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Throwing up after wisdom tooth extraction?
i got my wisdom teeth taken out earlier today and afterwards i ate about half al itle container of yogurt and took one hydrocodene. then 5 hours later i felt pain so i took another...now i feel dizzy and have thrown up a few times. is this because the medication or swallowing blood? anyone else experience this?
Additional Details
yes, i was put under anestesia for the procedure. but after i didn't feel sick at all. how do i clean my mouth? the packet says NOT to spit or brush my teeth so.....yeah?

It happened to me too! But it was because i ate chocolate ice cream and it seems that it wasn't so smooth for my stomach! maybe it was the yogurt! to heavy for your stomach

♥Hated Teenager♥
My sis did, but she was puffy like a chipmunk lol and she ate lots of shakes (ice cream, cold foods stuff like that) but i don't remember her throwing up but she got them done the same day my cousin did and he did throw up in the back of the car because he swallowed too much blood, so i donno

How long did you wait before eating ?
You werent supposed to eat for at least 2-3 hours until your gums scab and bleeding stops.

Were you fully sedated, as sedation can make you sick afterwards ?

When I got mine taken out my mom got me a huge strawberry shake from Mcdonalds and I threw up all day after that. We called my dentist and he said that alot of people get sick when mixing dairy products with anesthesia medication. You have to remember that even though it was quick anesthesia it will stay in your body for awhile maybe a week or so. Hope you feel better....I found that mashed potatoes with cheese were my fav during recovery!

It's hard to say. I had the same problem when I took 1 Vicodin in case pain came (it never did). I wasn't sure if the blood, medicine, or anesthesia did it, but I'm sure it was a combination. I threw up at least 3 times that day.

I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled in the spring and I got sick too. I didn't eat anything though. My guess would be either the yogurt or the swallowed blood.

YO Mama
You're fine. I commend you for trying to eat. Maybe something more substantial like crackers. Strong medicines almost always make people sick at first. Especially if you're not used to taking it. To settle your stomach, try drinking a cup of nice, hot tea. I get put on crap like that when I have bronchitis and I know how bad it is.

Rex B
Cut back on the pain meds, it sounds like the meds are too strong... (dizzy)... and getting sick is normal after any surgery or tooth extraction.

Well its the meds that make you sick. You should eat a lil more before taking more meds. Try some soup. You can only eat soft foods. Start rinsing with a sea salt/water mixture twice a day. NO SPITTING. It cause dry socket.

my sister did when she had her wisdom teeth taken out. i dont think it's anything to worry about.


Call the pharmacist. Call the pharmacy where you bought the pills and speak to the pharmacist! It is probably the medicine that is causing you problems. Dont take anymore and call them!

Bored Enough To Be Here
You should eat with the medication each time, or at least take it with a glass of milk. You can also try cutting the pill in half (a pill cutter or carefully with a sharp knife). Also, try 4 regular strength Ibuprofen instead (up to 800 mg twice a day, also with food or milk). Call your DR tomorrow about the meds.

READ: if you throw up, rinse out your mouth well with hot water and then something like Listerine. The stomach acids and whatnot could infect the removal area.

Hydrocodone will make you feel sick by it self. So If you are not eating and having to take the meds I'm sure that is making you sick. I take this med everyday and if I don't take with meals I still throw up. Hope this helps!

i was on Vicodin for pain when i got them taken out. But i hate throwing up more then anything so when I fealt i had to I just fought it down. I've heard that a lot of people throw up after.

Yes. This happened to me too. You shouldn't be bleeding anymore or if you are don't swallow it. You are also not supposed to use straws or spit (either action will restart the bleeding) if the space where your teeth were was left open by the surgeon. The blood can make you a little queasy so just stand over the sink to let it drain naturally.
You were most likely sick from the medication though. This is one of the side effects (see link for other side effects). You should have gotten instructions with the medicine. Since it is useless to try and explain something to someone who is doped up or in pain doctors should give written aftercare instructions. For some reason not explained to me by my doctor the yogurt prevents you from getting sick. It is important to eat yogurt maybe for the way the Rx is metabolized. Decide how much pain you can tolerate. Take the lowest dose since it is addictive. Lay down this will help with nausea. On the bright side this is usually something you only have to go through once in your life. Soon you will feel better.

Laura G
The pain meds they give are really strong. I was sick and fainted soon after taking mine and chose to just take regular Tylenol from there on out! I hope you feel better.

Unless the nausea is from a completely different cause (like a new onset flu, for example) you the the nail on the head for the most likely causes. Any narcotic pain pill can potentially cause nausea. Swallowed blood after an oral surgery is also a possible cause of nausea. In either case. it should be short lived. You can try to avoid the pain pill if you don't need it and instead use over the counter Ibuprofen if the pain isn't very severe. Also, sometimes just taking a whiff of rubbing alcohol can help to fight waves of nausea.

Its the medication. It happened to me too. You kinda just have to choose between the pain and throwing up. Hope you feel better!

It's the medication. Pain medication can be really hard on your stomach, so I'd advise you to stop taking it and to take Ibuprofen instead. You can take 4 pills every 6-8 hours and that should help you out. You're going to feel pain, that's normal. I'd say if it gets bad enough, then you should take the prescription they gave you. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Starting tomorrow you can GENTLY swish some warm water around and that will make your gums start to feel better.

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