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 Another one for you all! how long does it normally take for antibiotics to work?
Still got a mega infection in my wisdom tooth, cant get to it with anything to touch it nor could the dentist.
got antibiotics, got a temperature now as well and my jaw and head and ear hurt ...

 What should i do!!! teeth problem?
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 Where does your tongue sit when it isn't being used?
When you are sitting silently, where is your tongue? Does it lay in the bottom of your mouth?
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SERIOUSLY- Does it lay in the bottom of your mouth, or do you force it ...

 Can anyone suggest a teeth whitening method which doesnt cost a lot?
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 Does whitening toothpaste actually work ??

 Im having two wisdom teeth out today?
I'm having two wisdom teeth out at my local dental surgery and am nervous about the whole thing. Has anyone here had there's out what was it like? If it was bad please don't post....

 Is having black gums a medical problem? I see people and celebrities (Whoopi Goldberg) with them all the time.

 How many times do you clean your teeth in a day?
A. 1 time
B. 2 times
C. 3 times
D. Other?...

 The filling in my cavity came out.........?
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 What should you do is you drop your tooth brush in the toilet?
Just whana ...

 What should I do for a really bad tooth ache?
Please offer some advice. I feel very ill. My dentist will not be back until Thursday, and he been out for two weeks. I been in so much pain. Thank you in advance....

 Does taking a pepto-bismol at night make your tounge black in the morning?

 I am 10 weeks Pregnant and I have an abscessed tooth. Can I get it pulled now or not?

 Can I use superglue on my tooth?
A Cap on my front tooth recently fell of and i can only get onto the waiting list at my dentist which could take awhile. Can I use superglue to hold it temporarily in place until i get in?...

 Teeth Whiteness?
How do I whiten my teeth so that it is actually noticeable?...

 False Teeth?
why do people pay to have false teeth, then never wear them?
My husband don't wear his and neither does my friends husband. Will their cheeks sink eventually so they look like popeye? They ...

Should you cancel a dental appt is you are being treated for strep throat?

yes no dentist is going to treat you having strep throat also it is very dangerous to have any dental work while have strep

you should ask the dentist. he will probably recommend a few days of antibiotics first

yes, strep is contagious

Hi MaryK,
If you have been taking antibotics for at least 24 hours then you should be able to go to the dentsit. Without the dentist catching strep. Drink lots of honey with fresh lemon good for the throat.
Get well soon! :0)

Yes, I would. No one wants a sick mouth and throat breathing in their face. Be courteous and make another appointment for when you're feeling better and not as contagious.
If your dental appointment is for an extraction then the dentist will probably not even perform this proceedure. It would be unsafe for you. Hope you feel better.

i think it would be the poilte thing to do

lost likea puppet withoutstrings
call the doctor and ask him about it, then call the dentist and ask him or her if they're comfortable with it

Well if it's still contagious yeah but if your on antibiotics and it's been over 24 hours it should be ok!

miss m
Probably, no one wants to breathe in your germs

acid tongue

you should cal your dentist and let him or her make that decision for you. i would not expose my dentist to something like that because i love her.

Nevada Pokerqueen
Do not ever go to a dentist ill. If you have the flu, cold, strep, upper respertory illness, cancel right away and tell them why. Some offices tell you it is not big deal because they wear masks but do not go. It is not only bad for them and everyone who comes in the office but it is worse for you. When you teeth are getting worked on or even cleaned germs can get in places they should not be in the gums, nose, ears or bloodstream. Then you can have serious problems.
I have know people that it happened too.

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