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mine looks like the "before" picture on this site...


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I have bad tooth ache hurts very bad, cant afford dentist right now if i go to ER will they help me? thanx?

im not sure about the american health system .. over here in england if your in pain and you cant get a dentist then the hospital will deal with you the best they can.

id imagine you'll probably have to pay but i reckon if you explain your situation they'll have a look give you some kind of medical help, all part of human rights really as far as i can guess they'd be going against their code of practise to discard your pain as just a simple problem especially if you tell them its lasted for a prolonged amount of time.

though i will warn you, from personal experience .. a dentist will fix the tooth problem and try to keep the tooth best they can, a hospital.. will get a pair of surgical pliers give you some happy gas and pull the thing out.

e s
and they will slap you with a bill later

On an empty stomach, take the suggested maximum dosage for adults of Motrin, Advil OR Aleve. There's also a Topical Anesthetic available in drugstores called OraGel that's specifically used to soothe toothache. Then look up in your yellow pages numbers of dental schools, dental clinics and dentists who offer payment plans or accept credit cards (if you have credit cards.)Call first thing in the morning and see who can take you immediately.

Dental schools are really low-cost and the student practitioners are under the constant supervision of experienced dentists. Dental clinics will have lower fees (compared to private practice.)

You might think you can't afford a dentist right now, but seeing a dentist now is probably only a fraction of what it will cost if you wait and the pain and problem becomes worse!

Good luck!

Vanessa M
Ok #1 i hope you have good medical insurance because an ER visit will cost you over 100.00 just for walking through the door. Although a answer to your question yes they will, they won't be able to do anything with the tooth however they can give you strong medicine to help relieve the pain until you can get to the dentist in the meantime take an asprin and bite down on it don't chew it but put it on the painful area it should help some

try it you never know

Don't know where you live. In Canada, you can get pain meds from the ER and if you are on Welfare they will pay for an extraction, but not repair of the tooth. Otherwise you're stuck. Many dentists do offer a payment plan and almost all work on a sliding scale, meaning you pay less if you don't have insurance or a lot of money. Call around for the best deal. Good luck.

they will give you pain killers and antibiotics if you have an infection but they will tell you where to go for a cheep dentist as well...

They will give you something for pain and if there is infection something for that as well. Some ER's have dentist available but most do not.

Good luck.

moonshine annie
First for some immediate relief! Go to any pharmacy and get a bottle of Clove oil. Very cheap and will help easy the pain until you decide how and where you should go to take care of the problem. The ER will help, but very expensive so you may as well seek a dentist out. If you have a dental college in or around the town you live in, try calling them. The students, with professional guidance of course, learn by working on you and you in return receive a great discount and your tooth ache cured. Good luck and don't forget the Clove oil.

Depending on were you live they can give you an injection to numb the area to give you enough time to get some pain killers on board and they can give you an antibiotic to help with the infection that is causing the pain. The antibiotic can buy you a little time to save some money to go to a dentist because the medicine won't "cure" the problem. There are clinic's in some area's that do emergency dental care and only charge based on your income.

Oh you poor thing. How about taking some pain Reliever and try going to a public clinic, maybe they'll charge you cheaper. Antibiotics will work. God bless.

They will check to see if it's abscessed, and they may prescribe a painkiller or antibiotic, but they won't perform a root canal or any other dental work.

Honestly, it's not going to be any cheaper to go to the ER. It's very, very expensive. You'll end up with a $500 bill, and they will not have done any dental work for you--you'll still have to eventually see the dentist, so add that cost. Furthermore, you'll be considered low priority by triage, and you'll wait for hours if it's a busy night.

So, really, the only way it would be worth it is if you are desperately in pain, and you need immediate help for it. Remember, too, that you will have to pay for the ER bill eventually if you have no insurance (plus any medications prescribed).

i don't think so but try feel well :))

I think they can give u something for the pain. Sometimes they have a dentist on call.

They just can give you analgesics to relief of pain.
Dentist also do the same

1-Clove oil with a small piece of cotton into the tooth..crushed cloves can be used instead.Very important packing should be loose and not tight. Your pain is due to pressure on the nerve below and in the tooth. 2-buy Ibuprofen 400mg take 3 times per day 3-don't apply anything on the face 4- take luke warm water put a pinch of salt..(like tears). keep in in contact with the tooth in the mouth. half glass every 45 minutes. this is best..pain will decrease.. But you definitely require a dentist to follow the treatment.

Quick home remedy for toothache: take ground cloves, put them into a small glass bottle. Cover with vodka, shake well, then let sit 5 minutes. Dip a q-tip into the vodka, and apply to the tooth.

They do not offer any dental services in the ER. You would be lucky to get anything for pain, as they don't give out pain meds for something that is considered non emergent.

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