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cheik bah
If you have a bad tooth in your mouth with a hole in it,can that give you bad breath?
The tooth in question is a molar( upper)and the last tooth.they tell me removing it dangerous,is that true?

bad breath is nasty, take care of ASAP!


well the hole in your tooth is called a cavity. and cavities are formed because of bacteria. and bacteria stinks. so in other words, yes your breath stinks due to cavities (holes in teeth). if that dentist is telling u that it is dangerous to take it out. then he's NUTS! its A LOT more dangerous to leave it in. God Bless♥

go to a different dentist if thats what he is telling u.....

Yes. This can give you bad breath, because food gets stuck in there and begins to rot. Removing it may cause some problems, such as excessive bleeding.

The best thing that they can do is clean out the hole and fill it like a cavity. If it is too large, they may decide to put on a crown (aka a cap). For this, they carve the tooth in question to a post (yes, they use strong anesthetic) and put a temporary tooth on top. Then, a permanent crown is made, and it is glued to the base. The tooth will then work just like a normal tooth.

I don't know about the dangerous removal part (though, instinctively, that doesn't make sense to me), but.. yeah, a tooth with a hole in it, particularly if it's rotted through, will give you bad breath.

Maggie F
If the tooth is decayed, it would give you bad breath. Why are they talking about removing the tooth vs. a filling?
You need to speak franky with your dentist.

Neil L
Of course. I've heard that there are more complications pulling upper molars.

Yes it can give you bad breath.

As far as the danger of removing - I would think that leaving it in would be most dangerous.

Depending on the depth of the decay - a dentist may refer you to a specialist to carefully remove it (avoiding the sinuses etc)

yes, it can give you bad breath, dangerous? if infected, treat with antibiotics and extract the tooth

Paul P
Yes, between the tooth rotting and the hole being a trap for food that will also rot, it will cause bad breath.

I have no idea why removing this tooth would be dangerous. If it's the 3d molar, commonly known as the "wisdom tooth," almost everyone needs them removed.

Now, I have full upper- and lower-dentures, so they had to removed what was left of every tooth in my mouth--14 uppers and 12 lowers. I fail to see the danger they mention.

Yes it can cause bad breath. If they tell you it is dangerous you are going to the wrong dentist. It is dangerous to leave it that way.

american native
yes it can give you bad breath-i recommend that you speak to a dentist, no one will know better than a specialist. GOOD LUCK!!

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