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 I'm getting my braces pretty soon?
my dentist said that i need to take out two teeth, one on each side, but they are not the same teeth, is that normal to remove two different teeth at each sides?

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 I just got 2 teeth pulled?
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My daughter's wrong tooth was pulled. What should I do?
My daughter's orthodontist wanted our dentist to pull one of my daughter's lower teeth. He sent a fax to the dentist explaining in simple English that the number 21 tooth on the lower jaw had to be removed. The orthodontist also marked on a diagram which tooth had to be removed. But the dentist removed the number 12 tooth which was perfectly healthy and was a permanent tooth and obviously was on the upper jaw. I am really outraged, sad, and nervous. What should I do?
Additional Details
How much should I sue for?

I don't know about what you should do in the immediate future to deal with your daughter's health issue. But you should report the dentist's behavior to his licensing board and all relevant professional groups. You/your daughter should be compensated for his mistake, and he nearly certainly has a large insurance policy to cover this type of loss. Consulting with an attorney will probably be the best way to collect on your loss. Find an attorney that will not charge you up front--an attorney should take this type of case for a commission of 33-40%. The dentist will probably pay a nominal amount without too much effort.

karla t
Contact your local peer review board for one thing.

I would expect the dentist to pay for any treatment necessary to take care of the issue he caused (i.e. space maintainer for now, dental implant down the road). Get any agreement in writing and signed.

I agree that people are too quick to sue which causes problems for everyone.

I have experience in the dental industry and I don't believe that orthodontists generally use a different tooth numbering system than dentists.

In response to the daughter's concerns... The space maintainer will hold the other teeth in position so they won't become crooked for now. When you're older you'll be able to get the implant and crown, which will fill the space and look like a tooth.

omg i have had close to 16 teeth pulled
permanent and not
and well your story is really upsetting
i would definatlely sue
if you feel bad cuz it was an accident remember that
this is their job and they went to college not to make a mistake
so yeah sue

Sue!!!! That is what everyone is saying??? This world especially the U.S. is so freaking litigation happy. I am not sure of your daughter's current teeth situation...is she severely overcrowd? Why does the orthodontist only want one of the lower tooth extracted...that would mean the left and right side are not the same. If you extract only one lower tooth on one side, how does that affect the occlusion (bite).? Talk to your orthodontist on how the loss of #12 will affect the treatment. If you decide to sue, I don't think it will be worth your trouble...extraction of the wrong tooth has a certain value. You can only get so much for this mistake. Unless you are unemployed, it may be worth suing. I recommend having the dentist pay to treat the missing tooth either implant or other options. Anyways, implants shouldn't be done until a certain age...about 18 y.o. or older for girls.

First, gather all the proper paperwork between the Ortho & the dentist and make copies for yourself, contact a good lawyer because these teeth will not grow back and in the end your daughter might need a filler tooth. You definetly have a strong suit.

Ben Wa
sue the quack

Hire an attorney and let him handle contacting the dentist. At the very least the dentist should write off the bill. You also deserve monetary compensation. Good luck.

Get a copy of the fax from your dd's file at the dentist and contact a lawyer. He should at the very least have to pay to have a dental implant done for your daughter to fix what he did.

♥Bambi McBimbo♥
That's horrible. Was he drunk? If I were you I'd make him pay for an implant and crown to replace that tooth or sue him. In any event, I'd change dentists.

First I would get all the records, second hire an attorney, and third make sure you have your attorney file with the medical board and have his/her medical license pulled until the final court date. They haven't offered you anything at all? Make sure you document EVERYTHING!

Sue, sue, sue? This is the advice? I bet lawyers everywhere are shopping for new cars.

Before you get all bent out of shape, you should be aware that orthodontists and dentists sometimes number teeth differently.

Talk to your orthodontist first before a lawyer. Rushing to sue is never a good idea. Exhaust every other means first.

you should sue him,he shouldnt have done that hes suppose to be a pro i would make him pay for his mistake and hope that he get what he diserves.

Larisa S
your daughter cud have implant done to replace missing tooth and you cud request from dentist to cover the cost or luck in to legal help. Implant cost ,minimum, 2 500.00$ and it is best solution. If he recommend the bridge that will damage teeth #11 and # 13. If you are gonna go for implant have some specialist do it. It is hard satisfied aesthetic around the gums.

tha last don
look for a good lawyer, and make a malpractice lawsuit...

WOW. I would ask the denstist how the mistake occured and what they plan to do about it. I would think the dentist should be responsible for putting in a dental implant where that tooth was for free but talk to your orthodontist about this and maybe to your lawyer just to see what they feel can and should be done about this. I would also change dentists in a hurry.

You should call a lawyer. I would be outraged too! I also had to get four permanent teeth removed as a youngster to make room for braces, along with four more wisdom teeth. I guess I'm thankful that didn't happen to me. Then again, I was awake the whole time during the first procedure, and my mom was in the room with me.

kill the dentist. JK SUE!!!

Hire an attorney. Your dentist has malpractice insurance and you will at least get some $ out of it. Not that anything can bring back the tooth but at least it is something. I am sorry.

Krystal J
I know your are outraged but I don't think you should sue the dentist. You should sit down and talk with him and find out what he plans to do about the mistake. However, if he do not contact you about the problem you should talk with a lawyer. Tooth 12 is the 1st premolar and one of the most common missing tooth anyway no one should be able to even notice it.

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