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What age do old people start loosing their teeth?

Rachael H
there isnt a specific age, as young people do too, its how theyre looked after

I think Nebula D is completely right- tooth loss is NOT a part of the aging process but often due to the conclusion of long-term dental/ gum disease fuelled by poor oral hygiene and smoking.

Biologic Dental Consultant
5 to 8

one does not be old to loose their teech it depends on how one looks after them. I have known a child who was spoilt with sweet and had actually lost his 2nd teeth at 9 and half

their are reasons people loose there teeth not just because they are old,. my Granada is 85 and he still has a full health set.

my son is 7 and lost five lol

The Original Highbury Gal
There is no particular age limit on this one, it's like asking what age do old people start losing thier hair, or how long is a piece of string!
I have seen people as young as 25 with a full set of dentures, if you look after your teeth and maintain a good oral health routine you could quite easily go to your grave with all your own teeth!

Kiera M
Usually around their late 60's.

bernie c
You don't have to be old I have an aunt of 90 and she still has all her teeth and she don't have any bother with them and they look nice.

When they get gum disease and decay! Any age

jenny l
it depends on their genes mostly, but other factors include cigarrete smoking, dental hygiene, and nutrition. my parents started losing teeth at 50. my dad's a smoker and he lost his teeth very rapidly.

charlene d
i have lost four of my molars and have had two of my front teeth replaced by veneers as my mum was to bone idle to teach me how to brush properly and i am just 24!
i have been very strict with my kids and have only just realised the wonders of flossing and Mouthwash!
god bless my NEW dentist!!!

you can loose your teeth any age I'm only 40 something and have dentures .you start losing your teeth from 5 upwards .then you get your 2nd lot and it all depends how you look after them to how long you keep them my dad has most of his and he is 83 .

My H
My teeth are pretty loose and I am 31. I think people start LOSING their teeth in their 40/50 age bracket.

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

It is a common misconcption that the loss of teeth is a normal part of aging.

Your teeth are meant to stay in your jaw bones, long after you are dead and buried. Tooth loss occurs only as a result of diseases---usually tooth decay and/or periodontal disease

Do read or listen to "Oh I wish I'd looked after me teeth " by the very funny Pam Ayres. I do like the answer that says he forgot where he put them!

happy trucker
Because they can't remember where they put them the night before .

depends on your health of your gums.
use flossing regularly.
also try using a "water pik"

You can loose them at any age if you do not look after them properly.

my mum is 70 and still has her own. depends on how you look after them, not what age you are

Hawaii Warm
Depents on what you you consider old? If you are a young thing, 25 will be ancient. :-) You can loose your teeth at any age but, if you neglect teeth as a kid and continue to do so, plan on major dental work and or loss of teeth around 22 years old.

PS - do your best to see your dentist every 6 months. If you can't afford to see a dentist, offer to make payments even if it's for a cleaning.

if you take care of them you won't lose them.you can take them to your grave.

you can loose your teeth at any age! my nan is 65 and still has 90% of her teeth and yet my auntie has all hers removed so its no specific age! as long as your teeth are healthy and checked regularly it shouldn't be a problem.

you can lose teeth at any age for different reasons like gum disease, accidents etc but saying this when I was a carer for the elderly I knew loads of people in their 90's who still had their own teeth,it can also depend on how well you look after them too

You don't have to be old to loose your teeth

Gone fishin'
It depends if they had dental care as they grew up. My mother is 91 and had teeth removed over her lifetime but none in the last 40 years. (She has 8 left.)

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