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Im getting my braces off tomorrow after 6 &1/2 years! Yee!
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 I'm getting my braces pretty soon?
my dentist said that i need to take out two teeth, one on each side, but they are not the same teeth, is that normal to remove two different teeth at each sides?

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Is it supposed to hurt when your wisdom teeth are coming in?

Additional Details
im sure they arent impacted.but it even hurts to swallow.the other side didnt hurt that bad.

36 chuck

Not always.

most of the time.

everyones different but I know mine hurt real bad

When mine came in, my jaw felt a little sore and tender...because when your wisdom teeth come in, it causes pressure on your other teeth to move.

some people wisdom teeth hurt when they come in and some dont. the wisdom tooth is the last tooth to grow in and it has to cut through the gum. oral gel or other tooth medicine will help with the pain.

Depends on the person and the teeth. If they hurt, more than likely they are coming in wrong and may need to be removed.

My left bottom wisdom tooth was coming in wrong and it hurt to the hills, and it caused my whole mouth to hurt. And because that tooth was coming in wrong, so was the one on the bottom right. So I got all 4 taken out at the same time.


You should really go to a dentist to get your teeth looked at sweetie.

Good Luck! :)

mine do. i'm getting mine removed on the 10th because they are bothering me so bad. it feels like my gums in the back are sliced open.

sometimes. i mean mine did. just let your parents know.

yes, the teeth must break through the gums. Eat a softer diet and take an Advil when the discomfort is troublesome

It can but they may be impacted see a Dentist.

lana s
This is very common. I always wanted to grind on top of mine with my other teeth to try to get them through faster.===


Mine are hurting beyond belief. You should get it checked out by a dentist. Perhaps they're impacted, and they might need to be surgically removed.

Michelle H
Everyone is different...but mine did...

Yes they can. It's like a baby teething. Get some of the same numbing medications that babies use and rub it on your gums. You can also take Tylenol or Advil.

Yeah i think so, mine have been coming through and it's been agony!!!

Shut up Children
It all depends, everyone is different. If you are having too much trouble, dont bear the pain, go to a dentist. They are very common to get removed. Good luck!

yes.. See your Doc.. Your teeth could suffer or come out crooked in time.

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