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 Wisdom teeth...?
2 of my wisdom teeth are coming through and i'm in sooooo much pain!
is there anything i can buy or anything i can do to help get rid of the pain???

please please please help

What do I do if part of my tooth breaks off?
I know I obviously need to go to the dentist; but they are not open right now. I will call them in the morning. I do not think I have a cavity on this tooth; but I was eating something and about a quarter of it broke off. It does not hurt, but it is cutting my tongue up. Does anyone know what they will do? Put a cap on it?

Ewwwwwwww.....they will need to pull it and put a fake tooth in, I forgot what they're called but they look like a normal tooth. WHAT WERE YOU EATING???

dan t
krazy glue works great
careful you might stick your whole mouth together


Find a dentist this instant and have it fixed. If you can't afford a dentist, go to a hospital, they usually have resident dentist clinics, and the emergency room should be able to help. If you let it go too long, it will have to either be pulled or have a root canal.

I broke a tooth on a tounge piercing, got the tooth pulled out, not a problem. (September 10, 2001, the tooth extraction that will live in infamy)

use oragel for pain and wait till your doctors office is open and that way you may be able to get an emergency appointment

when i got mine chipped playing lacrosse, i went quite a while without getting it fixed. eventually, you'll have to see the dentist, and they should be able to fill it in with enamel and color it to match the rest of the tooth. it costs a bit of money though.

Glenn N
They will probably have to put a crown in (depending on how bad. That may also involve a root canal.

Well you really aound like you need to go to the denist.If you fell you dont want to then really bad things can happen.You might need to get a cap or i hear they have these new things ask your dentist about possibilities of what you can use.Thats what i think you should do.

Many people have this happen and although it's kind of scary, you'll be fine after you see the dentist. He/she could try to fix it in a lot of different ways, but for tonight, to help your tongue. put some gum over that tooth. Good luck!

my friend done this the other day. aslong as it doesnt hurt you should be fine - means u havent damaged any nerves. her dentist put in a tempory filling(sorry im in uk lol) and then booked her in for couple of weeks after to replace it with a permanent filling. it depends what damage is done inside the tooth as to what they will do , if it is rotting inside then they will take the whole thing out. good luck

This has happened to me before. Lol, Yes I can understand the feeling that like it might cut your tongue. But you dont stop running your tongue against it. I think you keep something there and dont touch with your tongue. And you can get it capped.

I had the bottom half break off from one of my wisdom teeth last month (which hurt like crazy), it had a cavity and I was stupid to not get it treated earlier so I'm getting it pulled this week. Get to a dentist, they can possibly put a filling in if the tooth isn't too damaged, put a crown on or do a root canal, an extraction will be done as a last resort.

Just don't talk or chew. If your hungry eat some ice cream or something really soft. If it still cuts your tongue then go to the store and buy some wax that you use when you have braces to stop the braces from cutting your mouth. Just ask your pharmacist if they carry it.

Depending on how much it bugs you, you can go to a 24 hour drug store and look for "orthodontic wax." Take a piece and stick it over the broken place to keep it from scraping your tongue.

Lyndzey Jean
For now i would go to the drug store and get some dental wax. Put it on your tooth to stop it from cutting up your mouth any longer. I would call the dentist first thing in the morning and make an emergency appointment. They will most likely put a cap on it, if it is to badly broken they will probably pull it out. I hope this helps.

They might put a cap or crown on it. They might fill it like a cavity. They might pull the tooth. It depends on the dentist and the shape of the remaining tooth. Don't wait too long or it will contiue to break off until there is nothing they can do. I should practice what I'm preaching...I have one that lost its filling and also has a sharp edge. See you at the dentist's office.

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