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 Pls answer me teeth?
I have a bad odour in my mouth. I was my teeth twice daily, and I also use mouthwash everytime I wash my teeth (GUM). and after that i wash my teeth even if i don't eat food, I have a bad breath ...

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 I am not ugly but i have really bad breath?
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 What would cause white spots on gums around teeth?

My tooth hurts when I drink or eat hot food or drink! Why?

go to dentist

is it a tooth with a filling? if theres a lot of metal that can cause it.

you really need to go to the dentist.
until you can get there go buy some dental wax. it is used for braces. cover tooth when drinking, it will not hurt when drinking hot or cold. cover tooth completely.

it's not a cavity. your tooth is just sensitive. it's an extremely common condition, even i have it. hot or cold foods bother sensitive teeth, sometimes one makes it worse than the other. they sell special toothpaste for this, sensodyne is a major brand that's out there. it works quite well for relieving this condition a bit. you can also ask your dentist about more options if the problem worsens or persists.

Your could have a decay or cavity close to the nerve and possibly require a root canal. Or, you may just have sensitivity to these items. Is this a new symptom? Either way, go to the dentist and get some x-rays.

you have sensitive teeth to hot or cold food. i do when i drink something or eat something very cold. You can go to the store and buy a certain toothpaste that is for people who have sensitive teeth.


It sounds as if you may have some unresolved sensitivity issues, or at the very worst a cavity (esp. one that may have been left untreated). Go to the dentist ASAP!!!!!

do you have any chipped teeth due to a cavity? Because that also happens to me because of a chipped tooth. You probably need filling or something if you do.
(p.s: Sorry that is the only kind of answer i can answer.)

Chances are you have a small hole or crack in your tooth.
The temp is hitting your gums and thats your pain.
Try brushing with sensodine (might be the wrong spelling).

Intrepid Z
there can be three reasons for this

1)deep undetected cavity closing in on the nerves of that tooth which are at its centre

2) root of the tooth is exposed to the oral environment

3) sever abrasion or wear of the tooth exposing the inner layer called dentin.

In either case hurry to a dentist before its irreversible. At this stage u can get it resolved.

Luna Lovegood
you have a cavity go see your dentist- PRONTO

It could be many possible things like a crack or whole in your tooth,infection, or just sensitive teeht, the best way to find out is to go see your dentist soon before whatever it is gets worse.

Been there, done that! I have experienced what you're going through a few times! It's not a problem with tooth sensitivity. If that were the case, ALL of your teeth would be sensitive to hot and or cold. In that case, I would recommend brushing with an appropriate toothpaste. You need to make an appointment at your dentist office or a dental clinic, if you don't have a regular dentist. There are a couple of things it could be. You could have something as simple as a cavity, which isn't a big deal to get filled. Have you looked closely at your tooth? Is there a small chip or crack? You could have a tooth that has gone bad and is starting to rot from the inside. Often when this happens over an extended period of time, the tooth will eventually crack, or a piece will fall off. This exposes your nerve, and can be extremely painful. Your dentist will take an x-ray of your tooth, and will get a better idea of what's going on. If the latter is the case, you will need a root canal. Try taking Ibuprofen until you see your dentist, but don't put it off too long! It will only get worse, and affect your other teeth as well. Good luck!

o thats just tooth cancer no big deal

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