavity filled but dental technology gets better everyday. So I'm sure they are much better at it now than when I had it done. Good luck!

its the right time to get your tooth filled, when you dont have pain. When pain starts you will need extraction or root cannal treatment will be more hell for you.

Well, the tooth can continue to decay, which could result in the loss of the tooth and possibly the need for a root canal. I would go ahead and get it filled. Not all fillings are silver. They do have fillings that are closer to natural tooth colors. You can tell your dentist that you don't want that ugly silver thing. Granted, it will probably cost you a little more.....but it's what you want.

Robert G
If you hesitate to get a cavity filled, a small cavity will turn into a large cavity. The cavity will start to collect food/surgar and breed more plaque. This will put the tooth in jeopardy. Your tooth may not hurt now, but it may become quite painful and/or infected. It really is something you should get taken care of.

As for the rate of decay...
That is determined by your oral hygene, diet, and genetics. It could be a couple of weeks, months, or half a year before you start to develop pain. Your cavity is growing as we speak however.

As for the procedure...
It will not be fun or pleasant. It will hurt. However it is a small sacrifice considering what could happen if you ignore the problem. Some dentists will opt to give you nitrousoxide if you request it as opposed to a local anestetic (usually novicane injected via hyperdermic needle in the immediate area).

Talk to your dentist, see what can be done. If you don't like his answer, ask another dentist. Just make sure you get this taken care of.

If you do no have it filled you can have lots of problems.A cavity is a hole in you tooth.Bacteria in the mouth can make you sick as in poison and die.a new filling can be white same colour are your other teeth.If not done fast you will soon get a tooth ache.And new dental procedures are painless. You are lucky to get to 24 before your first cavity.

Who Am I To You Anyways?
Here's a good reason you WANT to get your cavity taken care of:

Because you DON'T want a root canal!

I've had one done - my only dental work ever done besides teeth cleaning - and OMFGOUCH! So... yeah. Get that cavity taken care of before it gets worse.

The thing is, if a cavity isn't filled, it is so easy for them to get worse and deeper until it hits the nerves and then infects the nerves and then gets to the point where you need a root canal done.

The shot DOES hurt, but it doesn't hurt like getting blood drawn. It's more blunt and the anesthetic effect is pretty much immediately after.

Also, the cavity doesn't have to be filled with the silver filling! My root canal left me with a hole drilled completely through the middle of one of my bicuspids and they filled it with porcelain, which matches the closest the color of your natural teeth.

I'll reiterate - you do NOT want a root canal in the future! Save your tooth and save yourself some future pain!

Best of luck!

YOU CAN DIE WITHOUT GETTING IT DONE! The cavity should be taken care of sooner rather than later. I am not kidding you!

Olivia J
I think its best for you to get your cavity filled because it will stop it getting worse, soon it will become sensitive and you might have trouble eating and even drinking.

I have one filling and it was filled with stuff that is the same colour as my teeth so it doesnt show.

For me the only bit that hurt was the injection but only for about 3 seconds and when they're actually doing the procedure the injection has numbed your mouth so it cant hurt.

Nothing to worry about.

If you don't have it filled it will keep getting worse and you could end up losing that tooth all together. Also not all fillings are silver anymore they have ones that are white just like your teeth. If you are that scared of having a shot in your mouth you can have them try to drill the tooth without the Novocain it might not bother you at all. I usually end up having about 4 shots before they can drill my teeth because of how sensitive they are it shouldn't be painful at all if they give you enough Novocain.

If the tooth goes unfilled, the cavity will continue to spread. This will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. It can spread to the root area and cause an abscess (infection). This infection can then spread throughout the head and cause severe damage. If this goes untreated, it could even cause death. Infection spreads through lymph nodes quickly and infection doesn't travel the same path in the head...this means that it can be very unpredictable.

As for the fear....the dentist can use a topical numbing solution before giving you the shot (this helps a ton). I used to be afraid of the shot but now with the topical, it's a piece of cake and you can't feel the poke, just a little pressure. The procedure it quick and painless. The worst part is the vibrating and sound...take a walkman with you. It takes only minutes and you'll be so happy you did it. You don;t have to have an amalgam (silver) filling...they have tooth colored material they can use instead. Just ask him/her about a composite filling....you won't even be able to tell. I have a composite between my front 2 teeth and no one even knows.

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