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is it normal that im 15 and already one of my wisdom ...

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 Hi. Ok this is an awkward question, but what kind of toothpaste do you use?
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 Anyone else have braces?

 Which things can you not eat with braces..?
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 Any quick ideas for pain relief?
I got back from the dentists about 4 hours ago. I was there to get my last 2 fillings for cavities that I had. They had so much trouble numbing me up so they could get the procedure done that they ...

 Are cavaties painful or are they not painful and do you feel anything?

Additional Details
i have a small to medium cavaty needing to get filled....

I got two teeth pulled yesterday, when can i brush or eat?
because im starving and my breath smells horrible after all that blood :(

Tay_Tay! ♥_♥
The dentist would've told you when you can eat and brush again...

When you want to. :)

ask your dentist...
yey im lvl 2!! now!!

you will be ok to eat but nothing to hard and you can brush your teeth too but be careful where you have had your teeth out

you should be right to eat etc now...dont starve yourself and brush your teeth your breath stinks....

today carefully.... my experiance

Double Quinella NorCal Delegate
Well, you should eat and brush now - just do it VERY carefully

ask your dentist

I had 4 teeth pulled once...just eat soft foods and brush gently for a while. Or you could just wash your mouth out with water or something?

Kyle S
everytime i got teeth pulled, happened about 3 or 4 times to me cause my teeth werent growing in right i ate about a half hour later, or shortly after my mouth was no longer numb.

ok...you can only eat applesauce for the next six months....lol...only kidding.

usually a dentist will tell you it's ok to eat soft foods after about 12 hours.

do not eat or chew directly on the extraction site until the gum heals (toughens up)....

for example: dont bite into an apple or chew anything hard or it will bleed again.

you can brush, but do it lightly....

Island Boy
you should have been able to eat yesterday

I had 1 tooth pulled and filled cavities and my dentist told be I'm only allowed to eat a hour after i left and they also said mashed potatoes,ice cream , and soda is all i can have.

When you want to or feel that you can just be Gentle.

only eat very soft things for at least 2 to 3 days you should be able to start brushing softly after that, I have had teeth pulled before and that is what the dentist told me hope this helps.

Generally, it's a few hours.
Obviously be careful, and maybe dont eat food that's too hard.
If your teeth were pulled on one side, then maybe eat on the opposite side.


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