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 Overcrowded teeth?
Im 16 and my teeth are a little bit overcrowded, its not painful but i was just wondering whether or not my Jaw will still be growing as i'd like to have better looking teeth!...

 Sores all in my mouth?
Alright, I JUST got rid of a sore in the top of my top lip on the gum line and now i just found a sore on the bottom of my toungue and the bottom lip on the gum line what could this be ? (no oral ...

 My braces cut up the inside of my cheek so what do i do??
yeah the lady didnt cut my wires short enough and my cheeks are pretty cut up on the inside of my mouth. is there a way to heal them?????...

 Would you use a toothbrush made out of cement?

 When i go to the Orthodontics office what do i expect?
This is my first visit and i want to know what they are going to do because they know i have an overbite....

 Hi!!! so'm finally getting my braces.....anyone want to answer some questions for me????
my mom told me that i would be getting braces. i've got a couple of things that i'm not so sure about:

-do braces hurt when you get them on?
-what's the orthodontist do ...

 When can i smoke and drink alcohol after wisdom teeth removed?

 My sister has tooth pain. I cannot take her to dentist right now. What can i do, she is crying?
Our parents will be home in an hour. I dont want to give her medicine, anything natural way or trick? She is 4!...

 Can an overbite cause a speech problem?
can it? i know some under bites ...

 Will getting a cavity filled hurt?
Will getting a cavity filled hurt? Its in a lower eye tooth and I think it might be pretty deep because I noticed it a year ago.

*I'm getting local anesthetic....

 Why do people have to get their wisdom teeth removed?

 I am getting braces on Tuesday...?
Please help! I am so nervous!...

 Does getting braces hurt ?

 Where can I get teeth whiteners?

 What to do about uneven teeth?
When I was younger I had buck teeth. As I aged, the gap between my two front teeth closed and my teeth are all nicely aligned. However, my two front teeth are longer than my other upper teeth. It&#...

 Can I drink coke with braces???

 I was thinking what color braces I should get(what color should I get)?
pick any 2 colors that you liked when you had braces or just 2 colors that are your favorit...................please..............

 My teeth are turning yellow! :[ & i brush them twice day .. help?
For no reason my teeth are yellow!
they`re straight & i like them except that for no reason at all they`re yellow .. ugh.
i don`t even drink coffee or tea or whatever.
what should ...

 What Coloured Braces?
I have a 11 year old daughter, who might be getting braces in march. She wants to get coloured braces, but she dose'nt know what colour to get. I know she said she dose'nt want the colour ...

 My teeth hurt?
I have made the mistake of eating lemons, and some of the enamel on my teeth has been dissolved.
Is there a way to restore enamel, like a special toothpaste or something?...

I just lost a cap off a tooth what should i do?

Take the cap and take it to wal-Mart and get a tube of elmers glue for teeth glue it back in make sure your mouth remains open all night to prevent it from being glued shut

Le Phantom
how'd you do that? go to your local dentist.
-Black Panther

Get to the dentist so he can fix it.

Ron's wife
Don't loose the crown or you will be paying for another one. If you had a root canal it is OK to expose the tooth for a couple of days b/c it will not be sensitive. If you didn't have RCT then go to your local drug store and pick up a temp. adhesive used for this situation. It may be sensitive when first applied to the tooth, but it will subside.
Call your Dr. and make an appointment for recementation.
If you have lost the crown your Dr. or you should have the impression taken and this will be submitted to the lab for a new crown.

On the other hand... you may have decay that caused the crown to fall off. In this case the decay will have to be removed and new impressions will be taken.

Either way... when you go to the Dr. you will go home with a temp.

go back get another 1

make an appointment for your dentist or go to the drug store and look to see if they have something to stick in it for now....

Call ur dentist and make an appoint ment 2 get it put back in.

Beau's mom
take it out of your mouth. Do not sleep with it in. You will probably swallow it. I used to work for a dentist and this happens more than you think! Make an appt. with your dentist and he or she will re glue it.

Call your dentist.

mummy of one gorgeous boy
call the dentist asap because if not u can get an infection cause of the food and that going into it n when it happens it hurts like anything so best get it seen 2 unless u want 2 go through that pain and medication later

call your dentist and make an appointment, make sure you make it for after school!!!

call the dentist

call the dentist asap, and you can glue it back in temporarily with fixodent.

go to the dentist that put the crown on to the tooth you need to do this as soon as possible especially if you had a root canal done on the tooth because with a root canal the nerve of the tooth is removed and gutta percha...fake nerves...filling that the dentist places inside of the canals to replace the removed nerves. this causes the tooth to become brittle and extremely easy to break that is why they give you a temporary crown when you go in for your root canal while they are waiting for the lab to complete the permanent crown. You can go to the store such as walmart or walgreens and in the tooth paste section you might be able to find this putty type stuff that you can place on the tooth that will protect it somewhat until you are able to get to the dentist. when you get to the dentist if the reason the crown fell off is because the cement has failed they will just clean the crown along with the tooth...there wont be any anesthetic for the procedure if you had a root canal because there is no nerve therefore no pain.... put new cement in it and put it back on the tooth if the crown has failed because the tooth under the crown has decayed to a point of no return you either will have to have the crown repreppred (filled down with a high and a lowspeed hand piece aka drill) or have the tooth removed if it is too far gone for the dentist to replace the crown. If you go back to the dentist that did the crown they more than likely wont charge you anything to have the crown put back on but they will charge you if you have to get a completely new crown made.

Go to your dentist. He/she can clean it out and replace it. If you just had it done, it should be free. If it's a few years old, it shouldn't cost more that $20 or $40.

Call the dentist.

Uh, "dentist" comes to mind....

Good thing you didn't swallow it.

Simply keep it and see your dentist. He can cement it back in place easily. My dentist told me he will cement any I might lose at no charge. It is much more expensive to make another than to replace the existing one. Don't pay any attention to the idiots suggesting you try glueing it back yourself. One thing is important, the remaining piece of tooth is not protected by enamel, and may quickly start to decay if the cap is not replaced. Avoid chewing on that side and keep the area well cleaned until your dentist can fit you into the schedule. It will only take a moment or two to cement the cap back in place.

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