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I had a tooth pulled and my mouth is still a little numb is that normal??
I had my right upper back tooth pulled and he gave me several shots to numb me up. The wierd thing is it still feels a little numb. It has that tingling feeling like when it is just coming undone from the shots. In the corner of my mouth and in between my cheek and gum.
Additional Details
I had it pulled 5 days ago. If they damaged something what can I do?

Call the dentist. You may be sensitive to the novicane or there may be something else. better to be safe than sorry

Don H
fNovacaine like Cocaine workes and dicipates in different cases .IN the end i'll take numb berore pain any time

Call your dentist and see what he says. he may want to take a peek in there. He'll instruct you as to how long you should wait for normalcy

Lisa T
I was in dentistry for 16 yrs, and based on what I know he evidently hit a nerve while administering the injection, it may subside, but the time frame is very unpredictable. The dentist should be notified of your condition.

yes, it's normal the effect goes away in half an hour or up to an hour

Warrior Poo Flinger
When I had my tooth pulled the novacaine lasted about 9 hours all together. That's a hard tooth to pull and he may have had to use lots of novacaine. You might have some swelling or bruising, but I wouldn't worry about numbness until it's been over 24 hours.

Yep, thats totally fine, it takes ages for the injection to wear off completely but you should be over the tingling feeling by tomorrow. If not, call the dentist surgery and ask for some advice.

depends on how long ago it was if to long ago its not normal they may have damaged something

Oh my gosh so did I. Execpt I got two. Yeah it's normal

it is unusual to have numbness or tingling sensation after extraction of an upper tooth. Consult with your Dr

i think thats normal because that happen 2 me 2

Jeremy L
Yes, it is normal to still feel numbness after you've been given novicane for a tooth pull. Generally the novicane lasts up around six hours, depending on how many shots there were. But again, it should be okay, the numbness will go away overnight and if for some reason it doesn't, call the dentist place right away and hopefully they'll be able to help you out.

Because it was several days ago you should call the dentist. They warned me about that when I recently had two of my teeth extracted. Sometimes when they pull a tooth something happens with a nerve in there and it gets inflamed. This can cause numbness for days. Just give your dentist a call and have him check you out.

Ron D
If it's been five days, go back to see you dentist for a consult. I had my wisdom tooth pulled and unfortunately a nerve was touched or compromised. I'm numb in my lower left chin and it's been several years. For some people, the feeling does come back but I don't think that will happen with me.

I've actually gotten used to it however I've got to remember to wipe my chin frequently while eating things like oatmeal because I can't feel it on my chin even though it's like some big glob sitting there. Good luck!

if you had it pulled 5 days ago and it is still numb i would go back and see the dentist. it shouldnt be numb that long good luck to you

No it isn't normal 2 feel like this 5 days later call your Denist ASAP.Good Luck

It sounds like there was some nerve damage from the injection. This happens sometimes. The goal is to put the needle JUST by the side of the nerve, but it's not really possible to feel the difference between nerve tissue and anything else with a needle. This will heal and be just fine in better than 9 out of 10 cases. If you are numb after a few days, you should notify your dentist, because it is a good idea to get the problem documented and followed. If your dentist does not see suitable progress, you may need to be referred for further evaluation by a neurosurgeon or other specialist.

If you are getting those tingling feelings, it is probably going to be just fine in another week or less.

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