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I need soft food ideas to eat after a tooth extraction?


smoothies, mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, pudding, soups/broths, juice, cream of wheat...

i just had my wisdom teeth extracted and thats pretty much all i ate for about 4 days.

the most important thing to remember is to try to eat as much as you can before you take the antibiotics or pain meds. they can really mess up your stomach and thats the last thing you need when youre trying to recoup.

Boycott Hollywd Commies
milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein drinks, bananas

toothless in seattle, ha ha

Sarah Jessica Elizabeth

mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, baby foods

milk shakes

Steven B
Oatmeal, applesauce, jello

jello, soup, pasta, pudding!, and usually i eat like cake and wait 4 it 2 melt in my mouth n then i swallow it after i get my braces tightened

soup and bread!

Broth is great. It's salty. The salt will help keep the area clean. Scrambled eggs is nice, or yogurt products. Jello.

if you have a food processor you can have basically anything you want, combinations of potatoes and veggies make great soups when pureed, also mashed potatoes and pureed chili makes for a fine, extremely filling meal, you can do the same with ice creams and fruits :) have fun and make some crazy combinations, it'll take your mind off the pain for a while.

the first day after your surgery, you might want to stick to cold foods. Ice creams (smooth ones), slim fast, cool apple sauce, puddings. Cool foods will help with the pain and act as an ice pack inside your mouth. I'd add creamy mashed potatoes in the second day. Broths are good too. Just be careful with the temperature. You have wound and you wouldn't want anything too hot to "cook" your mouth.
Ice cream is your best bet.. and it just taste great!
Get well soon.

Pat B
Oatmeal, cream of wheat, or rice.
Gravy on mashed potatoes,peas
Jello cubes and yogurt, best.
Quiche, you can buy frozen.
I ate spegetti, but some people worry about the acidity from the tomatoes burning.
Set a crockpot on low, with a cloth. switch from that to a soft ice pack every twenty minutes it will get the soreness out.
I bounced back from 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted using that.
Have the foods already in the fridge. You wont want to stand around.
Good luck, it wont be as bad as you think.

jelly, custard, soup, Avocado,pasta, mashed potato mashed carrot´s , anything really if you have a mixer just put all your food inside and stop when you think the food is soft enough for you to eat, like they do for baby´s when they start to eat, this way you´ll still get all your vitamins, poor you hope you feel better soon

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