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 Do we HAVE to have the baby tooth pulled if the adult tooth is coming in behind it?
My 6 yr old son has a tooth coming in behind his baby tooth. It is one of the front bottom teeth. The baby tooth is only slightly (really slightly) loose....

 Braces advice?
I just got my braces on the 5th of Jan. How can i cope with the pain? It's not aching, but it's sort of irritating. What are some examples of soft foods I should eat? What should I do at ...

 Why do we wet the toothbrush before brushing our teeth?
I don't leave the tap running anymore but I still wet the brush before I put the paste on. Why? I've tried not doing it but it just feels wrong, lol.
Additional Details

 I have had a baby tooth loose for a long time and it wont fall out on its own. How should I pull it out?
I have a fear of pulling out my teeth, its loose but won't come out on its own. I'm 14 and I have braces and the longer it takes for the tooth to fall out the longer i will have braces....

 Anyone with braces out there??!?or ortho's?
im getting braces like soon, and i was wondering
where did you go?
how much they cost?
when do they start to hurt after you get them?
but i have a choice to go with getting on ...

 Insane toothache (Molar pain)?
Hi, i'm on my second set of Wisdom teeth (Molars) and for a long time my top right back one has been such a pain in the ***, So I finally got it checked out at dentist, but appointment is next ...

 3 year old to have 3 Root Canals?
My daughter needs 3 root canals. Is this normal? We are very concerned to get this work done to her at this age. She will be put under anesthetic. She also has a tiny piece of flesh in between her ...

 How often should someone visit their dentist for a cleaning?

 Tooth decay?
i think i have tooth decay or gum disease, what is the best cure to save my teeth and how do i repair the damaged ...

 How do you get rid of morning breath?
I always have bad breath in the morning and I am not sure why. I brush my teeth like a crazy person and don't eat or drink anything except water afterwards. My breath is fine during the day, it&#...

 Does it really take 7 year sto digest gum?
is that true or ...

 How often do you brush your Teeth? and how Long?

 Will the dentist give me a general anasthetic 2 take a bad tooth out?
i av a major phobia about dentists,which stems from wen i was a child.i am absolutely terrified.i now have awful toothache and need to go but am 2 scared.if i knew the dentist was going to knock me ...

 Braces... Please help! :)?
I just got my braces today! And I have several questions.... :-)

- I know what foods to eat and not to eat (basically), but I've tried eating macaroni and cheese but I had a hard time ...

 What is the best way to treat or heal a toothache?
going to a doctor is not an option right now so please dont post it!...

 I had tooth problem since i show it to dentist but iam upset with his answer what can ido?

 Do you breath through your mouth or nose?

 What is the best way to relieve tooth pain most likely due to the root dying?
I know a root canal will be needed. I was supposed to have it a while back. Now it's the weekend and I am suffering!...

 Does anyone have any cures for a toothache including pain in your ear??

 Can you get braces if your teeth doesnt have anything wrong with them?
im 13 and i think my teeth are basically okay,but i want braces. i dont have an underbite or overbite.and my teeth arent "crooked" or anything.can someone still get braces if their teeth ...

Vaneer teeth? How much $$$$?
I really want to get all my teeth redone in vaneers. How much would it cost and how long does it take? Pain etc?

Lee G
Hi...it is spelled "veneer." Think of it as a shell that fits around your real tooth, or the part of it that's left. Sometimes they use porcelain but other synthetics are also used. Dentists vary greatly in what they charge, but on a per tooth basis it maybe $400-500. In some instances, with the special materials they use for biting surfaces, it could go up.... Perhaps less if you are having many done at a time. There are usually three appointments total but the process need not take more than a month. It depends on how much you are doing, of course. You should feel no pain...they will use Novacaine as needed. It is not a really painful process. Full crowns, on the other hand, can be a pretty painful job. Once they are in, you should feel no pain from them at all!! Look under cosmetic dentistry in the yellow pages....some dentists make a practice of this work and I would recommend you go with one that does a lot of this...you're much less likely to have problems that way.

Too much and they will drill your real, may I say again, real teeth down to nubs, no teeth no more, just nubs. You can get dentures if you like, what is the difference??? You are losing your real teeth. Dumb idea, just a way someone can make money on your vanity. A very strong human condition. See your regular Dentist and ask what he can do to improve your smile. Don't do it. The only teeth we are given and we need to keep them and take of them and improve only if we don't damage our selves.

Oh, I am the champion of this question. In BILLS I mean. I had to have four of my front teeth done because the enamel was ...very bad. It was $1,000 a tooth. Usually the dentist will take a mold of your teeth or tooth and come back with a plastic one to wear until they make the veneers. They DO file the teeth you want done into little points so the new vaneers can slip right in. It doesn't hurt that much. But the pain in my wallet is still aching. I live in California, and I've heard the BEST and less expensive place to have it done would be in Mexico.

Well I've never even heard of having your teeth vaneered? so i would be of no help? Sorry:((

Vaneers look so unrealistic don't do it

Alot, and I only got them on two teeth
A little pain, alot of discomfort
good luck!

I recently had Lumineers placed on my six front teeth. Prices can vary, however Lumineers are a little more expensive than traditional veneers. Mine were $1350 each, although Ive seen them advertised a little cheaper.
It is said that Lumineers look more natural than traditional porcelain veneers.
It is a pain free procedure, and very little, if any, tooth structure has to be removed.
After your initial consult, the dentist will take impressions. The impressions are sent to the lab and from there it takes about 2-3 weeks for the final product to be ready.
Also, you will not need to wear temps!
You could also have the dentist make composite veneers, although they would not look as natural or last as long. They would be cheaper, however.

it is about $600 per tooth.
They file your real teeth down to stubs.
It is essentially painless, but needs to be re-done every 10 years.

I was quoted $6000.00......

Angel A
My mothers veneers cost $2800.00 in S. Florida. I hear they could be cheaper in less metropolitian places.

By the way, mom said to tell you that it was painless and they look BEAUTIFUL. Go for the 'natural white' .............. don't do the 'hollywood white'.. it is fake looking. The natural white shade is very white but nobody will know.

Kelsey =D
its painless...my mom wanted to do ur 4 frnt teeth and it was gonna cost like $2000

Great Question Beck... I'm interested in that!

Faith W
almost pain less it is about 3-4 grand


cost is USD4000++

Well, I have to get a couple of crowns, those are 550.00 each, painless, Vaneers, as I understand are better and also painless but are more like 850-1000 each. Crowns go under the gum line, Vaneers do not, they just go to the gum line, I think. Great question

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