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Tooth pulled, one cig?
ok im askin to get the thoughts from others. i know im not suppose to smoke after getting a tooth pulled that was bout 18 hrs ago.16-18hrs ago.

i just want one cig. i know i ve gone this long without one. if ur a non smoker then u dont know where im coming from so just advice no, "u need to quit smoking" stuff i already know this
Additional Details
im gonna have to wait till 4??????????????/ awwwwwwwwwww grrrrrrrrr

Quit smoking.

No, you need to quit smoking :)

Now you can see how badly you are addicted.

Hubby had his tooth out two weeks ago, told him not to have a ciggie for 4 hours after. He had one on the way to the car after he came out and has had no adverse effects!!!

Go on light up!!!

I completely understand, the more you are denying yourself one the more you want one!! Go on it's my crash!!

OK, I am an ex- smoker but to answer your question, I used to smoke as soon as I got to my car. Just know that it increases the chances of getting a dry socket which I understand is very painful.

Lil Angel 68
Dang!!!!!I know just how you feel because I just went thought the same thing, and still have a few more to go and yes I am a smoker, so you/We! know we are not suppose to have a smoke but, I have okay let me be honest I did wait like after 6-8 hours, what I did was go home took some of the medicine went to sleep for a few hours and then waited til it had stopped bleeding before I lit one up............
NOW! after saying that I am not giving you permission to light up but, I am telling the truth of what my bad habit had me do that day...Good Luck on your choice okay.........

Jessica H
If you hadn't had a smoke and a long time well maybe you should have one.Because i am a smoker and i know how you feel so you should go ahead and have one because if you are wanting something you should do it because you might not have another chance to do what you want to do and you never know what may happen.

I put my tongue over the hole while I smoked. I don't know if it helped but it made me feel better.

weirded out
you can smoke now all you risk is a puss pocket
I did it as soon as I had a tooth pulled they are also afraid that your lips are numb and you wont feel it if it burns your lips

lori b
no your not suppose to smoke,but i dont see why you couldnt put something over it to keep the smoke out

Like I said before, the problem is with the suction your create when you draw on the cigarette. I didn't say you couldn't smoke. I said you need to be careful.

It's all on you....but I hear dry-socket occuring from doing that is not so pleasant...in fact, it's really painful. That being said, my mom had 6 teeth pulled, came out of the office with bloody gauze shoved in her mouth and lit up immediately.....no problem....Do as you please but just know you might regret it...then again, maybe nothing will happen. Good luck!

You should wait at least 12.


Edited to add here is another site that says 48 hours

PS- I am glad you know that you should quit.

Jaclyn B
wait at least 24 hours or you will be in pain. You'll get a dry pocket and it will be far worst than what pain you where in before. Wait just a couple more hours. You can do it!

Ohhh I am a smoker & yes I didnt listen once & smoked after....believe me dry socket isnt nice at all..wish I had listened to the warnings.

Ohhhh till 4 huh? You can make it...just keep busy & get your mind off smoking....Good Luck!

Well I used to smoke, I quit almost 3 years ago, but anyways, this is kinda the same type of thing... I had my tongue pierced and smoked so many cigarettes that I had to take it out. What happens is you might irritate it so much that it can get infected or you could get dry socket, which I had when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and that hurts immensly. Maybe just one but definitely rinse with listerine or a similiar mouth wash afterward, and only have one cigarette!! Wait a few hours or more if you have to have another and don't smoke the whole thing just take a few drags. Smoke is an extremely powerful irritant and your mouth is sooo sensitive right now!

OMG do not do it. the pain is not worth it. I did not listen, I tried to cover the spot that the tooth was pulled. it did no good. dry socket is the worst pain ever. the pain was so bad, I thought I was loosing my mind. I have had a c section, lung surgery ( they cut from the middle of my back, to the middle under my breast, cracked my ribs, and I had 30 stitches) the dry socket pain was ten times worse. And on top of the pain, I had to go back in and have socket packed. now that was a night mare....there is no way to disribe the pain of a dry socket. heck I smoke one to two packs a day for over 15 years, So I am not one to judge and say stop smoking. i quit six years ago and to this day I will not judge a smoker or put them down.. anyways. the cigerett is not worth it. hold out another day or two. you will not even enjoy the cigerrett, the pain will come on so fast, before your even done smoking.

Corina O.
If you smoke you could cause what is called a dry socket. Basically what that is, its when the blood clot comes out of the socket where the tooth use to be. It causes the area to heal slower and also cause pain.

yeah man you can smoke just make sure when you do and i mean smoke any thing wink wink, drink a littl water keep it moist so you dont get dry rot which is owww, lol you'll be fine just dont puff like a chimney, one or two an hour aint gonna make much differance

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