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 Best kind of toothpaste?
What is the best brand of toothpaste to make your teeth whiter and protect them at the same time?

Spanks. :]...

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 How do I use a mouth wash?

 Is it healthier to brush your teeth after you ear your breakfast or before?
I'm just curious, becuase i normally do it after giving me a fresh feel for the rest of the day,until i brish my teeth after school and then before i go to bed

Additional D...

 Braces Help?
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 How long will I feel like crap after having all 4 wisdom teeth out?
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 Bruxism my daughter has it (grinds teeth) help please???
she is 6yrs old, grinds teeth so much at night and bangs them 2gether too....i understand it can be stress related,.she lost her mummy to cancer last year. i didnt realise how bad it was until i ...

 My wife has a abscesed tooth and is in alot of pain what do i do?
She went to the dentist 4 days ago, from what i can tell what he did was gave her a few shots and broke off and pulled it. he did not give her any antibiotecs or any pain meds. she is in alot of pain ...

What does the ancient people use to brush their teeth?

ali zaidi

The people that I saw in Tanzania used small twigs which they threw away. The Australian aborigines do the same.

However, the major difference is that these people eat scarcely any sugar so decay is not a big problem. I never saw such beautiful, white,well formed teeth as I saw in the smiles of those Tanzanian children.

many folk, romans, egyptians, used twigs, chewed on them, or chewed horsehair

ancient tooth brushes

An Oral BC tooth brush.

Save puppys!
They used a stick with little wood bristles, they threw them out when they were done with them OWIE sounds like it would hurt


with guava trees' branches
i hav used these quite some time as a pratice and 4 fun als

I dont recall seeing any toothpaste ever discussed in history class. Also I think they just used their fingers. If you look at people from the 19 and 20 century's, they all had false teeth, even people of the 21 century. Plus medicine wasnt developed at the time of caveman.

what do you call ancient? was not long ago when my ancesters would use small twigs from a tree and open the end and use that. there were a lot of things the old timers used to do that would amaze you

Many peoples used the ends of reeds or small twigs to clean their teeth, they used their fingers to clean the surface as well. Rinsing the mouth or swishing with water was also a common method of oral hygiene, but many peoples used nothing and their teeth rotted causing illness and early death

Pioneers in america often used wheat heads... or so I hear.

There actually are a few ancient examples of small brushes, but the general consensus is that tooth picks or some sort of string, for flossing was more common. These items would not be preserved for very long, and even if we did find them, they'd look like... bits of string and sticks. Archaeologists would have to study a lot of bits of string and sticks to find any of them.

A few teeth show signs of wear which appears to indicate brushing with a fibrous material. Others show signs of wear which seem to indicate that some clay-like substance was rubbed on the teeth. And of course, there are those people that used grindstones, and got their teeth "brushed" with grit and sand while they ate.

Slightly more interesting is the fact that resinous substances (such as the gum arabic that is used in chewing gum today, and other types of sap) with tooth marks in them have been found, and dated to millions of years old. These ammount to ancient wads of gum in the fossil record. Ancient Homo Sapiens, and even Homo Neanderthals appear to have used gum.

There are also occasional skulls found with burn marks on only one tooth. These burn marks almost always go into a cavity.

Some people, such as the Mayans and Incas also filed teeth, but this appears to be for ornamental purposes, not dental needs.

Some ancient people probably never brushed their teeth. Man skulls show evidence of cavities that ruptured into the skull itself. In modern populations, people with this sort of dental problem usually get blood infections and die, so this is often considered the probable cause of death for these skeletons. Thank God for fluoridation and tooth paste!

Who Am I To You Anyways?
Bristles from a boar or a pig or some other animal. Frayed ends of twigs.

Here's a link:


People often chewed on sticks to help clean their teeth. Sometimes people may have used a bit of rag dipped in water. Soemtimes nothing and they had really bad breath/teeth.

Ancient as in cavemen-they didn't know what dental hygiene was.
Ancient as in the 1200s, dental hygiene wasnt important because they didnt understand that they could get mouth diseases.
1600s-1800s They probably used dried corn husks tied to sticks with horse hair.

People during ancient times don't need too much dental hygiene because they hardly consume any sugar. It has been proven that ancient cavemen although lacking in dental hygiene, has a full set of teeth and no sign of gingivitis whatsoever. This is because their diet is mostly natural and unprocessed fruits, vegetables and meat.

They however do use grass stalks and twigs to remove some particles lodged in their teeth thus the first toothpick. ^_^

Leaves & small branches, perhaps??

salt water.

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