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Roland L
On average, how long does it take for wisdom tooth removal surgery?

It depends on how many you're getting removed (1-4). It can range from one to three hours.

Usually after one week your back to normal. Follow your dentists instructions closely-you do NOT want to get what's called a "dry socket" where the tooth was removed.

Dunno, I've never had them removed, and I'm 31, they don't bother

around an hour but you'll be numb for the better part of the day...thank god for DRUGS.

kev l
i had 2 taken out at the same time took about 25 minutes

kimberly M
Depends on a few things. Mine took an hour and a half but I had all four pulled and they were all impacted.

Kim B
Mine was just a couple of hours. I did really well with it afterwards. I actually started a new job 3 days after. Not much swelling or anything.

It also may depend on the dentist you choose as well.

About an hour, and for the love of god if you don't want to be in agony do everything the dentist says and you'll be good in about 3 days. Rinse Rinse Rinse!

took my surgery 4 hours to pull 3 wisdom and a mollor.but one wisdom was inpacted

I took my daughter for her consultation appt. last week. The dentist said it would take 30 - 45 minutes for the surgery and then they would have her in recovery for a little while in the office. I had mine removed a couple of years ago but I really didn't look at the clock.

Donna M
It depends on how many you're having removed, whether your teeth are impacted, etc. Mine took around 45 mins or an hour, I think, but I had all four out at once, and all four were impacted. I woke up a couple of times with them yanking on the damned things. Big fun :)

Scott C
ugh... yeah everyone is right about this one, about a one hour procedure for all 4 wisdom teeth. Assuming that your wisdom teeth are normal and aren't deep/growing crooked/growing near any nerves.

However, the recovery can take like 2 weeks (as in my case). Or possibly even infected (as in my case too).

Mommy M.D.
It depends if it is an impacted tooth or not. My husband had two wisdom teeth removed. One tooth was impacted and grew parallel to the mandible (jaw bone) and the dentist had a hard time removing it so it took him around an hour. There was no problem with the other one so it took him less than 5 minutes to remove it.

It would also depend on the skill of the dentist.

I had two taken out in about 20 minutes. In my case, the teeth came out cleanly. I guess things would get complicated if the tooth breaks. On average, I don't believe it is a very difficult procedure. Just a bit uncomfortable.

About an hour

Meg S
i just went for my consultation two days ago. my oral surgeon said the actual procedure will take 15 - 20 mintues. and there is also prep and recovery time.

everybody is saying 30 - 1.5 hours...hmm...im getting a little nervous

just looking around
on average very short, the build up is longer, meds, x-rays, recovery, these take time, 1 tooth look at about 1 hour

Mine were removed on Friday. It took 30 minutes! I got there at 11:00 and was home by 12:15. A 20 minute drive.

The suregery itself takes only an hour or so but recovery takes several days for some people.

A great deal depends on the strength of your teeth any complications and the oral surgeon.

Dr James
If you have a dentist remove your wisdom teeth, i can take between 20 minutes and three hours per tooth. If you get a surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth, it takes between 30 seconds and five minutes per tooth. To find out more on wisdom teeth surgery and the approximate times on surgery as well as post-operative instructions, go to http://dentalimplantsaustralia.com/

Smarty Pants
I had all 4 of mine surgically removed at the same time and I was under for about an hour. It's not bad, you are actually awake the whole time, you just don't know it because if the twlight they give you. Just know that you will feel SO much better once they are out. It instantly took the pressure off of my mouth! Good luck on surgery day :o)

Took my doc 12 shots of 'cain & 12 seconds .

Loris Ann
Mine was not impacted, it was through the gum already. It didnt take long, maybe 20 mins.

Grizzly Adams
Mine took about 2 hours

A hour and a half for all four teeth to be removed is how log I was out.

Don S
An hour. But you can have fun with the knock out shot, if they offer it. It may cost $200 more but it's worth it. Gas is nice, too. The feeling of lying there while they pry and tug on your jaw as you listen to breaking bone .... Nah. Get knocked out. See how far you can count backwards and really TRY HARD to stay awake. They'll hit you again and you'll feel numb all day. You don't want the pain, I'll tell you. Also, ask for Tylenol 3 or Vicodin. Percocet, if they will give you a triplicate drug. Many doctors are scared of properly medicating their patients for pain. If they give you Darvocet, don't be afraid to call back and complain that it is not working. Tell them you've taken the Vicodin for tooth pain and tolerate it well. That key usually convinces the doctor to give it to you.

it takes about an hour for the surgery, but you may be in the recovery room for a couple hours before you can go home. after that you'll want to take it easy for about a week atleast while your on the medication

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