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Lump in my Gum?
I've had a lump in my gum for about 4-5 months now and I've never thought anything of it as its hasnt brought me any discomfort. The Lump is about an inch long and is only sore when touched directly. I am receiving dental treatment at the moment for a broken tooth directly under the lump is it worth asking my dentist or can anybody tell me what could it be?

Funky Munky´s back
It could be the start of an abcess, which although might not hurt yet, could get worse as time goes on. If there's a broken tooth directly underneath then it's very likely to be the cause. Go to the dentist, it may need filling and only he can tell you. If it is an abcess, then it is really going to cause you pain, cause I've recently had one, and the pain was unbearable.

Big FOOt
errm..... YEAH

queen west
yes talk to your dentist he/she will be able to check it out for you tell them what you have type here i.e you have it for 5 months it does not hurt ect? if not your doctor but i would suddest your dentist i would do it sooner then later. goodluck

Julie B
I've got the same and i went to the dentist today. He said it's an abcess due to an infected tooth.

Tell your dentist to check it out as they can get very painful and make your face swell out like you've got a large gobstopper in your mouth (i know, that's also happened to me)!

Ms Suzan
It is best to ask the dentist about it, it may be an abcess. Get it checked out soon, in case you need antibiotics.

u know what to do go and speak to your dentist

Hi is the lump underneath your tooth as i had a lump underneath my tooth and it turned out to be an absess even thought it didnt hurt. I would go to the dentist and see what her says it is as it does need to be sorted if it is an absess as it can cause other health problems.

i think yr dental sac is inflamed u should tell to yr dentist as soon as possible otherwise it'll be painful.

hi my husband recently had a lump that hgrew on his gum and was there for a few months. He went to his gp and got cream and it didnt work so they refered him to the oral dentist at hospital. They told him that he had at some point bit his gum which caused one of his saliva glands fuse together and the sliva just built up behind it, he went and got it cut out and it is fine now. it had been getting bigger like yours so i would suggest going to see your gp about yours.

candi k
iam suprised your dentist hasnt mentioned it before, did she not notice? maybe its an abscess.

get your dentist to check it out..could be harmless.

Your dentist checks your whole mouth at a check up, gums, tongue, throat and all the soft tissues - not just the teeth. So he/she will be aware of the lump. It sounds like the dentist is already dealing with it by the treatment you are having on the tooth directly under lump.
It sounds like an abscess and your dentist is treating the source of the infection - your broken tooth.
An abscess is a localised area of infection (much like a spot) - the dentist will remove any dead tissue from the tooth, sterilise and fill it inside. As the tooth is treated - the abscess will reduce and disappear.
Don't worry about it...but mention to your dentist at the next appointment and he/she will put your mind at rest.
A good thing you can do in the meantime is rinse out regularly with a warm salt Mouthwash - a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt, rinse it round your mouth and especially around that area. This keeps things nice and clean and can help to draw out any infection. Don't worry if the abscess bursts - sometimes it can come to a head and releases the infection.....it's just part of the healing process.....keep rinsing with the warm salt water.

If anyone has a lump in their mouth at any point - don't ignore it - get it checked asap by a dentist - they will treat it and put your mind at rest.

ermmmmm shouldnt your dentist have noticed the lump without u telling her?? she /he should have detected it straight away.

ask your dentist for advice

Alice in Wonderland
When i was a little nipper i used to get things like that, they would pop up out of nowhere and be all squishy but then they would go away, i went to the dentist and eventually found out that there had been two teeth growinf on opposite sides...now i have vampire eeth which dont stick out as much as they used to (authodontists treatment and many braces later) But if this doesnt ring any bells then i would stick with the dentist and have a little patients with it, it may be serious but hey...you might be a baby vampire!!!

I'd certainly suggest you get your dentist to check it out.

Angel Girl
could be an ingrowing tooth

it may well be a form of gum disease speak to your dentist who will be able to advise you appropriately.

i would have thought your dentist may have noticed a lump that size..you need to point this out to him..its probably a sinus from the tooth you are having treated but still its best to get a professional opinion

the Dentist ,should refer you -- to your GP

(if he thinks it may be a cyst or growth ),

he will tell you if you ask , as to how he views it .

i am surprised, he has not commented on it before
as they are trained to look out for such things .

So most certainly ask your dentist

all the best


Heck yeah, ask what it is! It sounds like an abscess to me and that would often be EXPECTED over a broken down tooth.

loopy lou
was it that piece of chewing gum you forgot to spit out????

Point it out to the dentist, mind you he should really have seen it if its an inch long!!!

A lump of any kind is something to be concerned about. Have the dentist check it.

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