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What Is The Standard Length of Time To Take Antibiotics?
I hear that 5 days is enough, then I hear 7 and yet my doctor prescribed 10 days. I'm a bit confused. This is for a tooth infection... so what is the standard amount of time? It is not a bad infection. In fact, it is so small she cannot see it on xrays nor feel it around my gums. That's how small it is. Any advice out there? I have oral thrush now and want to stop taking it... this is day 7 for me. Thanks.
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I'm on Amoxicillin. 3rd time I have taken it this year.

You've got 3 more days and then you'll be done.

Save yourself the piece of mind and just stick it out... you can't go wrong with antibiotics...

Good luck!

It really depends on the strength and type of antibiotic.
I do know that you need to take it for the time prescribed or else you will not get rid of your infection and you risk having to take them again. The more times you have to take an antibiotic the more risk of becomming immune to them, and that is very bad.

It's generally 10 days but you must take the entire bottle, or you'll run a good chance of having a relapse.

k <3
10-14 days.

Some are 5 ( The Z-Pack is the most common ) and some are for a week.

It really depeds on the medication and how bad it is.

depend the problem or the type of infection . only a doctor can say for sure depending on infection that is sorry!
we are all different diff. body mass fat etc,

When taking anti-biotics, it is very important to take the entire dose the doctor gave you. If he gave you 10 days worth, then you need to take the entire 10 days. It depends on the type of anti-biotic and what is being treated on how many days you need to take it. Even if you see results and think it's go, TAKE THE ENTIRE 10 DAYS!

Mark S
It depends on the diagnoses and the prescription. I've been prescribed 5, 7 and 15 at differing times.

Your Doc prescribed them for you not Joe public. Its very important to fully complete the course. If you don't it can in the future make them ineffective, then you'd know all about it, as there may be no alternatives.

you need to read what is on bottel and take the amount required if after it still bugging u go back and see your dentist

Ana M
Its from 7-10 day usually

Take the antibiotics for the prescribed amount of time. Even thought he infection does not seem that big to you, it can get serious and that is why you have a 10 day prescription. A tooth infection is dangerous, because it is close to the brain and can spread. Take the medication until it is finished and don't fool around with this.

Every antibiotic is different, the normal range is from 7 to 10 days. Ask your pharmacist.

You need to take the full course!! That is why he prescribed you that many. If you don't finish out your antibiotics you are not getting rid of whatever infection you have completely, and it can come back worse.

Artie B
My doctor ALWAYS prescribes 10 days

Yes, 10 days is the time neccesary for the infection to get completely out of your system. Even if it felt like it`s gone after a few days, you have a good chance of it re-growing unless you go the full course.

10 days is the standard. Be sure to take them for the required length of time. You run the risk of not having antibiotics work in the future if you don't follow the strict length of time your doctor recommends.

Helen Scott
I used to get strep a lot when I was a kid, and it was always 10 days.

Just follow the perscription.

it depends on which specific drug that you're given.

Whatever they give you, finish the entire perscription

10 days is the standard.....take meds until you finish them or infection may come back.....take your meds as prescribed..your doctor knows best


Dave F
7 or 10 days are the normal length of time that antibiotics are prescribed for.
For the thrush, you need a Nystatin or anti-fungal rinse.

Five to Ten Days is Normal.

Typically it's ten days, but some like a Zithromycin are condenced into only three or five. Whatever your doctor says is right.. just be sure to finish the full course or the infection won't go away.

m g
call the pharmacy they know their drugs better than the doc usually.

crystal k
10 days is appropriate, I work in health care

Wendy b
10 days and it is very important to take all of it or you may not get the solution for the illness. Teeth infections can be very dangerous, I know !!

Dr. Al
I hate to tell you to contradict your doctor.

But you should definitely tell him that you have oral thrush.

Sometimes antibiotics decrease the amount of good bacteria allowing trush to develop. Now I dont know if that is the case.

The best thing you should do is call the guy who prescribed it and tell him that you have trush.

Hope this helps.

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