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 What is the best way to get rid of a toothache?

 What is the best way to brush your teeth?
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and wat are some bad ways
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 COLOR IDEAS 4 braces?!? help!!?
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Smoking after tooth extraction?
i have just been to the dentist to have a back tooth taken out, he said before he started that i shouldn't smoke for 3 days. However, i seem to have very stubborn teeth with extra long roots, and he could only get half out, i'm going back to have the other half taken out on friday. Thats means 6 days of no smoking. Why is it that you shouldn't smoke after tooth extractions.
Additional Details
thanks so much you lot i was expecting 20 lectures on how bad smoking is for you.
Goldilocks it wasn't that bad, i didn't really feel the needle go in, and from then on couldn't feel my mouth at all, although watching the dentists face for over an hour trying to pull it out, was sometimes worrying, altho sometimes amusing

smoking after anything is bad. Actually smoking it self is bad. I suggest u go to a doctor for help.

Assuming that you are so addicted that you simply don't have the willpower to not smoke, think of it like this - if you cut yourself, would you allow cigarette smoke to bathe the open wound for the length of time it took for the cigarette to burn down?
I didn't think so.

Smoking causes the heart to beat faster resulting in the blood being pumped round the body quicker. If you are bleeding after the extraction you will lose more blood if you smoke.
I don't think I'd last 6 days without a ciggie.
Good luck.

my husband got three teeth pulled out and the first thing when he leave the clinic he started to smoke, i ask him why he do that he said nothing will happen don't worry. now he moaning and complaining his teeth hurts.

I will advise u not to smoke oncer u got yr teeth pulled.

Because the drawing of a ciggy. will make the healing process longer, and with all open wounds infections can set in. Stupidly I have smoked after tooth extraction, and got an infection, which is nasty But there has been the occasion when I got away with it. Use Warm salt water as a mouth rinse if you can hold out.

*~ charmed ~*
I was told a couple of weeks ago when I had my wisdom tooth out not to smoke for the rest of the day as it may stop the blood from clotting but I had a cig as soon as I could and had no problems what so ever.

You can get infection if you smoke

Jim answered this correctly. Dry Socket is BAD! It hurts "worse" than the tooth ache! I got it because I smoked after one. Then, I learned how to take a puff very easy. The suction you make when you take a puff pulls the blood clot out of your empty tooth socket. (dry socket) That's how you get it. Drinking straws do the same thing.

jim b
you get whats called a DRY SOCKET from the suction made from takeing a drag off your smoke and probably infection, use mouth wash after smoking, no one quits for a tooth extraction

3 days is a bit extreme. I was told a few hours

x goldilocks x
Poor you having to go back again sounds painful!
Smoking increases the chance of infection,but must admit i had a tooth out couple months ago and had a cig few hrs later naughty i know but if you keep mouth clean and salt rinse should be ok,i was.

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