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 How can you overcome nerves with dentist?
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the braces are silver
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sorry somebody rated down people who said black and purple (it wasnt me)...

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 Braces problem....help im scared!!?
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on a scale of 1-10 (ten killer pain) how much do each of these hurt?

1)teeth pulled

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 Can you goto the dentists with a cold?

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i m asking cos i m due to have filling done but my cold isnt too severe ,...

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Miss J
I had a filling done in my teeth, for how will my mouth keep feeling numb?

Additional Details
i meant to say for how long will my mouth keep feeling numb, now its an hour since i had the injections and its still the same.

it depends on how many injections that they gave you. usually you are numb for an hour or so after treatment, its really hard to tell. everyone is different; different body weight, different tolerance, different types of anesthesia so its hard to tell... if your still numb after 4 hours call your dentist

Only lasts a few hours if its a local, its fun to drink water when your mouth is numb as it sometimes dribbles out the side.

emma d
3 hours from when they injected you!!!!

robbie angel
u proberly find it feels like its getting number for a bit then it ware off, hmm that whathappen to me see post re filling i wish i was stil numb...

Usually several hours, but you will be fine tomorrow (I assume you had filling today) but it also depends on how much anaesthetic was injected too. I hope you feel better soon.

little weed
About 3 or 4 hours

About three hours.

It takes about 3-4 hours to wear off!

It will feel numb for a few hours. When it starts to wear off it will feel a little tingly. (like after your foot has fallen asleep.)

If you don't have to be at work or anything I'd recommend taking a nap but don't lay on the side that is numb.

Also don't eat anything that is too hard to chew as being numb will make it harder to eat and depending on what parts of your mouth is numb.

Fader's Girl
guess about till evening time. probably around 4-5 hours.

use a straw to drink!

A couple of hours, don't try to eat, drink or smoke. You can tell when it starts to wear off because your bottom lip will stop drooling and hanging down to your knees lol.

Don't Fear the Reaper
Depends on how much they give you, your metabolism, and body size and a fe other things but personally i've had numbness from novacaine last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours
It ill go away though don't worry about it, novacaine does not damage your nerves in anyway it just blocks their signals temporarily.

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