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 Not seen dentist for nearly 20year. Too sacred!?
Since school Ive avoided dentists big time. But now im suffering. Last 5years been full of tooth aches. Cant hardly chew any more. But sooo scared. If gas used, i be ok. But scared of injection, and ...

 I get my braces on tomorrow what to expect and how bad will they hurt on a scale on 1-10?

 Is laughing gas safe to use on a 12 yr old girl? PLEASE READ!!?
She is having 2 teeth extracted by an oral surgeon but she keeps telling me its not safe and has many harsh side effects. I'm going to call the oral surgeon tomorrow. She wants to know if she ...

 Is their anything else you can use for your teeth to be straighten besides paying 5000 for braces?
Anything else you can use to straighten your teeth besides buying braces that are freaking 5000...

 Will most dentist knock you out completely if you ask them to?
I am so afraid of the dentist that when I get in the chair I back out and leave. Now my teeth are getting really bad and I need to get them fixed but I am to afraid to go tto the dentist. What should ...

 What are the advantages or disadvantages of leaving the space left by a "pulled" tooth: is it better to.....
....leave the space open [its a back tooth by the way]..or would it be better to fill or plug the gap?

would it depend on why the tooth was removed in the first place?

also, if ...

 Which pain reliever can effectively ease my tooth ache??
I'm kinda doubting what to use. or if i should use one.. so please help
Additional Details
okay.. i had tooth ache because i had my braces adjusted this afternoon... ind its hurting ...

 Why it is so called as "Wisdom tooth" ??
explain it clearly......

 Wisdom teeth..?
my wisdom teeth are coming in ,Theyre not sore or anything but theyre really itchy and annoying, any suggestions to stop the itch?...

 My new nightmare is " BRACES!! " plz help??
yesterday,i put braces on my teeth but i feel totally uncomfortable ,so what can i do?
and do you have any recommendations could help me??...

 I'm getting my wisdom teeth extracted, do you have any advice?
I'm 25 and I'm going to an oral surgeon in the next couple weeks to get 4 wisdom teeth extracted. I'm looking for advice from people who've had it done (how long were you in pain, ...

 If you brush and floss three times a day, could a cavity heal on it's own?
Bones grow back right?...

 Tooth extraction ~ what can I expect?
Back in April, I was on a roadtrip when a good chunk of my wisdom tooth on the lower right side came out. I'd never had anything like that happen before. Nothing traumatic.....I guess I just had ...

 What color braces should I get?
Hot pink and Teal?
does that sound good?...

 I am getting braces on augest 13 wat color should i get?
i wanted to get pink and orange but my friend said the dont look good together and then i wanted to get orange and navy but my mom said it would look like black and to ...

 A question was posted recently?
regarding the shortage of dentist in the UK that dealt with NHS patients, one or two answers -disputed- that shortage, and advised people to ring NHS Direct, where they would be accomodated,
If ...

 Tooth help please?
the only reason i have not been to the dentist is because i don't want to appear like a hysterical mother and last time i called about a problem i was made to feel like this. i am hoping someone ...

 Does removal of filling hurt?
I had two small cavities in my left back bottom teeth.

The dentist filled it up or w/e

Then I had pain in those two teeth whenever I ate something cold,sweet,or juicy.


 How can I get my husband to go to the dentist?
He needs to go badly, I don't even like to kiss him anymore. I keep asking him and he says yes he needs to go but doesn't make an appointment. He won't let me make one for him....

 Is swallowing toothpaste harmful?

Is dental work/braces cheaper in Mexico?
I have heard that lots of people go to mexico to get dental work or braces done because it is a lot cheaper? Is that true? How do you go about that? Have any of you done it?

Hey, you get what you pay for. I went to Mexico and was astounded (AND scared) about how many dentists there are. I would NOT go there for dental work. You get what you pay for. Plus, how do you know they know what they are doing? Maybe they don't even know.

going to dentists here are risky enough. in mexico you are helpless. but you are one of those fearless players who love texas hold'em and big stakes. bet you are always buying lottery tickets, eh? go to mexico and go for it! post it here if you make it back.

lol. just think about the transportation and accomodation costs. plus if something goes wrong u do not have any1 to sue. u should just stay here and do it regardless of the cost. b/c u will def get what you pay for and if you do not then...

Valley R
Yes. A lot of people in Arizona go to Mexico to get their dental work done because it is cheaper than even their co-pay in the US. And I've always heard about good results. Never heard anything negative.

do you have anything that is really high quality with a "made in mexico" tag on it? i certainly don't.

sure and then u should go see a donkey show afterwards

Not only you get what you pay for, but you cannot be guaranteed that the conditions will be sanitary, and the proceedure is being done by an actual orthodontist. Looks like flying back and forth to Mexico for the adjustments would get very expensive, since no orthodontist will work on another`s patient when braces are involved.

i got braces in mexico, my teeth came out good, but it was the orthodontist, depends with who, but like invisilign is the same price as in the u.s

yup I've done it. And she did a great job on my braces and it wasn't near as expensive as it is here in the states. just go to Mexico and find a dentist. I mean obviously don't go to a place that looks like crap. Anyways as long as you get someone that knows what they're doing you'll be fine my teeth are straight and pretty :D

Lost and Weary
Yes, but not advisable.

mrs. MJ
yes it's cheaper. my dad does it but he suggest i stay here in U.S and do my dental stuff here. some of the places are good just do some research before u go.

chris w
You get what you pay for..........

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