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 Braces info please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
I need info on braces. Tell everything you know!!!!!!!!! When I say anything I mean ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANXS...

 I really don't understand why I have such straight, white teeth, when...?
I take really horrid care of them. I drink coffee and tea a lot, I eat junk food more often than some, I smoke on occasion, and I forget to brush my teeth relatively often. I'm not trying to ...

 What brand of gum is best for your teeth?
if there is such a thing.... (i'm not talking about just sugar-free)...

 Does anyone know of any home remedies for a toothache?
I am going to the dentist in the morning but am in pain now, I had a white filling put in about 3 months ago and its worse than ever now, at first it started out aa being sensitive so I went back to ...

 I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and i was wondering how long before they should stop hurting.?
Also how long before i can start eating normal foods again instead of just soft foods....

 I am 30 yr old female haven't been to denist in 15 yrs?
teeth on top are ok except 2 front teeth are very yellow and discolored teeth on bottom in front are honestly gross looks like gums are rotting away have never had any toothache or any problems what ...

 Should i get braces (pictures included)?
My teeth are a little bit crooked, not super crooked, but the two bottom canines are bent a bit and there is a bit of crowding. im 15 and my orthodontist said i could either get bottom braces only ...

 I'm taking Vicodin for my wisdom teeth removal yesterday?
It's making me TIRED. Should I just sleep, or fight it off? I hate to sit around and sleep all day, but that stuff makes me like pass out....

 How can you pull a loose baby tooth?
I have a loose baby tooth. It is pretty big, almost the size of a molar. Please do not say "tie a string to the tooth and tie the other end on a door and shut the door." I need help!...

 Should I floss with fingernail?
Scratch out wet meat with fine little fingernail? Sometimes a little bloody but I can't pay the money for that fancy floss....

 Can you actually get your gum peirced?
i think it'l look rlly kwel
just wondering what its called.
and how much i hurts.
Additional Details
I mean like this:::

 Do you have crappy teeth?
just wondering..................

 How many teeth usually gets pulled for braces?
If you had braces, how many teeth did you have to get pulled?...

 Had a root canal today tooth and gums hurting so much any pain relief remedy!?

 Hamster teeth clipping?
i clipped my hamsters teeth it bled a little and one tooth is slightly chipped will he be ok will he get an infection cos of me i dont have any money to take him to the vet at the ...

 Why does my bottom itch when i?
weetabix but not when i eat ...

 I'm taking some long term medication which causes a dry mouth?
Consequently I have got 9 mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth and am in agony. I have tried oraldene mouthwash and salt water but nothing is working. I have also been chewing gum. Any suggestions?...

 How can I learn dentistry in one day?
I have no auto insurance. I bumped into a guy in front of me at a stoplight. I was flustered and for whatever reason I told him I was a dentist. Strangely enough, he needs some crown work and I ...

 Will my cavities get worse or stay same?
i have a few small cavaties i have a dentist appointment (not til aug) now if i brush, floss, & use listerine mouth wash. Can this help prevent the cavaties from getting worse than they are? or ...

 How do you cure bad breath/halitosis?
I have tried everything possible to cure this!! I bought online mouthwash treatments called pro-fresh that helped for a while (about 2 years) then I guess my body became immune to it b/c I'm ...

I need 15,000 to fix my teeth, can someone help?
I went to dentist earlier in year because i had a horrible tooth infection. i later went back so they can take full mouth x rays and write up a treatment plan. it came up to 15,000 for everything. they said a bridge would be best option. i really need to get teeth fixed. but i just dont have financial capability. getting my teeth fixed would 100% change my life. i feel so bad about my teeth, i want em fixed so bad so i can actually have some self confidence and self esteem. i just do seem to have any because of this. my teeth is the only thing that i think is stopping me from finding a girlfriend which i havent had in years. i feel if i cant get my teeth fix, my life will just be in a rut and will just crumble away. i cant express how much getting my teeth fixed would help me. i just cant. please help. i need ideas on what to do. i pray everyday that something will happen but i just dont see it happening. i dont know what to do. im about in tears writing this.
Additional Details
insurance would help but not enough.

danny t
use insurance

â™ Whiskey Girlâ™ 
Don't pay any attention to any those stupid people that think they are better then anyone else.Why don't you ask your dentist office if they have any kind of plane to pay off the 15,000.Like payments

Mr. NoneofYourbusiness
I'm in stitches reading this. How could anybody actually be stupid enough to send money over the net with no way of knowing if its real? Besides, your spelling and grammar does not scream "dentist" or even "I graduated from college". Try again.

Well I'm no expert and I know that 15,000 is a lot of money. You could try getting a job and storing your money in an account that gets interest. Also, what I have found profitable, is go through your house and find things that you dont need like stuff that cost some money. Go find them and try to sell them on ebay. You have no idea what people will buy. Also try getting some insurance. They should be able to help you out.

I know these are minor ideas but I actually am trying to help.

try to apply for carecredit

The first thing to do is get a job

Learn to speak Mexican, they get it done at taxpayers expense

Your story sounds pretty bogus but you could try the people on Prosper.COM

little sal
you might want to arrange with your dentist to go through the whole proposed process bit by bit.

I have a friend who has 15 cavities to be filled, 1 root canel + crown & a ful mouth & gum cleaning.
@ that point in time, she was just a student hence there's no way she can afford the treatment. Later she worked out a plan with her dentist which takes her almost 5 months to complete the whole treatment process. Now she's free of dental problem just visiting the dentist every 6 months.

I'm not sure if your teeth can wait that long anyway, you might want to try talking to your dentist. ;)

If I were in your shoes I would just have all my teeth pulled and get false teeth. If they are bad enough to need 15,000 of work it will only be a matter of time till you have to get false teeth anyway so I would have them all pulled and get false teeth.

Go to Tijuana

I agree go to T.J.

see if they will let u pay it off in small payments if not get a loan and pay it off

I totally feel and understand your frustration. I see this everyday working in a dental practice. People neglect their teeth for so long and then it costs and arm and a leg to have everything fixed. First of all don't get down. There are a lot of good dental schools that can do your treatment for a lot less than fifteen grand. These are basically dental students in training, but they have good dental instructors standing over them at all times so you will get good care, don't worry about that. Finding a dental school is a good option for you as dentists in training have access to the latest technology and studies, so you may well be better off than a dentist that has been practicing for many years. Do some research and find a dental school that is close to you and try to make an appointment. Insurance is helpful for simple things, but for major restorative work it just does not cut it. Most people with dental insurance have around one thousand to two thousand max. allowable per year that they will pay, so relying on dental insurance, as you know is not going to really help. Find a dental school to help you with your much needed work, Even if you have to fly somewhere, you may come out cheaper than trying to get your work done in a private practice. Also find out about other options like partials while still expensive, can cost less than a bridge. Also don't be afraid to get second and third opinions, you may find a dentist that can do your work for cheaper than fifteen thousand. While this amount of money may seem shocking to many, it really is not a lot compared to what other people have shelled out for their mouths. We have had patients pay as much as forty thousand to have their mouths fully restored. So try to keep a positive attitude, and keep praying, your prayers will be answered when the time is right. Don't despair. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. My best to you. I have seen people go through the same thing as you are going through, and you will find a way just keep looking.

Have you looked into getting false teeth? I know its the last thing you want to think about, but it would be a lot cheaper and in the end you get a perfect smile with no more worries of cavities. If you have health insurance, it may pay for the removal of the teeth.

Joseph C
And if someone has another 15,000, I need it for the same reason.

Rather than asking for money here, why don't you try something unique? They have come up with a new way to get money. It is called:


Work is where you trade your skill and labor for cash!!! You earn money, and you pay for things you want!!! You could even look at the advanced version, called a second job!! That is where you "work" at one job, and then you go to a second place and "work" for them!!

You may also look at a dental school to see if you can get the work done for a lower price!! Students need to learn and you need your teeth fixed,.

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm!!

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