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What can I eat after having my wisdom teeth pulled?
I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled July 2nd and returned to the dentist in 7 days to find that I have a partial dry socket in one area. I am not in a lot of pain but I am very very hungry I have only eaten soups, puddings, apple sauce, cream of wheat and drank liquids for the past 7 days and have already lost 10 pounds. I am hungry, very hungry now that its 7 days later what can I eat - next week I will be at a business conference doing lunch and dinner I need to know what I can eat. i don't want to have a full dry socket or cause another dry socket. Please help if you can!!! Thank you :)

tHa PregO Nurse is 21 weeks!!
ice cream...frozen yogurt...cold applesauce...non frozen yogurt...cold turkey...

congee is also the best food to have after wisdom teeth extraction. Congee is one of a kind rice so cook with a alot of water to boil. For better taste, you can also cook it with chopped meat, very soft meat; add little Soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper powder, or salt. If you would like sweet, add a tablespoon of concentrated milk to the mixture.


You can eat the soup that doesnt have noodlesor drink a lot of liquidslike smoothies

The best filling meal I had after having my wisdom teeth out was chili. The dry socket problem sounds awful. I did not have that. Mostly my jaw hurt since I have problems with it. Milkshakes are good too. I remember I went out to eat with some people and thought, oh no, what am I going to eat? But they had chili on the menu!

if you are very hungry you could mix soup (i prefer creamy) with fish or meat, in a mixer. It does not taste bad as you just get a thick soup which beats the hunger quite good=)

Anita M
Mashed Potatoes!

your dentist/oral surgean should have givin you some kind of suringe to clean out the pockets. i had mine pulled awhile back and suffered from the same situation. also, try chilie. Its filling and easy to eat. also soft beans for protein.

Marouf H
yogurt and ice cream!

all I ate was mashed potatos and peas c: also choc milkshakes. worked for me!

Ice cream !!!!!

It's nothing bad just dont eat junk food and hard to chew foods but it would be quite good to eat stews and soups

Jo Mama
Ice cream
Frozen yogurt
Cold applesauce
Non frozen yogurt
Cold pudding
If you want to get nutrients, drink a cold health shake throughout the day.

you can go here to find more info: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_okay_to_eat_after_you_get_your_wisdom_teeth_pulled

if your not a small person 10 pounds is good if your little already you need food but you really don't want another dry socket try some fish it's soft a little bread or a potato

Anything soft is fine. Pasta, Macaroni & Cheese, pudding, applesauce.

just remember NO STRAWS!

Stick with very soft or liquid diet for now, at least until the dry socket heals. Make sure you're flushing out your mouth with water too. You have to get all of the food out, sometimes particles can get into the area the tooth was pulled from. Don't smoke and don't drink through a straw.

Try plugging oe side with gauze that should help keep stuff from getting into the socket and rinse well after you eat!

Kiana S
Soup and apple sauce. Don't forget to rinse your mouth out!

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