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I have a cavity that is causing a bad taste in my mouth can anyone suggest a remedy until I see the dentist?

Gargle with 50% water and 50% hyrdrogen peroxide -- do not swallow it. See a dentist ASAP because the infection can spread rapidly.

Germs are very harmful. Why not kill the germs in your teeth or gums. You don't need antibiotics. Everyone can find salt to pack in the cavity or the gums. A toothpick can be used to apply a disinfectant like lysol in the cavity itself. You dont have to have a dentist brotherinlaw to keep your teeth for life.

big red gum or Cinnamon toothpaste. Cinnamon is supposed to help with bad breath. Haven't tried it but I read a lot of magazines

lots of mouthwash


I would recommend a dental rinse 1/2 mouth wash 1/4 peroxide. (Use the mouth wash cap to measure)it kills the germs that cause bad breath from cavities and mouth injuries. Rinse your mouth twice a day.... Good Luck!

If you can tolerate the taste, use cloves. Dentists use this to kill bad tastes and supposedly it also soothes the pain. I stress the supposedly, from experience.

gargle with salt water
Hydrogen Peroxide
baking soda
(see which one works ;don't mix them!)

ms. clean
i had the same problem it wont go away until the cavity is taken care of. good luck

Wendy H
Until you get the infection under control, you'll have to deal with the bad taste or cover it up (w/ breath mints, etc.)

You can also call your dentist and ask to be prescribed an appropriate antibiotic (he might refuse), which will give you a head start in getting rid of the bacteria that's causing the foul taste.

just mix some baking soda and warm water together and swish and spit...it will help the bad taste

rinse with something of you're choice,and then fill the cavity yourself,get a temp filling kit TEMPARIN from walmart it will help you out till dentist time

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