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 Help! I have a lump on my gum?
I guess about a month ago I noticed my top front teeth started to ache, it seemed to get better before xmas.But then almost right afterwards I noticed a small lump above one of my teeth way up at the ...

 I'm getting braces help me please!
help I'm about to get braces and as if my teeth arent ugly enough already! I think I'm gonna die! lol... Can anyone help me, (what colors should I get to make them un noticable etc...)...

 Should i get my wisdom teeth pulled?
my dentist recomends to all his younger patients to get their wisdom teeth pulled. I havent got mine pulled yet adn was wondering if i should go or not?...

 Without going to a dentist?
I have a little blood comming from my gums when i wake up in the morning .How can stop this without going to a dentist, my teeth and gums look healthy there are no signs of decay....

 I've chipped my tooth?
Last night, I found that I have chipped the front corner of one of my front teeth off. I have no idea how it happened. There's now no enamal (sp?) on that bit of tooth and I am worried that it ...

 Is there any way to stop clenching your teeth in your sleep??
I broke a tooth over Xmas and have a temporary filling in it at the minute, and I think I'm paranoid about it because I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep ever since, but the problem is ...

 Can you suggest me.............?
....something soft to eat? Well i have had braces in my teeth recently and can't chew anything hard at least for the time being. I have to remain hungry something coz soups and juices become ...

 I had a piercing a few years ago & the hole has closed since removing the stud..?
My question is actually how do I get my gums behind my lip where the piercing was, to heal back to how it was before. The piercing pushed my gums away from my teeth & it wont grow back onto the ...

 What is the strongest pain killer i can buy over the counter?
I had a deep canal route filling (tooth) this morning, i have since tried nurofen and sulfadine 4 migrains.
Niether has touched the pain, the doctor was supposed to ring me but hasnt.
Any ...

 I'm 23 and my wisdom teeth haven't grown in yet. Should I be worried that there impacted?

 Why do dentists give you free toothbrushes? Are they better quality than what you'd buy at the store?

 How often do you floss?

 Whats bigger than a teeth?

 After braces are taken off, does everybody need a retainer? If so, how long usually?

 How does the dentist know whether to use the tooth coloured or the grey/silver filling when fixing cavities?

 What is a quick fix for a toothache - I've heard put an asprin on it - but don't have any asprin ...?
Temporary filling fell out - now the nerve is exposed....

 If I stop brushing my teeth for a few days, why do I get a mouth ulcer when I start brushing again?!!?

 Have you gotten your Wisdom teeth taken out? Does it hurt? And is there actually a possibility of dying?
I heard someone say it is not too rare for someone to die or become badly injured during the process. Is this true?...

 Should i get braces at 26?
I've been unhappy with my teeth for a while. But i'm so nervous, even just thinking about. Not really about the pain but more about what other people will think. I also feel like it would ...

 What should i do about my loose teeth?
I hit my teeth and now some of them are a little loose will they heal themselves or should i go to the dentist? I have no insurance and they seem to be getting tigher even after a few days....

bubble v
I want braces, but dont really need them?

miss me
if u want somthin on ur teeth y not buy ok dont know the name im australian and we dont hav em here but those things nelly wears it just sounds really stupid getting braces but dont need em and spending alot of money on braces

I've experienced braces, and unless you need them, I wouldn't get them 'just for fun'.
It costs money, and some people think it's a pain.
So, unless your dentist recommends them for you, I wouldn't think about going through with braces.

I feel like that to...If your young ask your parents and tell them you want braces. If your older just save the money or take the loan to get them. I dunno if you have the problem I do but I have this one tooth on the bottom that is a little off and its annoying as hell also if your young and experiencing the wisdom teeth crap pull them out and then get braces cause they are going to throw your teeth out of alignment.

braces are painful and very expensive. if a perfect row of teeth is important to you then by all means get them. but just be prepared for discomfort and time on the orthodontists office.

You won't want them when you have them, some of my freinds have them and hate them. Sad part is if you go to an orthodontist, they will probably put them on you. Nowadays they are slapping on everyone. No affence to them.

Ridin the storm out
If you want braces for Cosmetic purposes, ur insurance WILL not pay for this. Keep this in mind. I hope this helped. I wouldn't give it a thought, if I didn't need them. Take care & good luck!

why would you want braces if you didn't need them?

Elizabeth E
Can't you find something better to spend thousands of dollars worth of money on?

If you dont need them then why in the world would you want them. thats like wanting an enema or a crown on your tooth.

eww why would u want them?? They practically scarred the inside of my cheeks cuz of those stupid wires!

Why do you want them if you don't need them .. ?

how is this a question??

dude they hurt like s*** and they cost like 4,000 dollars for top and bottom and you dont even need them

Papa Damn™ (the Don)
Maybe first you could figure out how to form thing into a question.

here comes ur best answer.........do you like chicken?

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