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I have always got a yellow tongue, how can I get rid of this?

Additional Details
Thanks for your answers, yes I do smoke and do brush my teeth twice a day and also my tongue, so I'll try to quit smoking, drink less caffine and more water and use mouthwash

ronald w

If this is accompanied by little spots on your tongue and/or raw patches this could be thrush, and so it would be best to see your doctor. However it is just a yellow tongue, i would recommend a tongue scraper which can either be purchased from a pharmacy or your dentist, but also using strong Mouthwash will help with this. Good Luck with it!

Do you smoke.? Or are you eating something that continually coats your tongue? Perhaps try to eliminate the cause first.
Brushing the tongue is very uncomfortable and I don't brush it very often. I would rather use Mouthwash. I swish it around and keep it my mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out.
Contact your Dr if it still persists/

Go to the doctor. check it out medically then dental.

see a doc but yellow? wow...

bernie c
If brushing your tongue use different brushes and to be honest Mouthwash isn't that great it will give a nice smell to your breath it is better to brush your tongue with bicarbonate of soda, don't taste nice but it works and rinse your mouth with salt water it should kill any bacteria hope it works

they sell toung brushers and some kind of a tab to put in it to clean your toung. You have Plaq on your toung. If you have dry mouth like someone suggested they have a toothpaste, Mouthwash and gum for that.

Could be a fungal infection - see your doctor; sporonox may be a good prescription

The biggest cause is smoking, drinking tea/coffee and poor diet. Sort these first then occasionally brush your tonque as well as your teeth and use a mouth wash. You can get a tongue scraper but these are just a thin piece of plastic using a brush is just as good


David W
Sounds like "tongue thrush", which is similar to a yeast infection... probably have some real dryness in the early morning as well. Ask your doctor for antibiotics.

go to an ORAL SURGEON or a DENTIST or a dentist who specializes in ORAL MEDICINE...
It might be possible that u hav a condition which is known as COATED TONGUE...A condition in which tongue appears to be coated with some sort of colored layer...Its not harmful and does not have any risk..the reason for its occurance is that some sort of food or chemicals from eating or smoking.etc. cover it,thus,resulting in its appearance..
It is usually cured by somesort of brush which brushes ur tongue and removes it...
I have not seen ur condition therefore i cannot say for sure but u can get ur self checked by the above mentioned healthcare professionals...they will solve ur problem

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