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Megan T
Most of my front teeth are decayed w/ visible cavities. No insurance, what's the right dental procedure?
I'm only 25 years old and it's affecting my self esteem. I don't want to go out and socialize. I want my smile back, but can't figure out whether vaneers, bonding,crowns,etc. are right for me and don't know the differences in price. Anyone?

grab some pliers. yank 'em out.

Go see a dentist. Cheapest option is to false teeth.

Do a google search or talk to your local dental clinic. You can get reduced fees most places if you don't make enough income.

Insurance usually only covers crowns and major dental procedures at 50% it can be excruciatingly expensive.
Bonding the teeth is less expensive $100-$300 per tooth, but it doesn't last as long and you will have to have them redone in a couple of years. Crowns will run up to $1500 per and veneers
up to $1200 per. I would go with the bonding until you get insurance, then veneers or Empress(all porcelain crowns).

You should check it you have a monarch dental or other non-insurance dental offices near you. Very cheap and very good.

If the cavities are not too large then getting fillings is cheaper than crowns and requires the drilling of less tooth structure. If the cavities are big then crowns are the best choice instead of veneers. Veneers only cover the fronts of teeth, not the backs. They also cost almost as much as crowns. Crowns cover the whole tooth and provide more strength and support.

see if you can afford a health plan,,,like CHBA,,,it pays about 65% of your dentist bill.
you can google free dentist,,and see what comes up,,,most major cities have them,,,the wait is ussually VERY long so hurry and sign up. they are known as 'dental camps',,and the work is ussually done by people 'learning'.
Well,,BEST of luck,,,my daughter and son are going through the same delemma,,but thank goodness,,,,my daughter (22) is elligable under my CHBA plan.

Most dental procedures are more expensive than you will be willing to pay. However, there is a "Free Dental Day" for people without insurance that happens in spring. I live in California and my dentist takes part in this. It usually happens in the spring, but that varies by county. Check out the free services your county offers and see if they have a "Free Dental Day" in your area.

Also, there is a credit system out there for people without insurance. Most dental providers have fliers for these in their front office. They allow you to put all the dental procedures on a credit card that has a really low APR. They give you a few months grace period as well.

to the best of my knowledge ...
Do you have a large university nearby that has a dental college? My dad got quite a bit of good work done for free at a good dental college. He had to sit and wait for long periods to get in and had to wait until the class was working on what he needed done, but he was very happy with the work.

Either way you are looking at some big money. Your best option is veneers but it will cost you. Each tooth is about $2,000 and a whole set of teeth (just the ones that show) will cost about $15,000. You might have to have this done every 15-20 years depending on how well you treat your veneers. Insurance will not help you with cosmetic procedures so it wouldn't really benefit you either way. If you have good credit you can usually finance this with a dental surgeon.

Jesse Rocks
Anything cosmetic is expensive.

I will say, dental insurance is rather inexpensive and typically has a 6 month waiting period for what you would need...that's one option I would strongly consider or you will be paying FORTUNE.

Another option MAY BE (and I don't know much about this one) is the health department....sometimes they have dentists.

Denists also offer a credit card-with a pretty high interest rate-called Care Credit. You have to have pretty darn good credit to qualify.

Good luck.

You might check if there is a dental school nearby. The price will be easy on the pocket book, if any.

Check with your local health department -- they will do free dental if you don't have insurance and don't make too much money. They'll help but I don't know how much they'll help with anything just for "looks" although it is important. It's worth a try.

Well, at 25 your decaying teeth are affecting more than your self esteem,They are also affecting your health.With no insurance, there are state and government programs and sliding scale dental services.Google it.
I have a bridge that i have had since a car accident took out 5 of my upper front teeth when i was 13.I am now 43.It was the cheapest option at the time and quite frankly looks natural.My husband was astonished when he eventually learned i wore this appliance.Bottom line is dental health is as important as all health related matters.If you had a decaying heart, would you go to a doctor?

Michelle - Dental Hygienist, USA
a dentist will be the one to decide the best treatment option for you. composite fillings being the cheapest and crowns or veneers being the most expensive.

they will have to see how much of the teeth are able to be saved then you will know what needs to be done.

you think a filling is expensive? if you wait too long you will need root canals which are $600+ per tooth.

if your front teeth are decayed your back teeth are probably worse, since those are usually the first teeth to need dental work.

your cheapest option is to find a dental school, otherwise find a regular dentist and work out a payment plan. there are dentists out there who will work with you on payment.

good luck!

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