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 Im afraid of swollowing pills?
ok, i dont know what to do, but im afraid of swollowing pills, and my parents get really pist, and will force me to swollow them if i dont, what do i do. bitting them tastes like CRAP!! :( HELP!!...

 Root canals?
ok..so i just had a root canal done 1 hour ago....wen i bite the tooth, it hurt a little bit...i didn't ask the dentist but they gave me this pain medication.....is this normal after a root ...

 I just got braces and I HATE THEM SOOOO MUCH....is there a way to get them taken off..because i DONT WANT them
they hurt so bad...

and im gonna get made fun of..im a cheerleader...so i HAVE TO SMILE.

PLUS..i dont get them off til the summer before my senior year..


 What is that yellow crust you get on your teeth?
how you get it and how you get rid of it?...

 I have extrme pain in my left jaw, cannot chew anything nor can I open the mouth wider. Can somebody suggest?

 How false do really really white teeth look?
Don't paint your teeth, brush them!!!...

 How often should you floss?
And do you floss before or after brushing your teeth?...

 I NEED to pull my own tooth?
I know all the reasons not to pull my own tooth (infection, pain make matters worse etc) This molar has bothered me for years. Half of the tooth is broken (missing), there is an exposed huge silver ...

 Dental, Should It Be Free On The NHS?
with the NHS we get free operations/free to see a GP (etc).

but should dental be free treatment also? (ie:- if you've damaged your teeth) afterall its still general health....

 How do you pull your own tooth its a baby back tooth HELP?
How do you extract a tooth by yourself?

[no lame doornobs stories ither.}
I need ways how do you get a tooth out by yourself god its so hard for me how did you get your teeth out in ...

 I m 15 and getting braces , do my friends taunt me ?
I m going to get braces due to which i m feeling very nervous i m scared about my friends do they taunt me ?...

 How do I get a popcorn kernel piece out of my teeth?
It's one of those little popcorn layers that are inside a piece of popcorn when it's been popped. It's in the very back top left molar. I want to get it out ASAP because it hurts and I ...

 I have a phobia of dentist?
i had a dentist appointment today (have really bad toothache) but i got so worked up about it i actually had a panic attack & was sick so in the end i had to cancel the appointment now i'm ...

 Teeth whitening?
my daughter is 13 and wants whiter teeth. obviosly i dont want t get her anything too strong, i was thinking more a toothpaste.
what would you sugest?
Additional Details
i dont mean ...

 What is your favorite kind of toothpaste, Crest or Colgate?
You're either a Crest person or a Colage person. Kinda like how you're either a Pepsi drinker or a Coca-Cola drinker. I'm Colgate and Coca-Cola. What are you?...

 A Question about braces....?
Is there a certain type of tooth paste you are supposed to use if you have braces? Do you just use any old toothpaste?
Additional Details
Well, I was asking because some people say you ...

 Why dont they call it teethpaste?

 When a body is found badly decomposed, they refer to dental records for ID, how do they find dental records?

 Who's afraid of the dentist...why?

 I gave myself serious chemical burn using mouthwash for a tooth ache. I still cant taste! Is this permenant?
I had a very bad tooth ache and began using mouthwash to help numb the pain. I ended up burning my whole tongue and inside of my check. I had blisters on my check and my tongue was red and swollen ...

I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled, should i "go under" or not?
would novicane be enough, or would getting "knocked out" be better?

I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. It was at 2 different dentists. All of mine were sideways, and the first dentist put me under.
About a year later, I had to have the bottom ones pulled. I chose to use nitrous oxide(laughing gas) during the proceder.
I was fully aware that I was having surgery, but so relaxed, I would go as far as saying I enjoyed it, lol The Novocaine shot blocked the pain, and the nitrious also has pain relivng properties also.
I didn't have the headache I had from going under and walked out and drove home. The gas only lasts about 2 minutes when its cut off, and its also extremely safe. If I were you, I would inquire about the gas. Whatever you do, I hope things go well for you, Ken

knock yourself out, they have to break bits of your jaw and it will hurt like heck

I have had my wisdom teeth out and I would reccomend being put under. The procedure is painful , I have known people who did not go under and they were scared *%$&less. :) hope this helps

If I have a choice, I always let them knock me out! I'm a wuss!

I had to do it awake. It wasn't fun, but it's best if you have any reaction to the anastetic. Talk it over with your oral surgeon. There are risks to going under, but I think I would have gone under if I had had the option. Good luck!

thats major surgery... You "have" to be knocked out.. They have to cut those babies out... Ive had both mine done and its not a pleasant experience...

♥Brown Eyed Chef in Training ♥
It all depends. Mine had to be surgically removed. *i had mine out in September*. Plus they were really strange ones on top of that. As your surgeon and he/she will tell you which way is the best. All i remember was the nurse asking what i was going to college for and then waking up.

Dude, by all means "go under". Wisdom teeth are the largest teeth in the mouth and as they grow in, the roots can start to hook under the jaw. I had to have 2 removed and chose novacaine......dumbest thing I ever did.
I could still feel pain even though I had 6 shots of novacaine, and it took almost 2 hrs. to get them removed. Just go to sleep. It's a lot easier.

hmm that's a good question but i had one pulled out and I diden't get nocked out but it like only took them 2 mins though but if it's a major one get nocked out but if not dont'

YES, get knocked out.

Danielle B
Depends on your pain tolerance, as well as how much you psyche yourself out. Also depends on how much your insurance covers (if you have it) I got completely knocked out- I was awake during parts of it and remember seeing blood squirting out or bits of tooth and the drill. I was thinking oh that is mine, but never made any association other than that. I don't know if the anesthesia was part of this or not, but I did not need any pain meds after the surgery. I took 2 Vicodin right after and was fine from then on.

First, make sure you are going to an Oral Surgeon. Second, you can be knocked out, it just depends on whether or not the dentist offers it. I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled (2 at a time) and 2 of the 4 were impacted, did that one awake. Had no problems, but when I had an upper molar with curved roots pulled, I begged to be put under. What does this all mean... it depends on the person and the dentist. Be prepared to be put under, but I suggest you talk to the dentist before he starts to find out his professional opinion after examining you.

It depends on the difficulty of the extraction. If the doctor is confident that they can simply be pulled then novacaine is fine.

If the extraction is going to be more complicated then it's certainly going to be more pleasant to go to sleep, then wake up after it's all done, which is what I did because from the X-rays the dentist could tell that getting mine out was going to take a little more than just pulling them.

To me, having metal tools shoved in my mouth and being awake through a bunch of pulling, drilling, or even sawing is much more unpleasant than simple pain. I don't like being awake while he puts pliers in my mouth and pulls out a tooth, but it's not really that bad, and I would't go unconscious if that's all that was needed to get the tooth out. If I was getting all four teeth pulled out in one sitting, then I might consider it.

Even though my wisdom tooth extraction was a moderately hard one there was very little pain after it was done and I didn't suffer AT ALL having been unconscious while it was done. I woke up and wasn't in pain. There was a little soreness later but it wasn't even bad enough that I felt like I really needed the pain killer I had been prescribed, I ended up only using one of the pills that night and the rest just sat on my shelf.

I got knocked out...it still hurts when their done either way.

They normally don't "knock" you out when they pull your wisdom teeth. Your best bet is to call the oral surgeon who will be doing the work and finding out what options he offers for his patients and the take it from there.

I had my wisdom teeth removed a year ago June, and even though it was an "easy extraction," they put me out. I got Valium and a sedative. I'm a big wuss about needles, but a small jab in the arm was WAY better than being awake and having them rooting around in the back of my mouth. And besides, the Valium did its job very well, lol. So, yes, I'd go for getting knocked out if that is an option.

If they are impacted then you want to go under. If they are not hard to reach and not deep in then novicaine will be plenty but the pressure is pretty intense.

kirsten j
i had both experiences with wisdom teeth. personally if you have the option of being more sedated (and you have no health problems) i would choose that option. i preferred it, didn't have to sit there awake while my mouth was tugged on, i remember nothing besides getting a little medicine and waking up.

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