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 Are you supposed to wear your retainer at night?
Are you??
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I didnt just get braces off....

 Wisdom Teeth?
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 Do dentists feel a failure every time they get a cavity?

 Bad Breath!?
i have bad breath, now i brush twice daily and use mouth wash and i still have bad breath, is there anything i can do about that?
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oh and i do floss ...

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I am severely depressed and just can't take anymore disappointments in life. I recently went to a dentist who completely screwed up and I can't afford to get my dental problems fixed. I ...

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 What colour braces should I get?
I have silver at the moment but I find them quite boring. I have shortish brown hair and hazel eyes.
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what colour ...

 Wisdom teeth......?
should i be pain free on the 4th day after surgery? cause i'm ...

 Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
I don't, but I have four friends who act like I'm weird because I DON'T! I told them that if the majority of people did it, it'd be portrayed in commercials and in movies. (I ...

 Please, I have to know, what do you think of this?

 I am nervous of the dentist and what is to come?
I am 19 years old and the last time that I was at the dentist was when I was 16. Growing up, I always had cavaties. I am still on my parent's insurance and I am embarrassed to go to the ...

 Whats the best way to pull a tooth?

 Wake up to bleeding gums, really bad?
So I wake up every morning and spit out blood. The gums around one of my molars is bleeding on and off for the past month. Usually its fine, but it will gush for like 60 seconds a few times a day.......

 Braces! What are they like to have and have you ever had them ?
Supposed to be getting braces soon. Do they even help your teeth what was it like when you had them put in x ?...

 I feel unpretty because of the gap in my teeth..?
we don't have enough to pay for braces coz my rents are prioritizing my studies. i feel insecure about it. i couldn't smile because of it. i'm afraid boys wouldn't like me because ...

 What color for Braces?
Im getting braces today... only on top 6 teeth. What is the best color for the brackets??...

 Wisdom Teeth?
I need to get my wisdom teeth removed to prevent overcrowding in my mouth and to stop my teeth going back to thir original position before i had braces. Should i do it in the chair or at the hospital?...

What do you call a dentist? Doctor?

Everyone calls my husband Dr. Miller - more informally - many people (especially guys) call him 'Doc'

la man
Yes, their formal title is doctor.

Maggie May
Doctor. DDS means Doctor of Dental Surgery

i call mine bob

Blondie Bear
Not all dentists are doctors, and those that aren't should be referred to as Mr [name] or Mrs [name].


I have never referred to my dentist as anything other than 'my dentist' or possibly 'the dentist' as in I'm off to...

When I meet him or her I just say hello.

e.g. "Which dentist do you use?" "Sloans on the high st".... nope never used a Dr, Sir, Milady or any other title.

Gramma Might Know
I call mine Terror in a White Coat...but he's just Dr. Smith to most others!

♥ღThis is Aanchal from INDIA ღ♥
Yes!....I say doctor...

Doctor, or Mister...

sir, your highness thats what they might like to be called.
call them by their surname ie mr/miss/mrs brown or by their first name or doctor go by how they introduce themselves to you

Orthodontist. (Straightens teeth)
Doctor of Dentistry (Does fillings, extractions, cleaning, etc)
Doctor of Dentistry, DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Yeah, you call them doctor, cause he/she is one.

usually they have a doctorate in dentistry, so they have earned the title Doctor. More junior or less experienced dentists might only have a bachelor's degree, but you'd normally call them Dr anyway, out of courtesy.

I call mine John when I see him, but if I was writing to him I'd call him Dr. M

I call mine Doctor

It depends on how much he's hurting you at the time.

I can tell you that that the formal title of the dentist is Doctor. Sometimes they preferred to be addressed differently.

The optician is also addressed by the formal title Doctor.

I hope this information helps. Take care always.

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