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 Does it hurt when they pull out a tooth?
I'm getting 3-4 teeth remove so i can braces, and i wanted to know how much pain is it? Does it hurt after?...

 What will happen it i brush my teeth with bleach?, Is it safe?
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 Have you had braces before?
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 Wisdom Teeth?
Last weds I had my wisdom teeth removed. Then on monday I went back and had some of the gauze removed from my mouth. Today I started having pains in my mouth. They were really bad but I've been ...

 Can really bad infected teeth affect the rest of your health?
I have some really bad teeth... I have six teeth left on on the top part of my mouth and one of those is about 3/4 of the way gone,I have one that the back of it is all but gone. and one on the ...

 How many people shave there nose hairs??????
....i do!!...

 My daughter aged 10. Is having 2 teeth out. Can i be with her, she's very scared and nervous ? PLZ ANSWER?
She's having 2 teeth out. For orthodontic treatment.

She's very scared, and wants me in the room with her.
Will i be allowed to ?

She said that, she doesn't ...

 When you just got your braces on what did you eat?
I just want to know since i'm getting them this year or like next month or something like that i just want to know i'm 13...!...

 How to ease a toothache?

 Is there any home made remedy to whiten your teeth?

 Do they really pull out 4 teeth when you get braces?!?
Someone on one of my questions said they pull out 4 teeth before the process and I'm only 12... I don't want to have to go through THAT!!...


 Brushing then floss & mouth wash still can't get rid of my bad breath?
I use COLGATE TOTAL,then FLOSS & use LISTERINE,but when i wake up in the morning i still have a little bad breath.Is it normal?...

 Will i need braces??
my bottom teeth are perfect, and i dont have an overbite. but one of my canine teeth is up too high. is this enough of a reason to get braces??...

 Will a rotten tooth affect my other teeth?
I'm terrified of dentists after a bad experience and haven't been to one in about 10 years. One of my top back molars is rotting (part of the top half is gone, creating a "cave" ...

 At What Age Should You First Take Your Child To The Dentist?

 I need advice about daughthers anxiety!?
My 5 year old has an abcess in her mouth and the dentist said she has to get her tooth pulled on Tuesday and she gets very nervous just going to the dentist her nose starts to bleed and her blood ...

 Health and safety nonsense at the dentist?
I went to the dentist the other day and for the first time ever he asked to me wear safety glasses.

I asked why and he said I get splashed in the eye or something.

LOL-what a ...

 Help me please?
i have very bad teeth, great hygeine but they still keep getting infected and crumbling, over the past year i have had so many repaired because i finally had dental insureance but now i'm laid ...

 Tooth abscess?
hi, im 12 and today i had my 1st visit to the dentist i was sooo scared i cryed.They told me i had an abscess and told me i have to have tooth pulled out, I fainted and then minutes later i woke up.T...

What Do They Do When They Take Off Your Braces? Does It Hurt?
i was wondering if someone could tell me everything i need to know about getting braces off? i've had mine on for almost 3 years and i am super nervous to get my braces off? does it hurt? how long does it take? and another question.. how long is that gross nasty impression stuff in your mouth?

my sister has
braces and she said
that it hurts haha but it
doesn't her alot . so you
should be fine .

Ethan C
It doesn't hurt at all. First, the remove the bar, which is easy. Then, they apply a solvent to the braces which loosens the glue, and they pull them off. then they polish and brush off any remaining glue. It actually feels really good.


Its hurts a little when the dentist's not Gentle with the back teeth but after all its worth it in exchange of the smooth surface on your teeth though retainers will be worn to retain the position of your teeth.

It doesn't hurt, and it's not a very long procedure. But when it ends you are going to feel your mouth a little weird because you're going to miss the braces :P but it does not last too much longer, about 1 week.

usually takes an hour, a little more sometimes. Don't be nervous- it does kind of feel weird after you get them off like you have no teeth because you're used to them being so big because of the braces- but other than that it's fine. As for taking them off- it hurts a little- depends how rough they are with you. you might wanna take an Aspirin before hand just to be on the safe side. As for the impression and glue stuff they use for the braces- they should grind all that off and clean your teeth after you get them off. plan on like 2 hours just to be on the safe side if you're needing to plan something.

Um I'm not totally sure but I know that they cut the wire at various spots around your teeth and pull the wires out. Then they take the little silver ring off of your molars. and they take this scraper looking thing and scrape off each individual square bracket from your teeth. and then they scrape off the plaster that was used to keep them on. then they wash out your mouth and make you rinse and you're done. Its kinda uncomfortable but not really painful. and it feels REALLY weird not having them on. your teeth feel smooth

Gosh it's been awhile since I've had mine off.I think it took about 40 mins.It was not painful.The impressions they take afterwards are'nt bad ecspecially if they give flavored stuff.It just feels wierd for awhile to be able to lick your teeth again - lol.Good luck

Jason T
Getting them off does hurt a little as the teeth move around a bit but nothing like a tightening. Removal doesn't take too long.

As for the impression stuff, I seem to recall that it is in your mouth for about 12 hours but that could just be the horrible experience making it feel that long.

it does not hurt at all you won't even know they did it until it is already done!!!

It doesn't hurt. It is a relief. May take about 1/2 an hour, but then they may have to give you a full washup so it could take an hour or so...

They simply remove the adhesive that holds them to your teeth. You'll feel pressure but no pain. It is the greatest relief in the world and being that you had your braces for 3 years I'm sure you are ready for them to come off!!!!
As for time frame I think it lasted about 10-15 min to get my braces removed.
And that yucky impression stuff is in your mouth for about 5 min then NO MORE BRACES STUFF!!!!!

Total time for whole procedure: About 30-45 min

Have fun!!!

GMH :)
Well I had mine during almost 4 years, and I got them removed before turning 15 (I'm16 now). It doesnt hurt at all, at least I didnt feel anything. Maybe the little pulling of the braces with the tweezers, that can be a little bothering, but nothing else!!! besides, you'll feel so good to having that shitt off your mouth that you wont notice, and weird too, after so many years.
My removing process lasted about half an hour.
Ah, you gotta make sure that your doctor makes you a good cleaning after the removing.
Good luck, and dont worry, you'll be fine!!!

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