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Alexyus G
I just went to the dentist... is 26 cavities that need fillings a lot?
I also need 7 extractions, 9 root canals, and implants for missing teeth. Is that too many? all of them developed in the past 3 years.

uummm there are only 28 permanent teeth plus 4 wisdom teeth that equals 32. Alot of times people get there wisdom teeth extracted. But you can not have 26 that need fillings and 7 extractions and 9 root canals plus you have missing teeth. I don't understand how you could have that many teeth

hmmm how can you give me thumbs down it's the truth okay let change my answer.
Yeah that's a lot I sure hope you have insurance, a good job, Wow- I wouldn't want your medical bill, there must be some underlying issue as to why your teeth would rot this quickly.
But seriously maybe you meant that you have 26 cavities needing 9 root canals, 7 extractions with implants, and the remaining 10 need fillings leaving 2 to 6 teeth that are fine unless of course they have already had work done and are okay now.
But seriously I bet there is an underlying problem, the teeth can really show a lot of things.
Oh yeah and I kind of figured you were young but just in case- Have you recently had a child or two because a lot of women's teeth go downhill when they are pregnant because they are not getting enough iron and Calcium. Just be sure to drink milk or eat yogurt and maybe take a daily Multivitamin. Always floss (atleast 1) and brush your teeth (2-3x or more) also a Fluoride mouth rinse daily or weekly. When I had braces we had prescription Fluoride mouth wash to swish every night. I never got one cavity the whole time I had braces, now as an adult after my pregnancies I have gotten a lot which is really embarassing. Cut down on juice and sugary drinks, drink plenty of water and milk. Don't sip on pop or juice all day long even if it's only one soda. Gum can also cause problems- I've heard. There are also disorders where maybe your enamel is thin or something I've heard of people getting their teeth coated(?) but know nothing about it.

Crazy Frog
That's impossible just how meny teeth do you think you have.
26+7+9=42 You must have a big head to hold all those rotting teeth.

um, sorry but yes....that is a lot. good luck.

Sugar Bug xx
Decay usually happens if you drink a lot of carbonated beverages and sugars, or acidic foods erode enamel in a short amount of time. Gum disease can distroy your bone around your teeth if not properly treated. Your Brushing technique and flossing if you are missing area's or not brushing properly can lead to decay also. If you feel this is not the case I would get a 2ND opinion just to make sure your not getting unnecessary work or if they concur with the previous Dentist you will know its legit and the proper treatment for you.
Hope this helped . My heart goes out to you.

Helen DDS
Of course it's possible, but I'd be skeptical. Do you have insurance? If you have an insurance where you need to see someone off of a list or just have a limited # of dentists that take that insurance, it means that the dentist has agreed to accept a lower fee. So they make up for it in volume. Request a copy of your x-rays and go see a conservative dentist for a second opinion. Check with your local dental society or possibly the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentists (google), to get a referral in your area

Wow...I think that it sounds like a lot. Too many? In my mind any would be too many, but I suppose that some are unavoidable. But 26 cavities, plus extractions, root canals, and implants? I'm glad that its not my bill to pay.

That is really bad. This is from someone who always ate junk and brushed my teeth once a day instead of two most of the time. I have have 3 cavities over 23 years and one root canal. And the root canal as just because I chipped my tooth. Having more than two cavities at once should definitely cause alarm. Needing that many root canals and needing implants it almost sounds like you should just extract them all and have all implants. You could have some underlying issues causing your problems.

=O yeah thats a lot. I remember when i was younger and i didnt go to the dentist for a few years i had 9 cavities, now that doesnt make me feel that bad anymore!!

Good luck!
I hope ur dental insurance covers everything for you!

Sorry..Its Alot .. That Seems Verry Painful And A Verry Big Bill..

That is going to be a huge bill. Its an extreme amount. Stay away from Soda pop. Brush and floss the teeth you want to keep.

Buy yourself a toothbrush and some tooth paste. What have you been doing, for the past three years? That is a lot I have an idea take this question off of here because if I were you I would be embarrassed. But pick me first. I sorry if I sounded mean I just wanted to tell you.

Have you EVER brushed/flossed your teeth? I'm not even sure all that is possible.

Yeah. Thats a heckuva lot. That many problems in three years doesn't seem normal...

Note to Others Answering: Oi! People! You can have than one cavity on a tooth!

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