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I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and i was wondering how long before they should stop hurting.?
Also how long before i can start eating normal foods again instead of just soft foods.

Stupid Flanders
about a week, but every day gets better. I hated the gauze in the mouth feeling.

Gene H
When I had my wisdom teeth removed the oral surgeon cut then out with a cross cut. I was told by him to stop and get a hamburger on the way home and eat it. After about three days I was eating regular food but being careful not to chew with a full mouth. You never said if they were cut or just pulled.

10 -15 days

about 2 to 3 weeks...just follow your dentist's instructions and take your pain meds.

at least a week
may be 2
and i would not be surprised if it is 1 month

lil mami
give it a week before eating normal foods and 2 weeks for the pain to go away! hope you feel better soon

It's different with everyone.I had all my out.No problems.I know a girl that was in bed for a week.I had dinner that night.I had 6 pull.No pain.Maybe you should call the denist and ask him.Good Luck!

you should beable to eat some now. if you cannot then you may have a dry socet. If you have one you will be still in alot of pain. I meen alot of pain. i had one. and i could not eat, drink or live normaly. UNtell the dentest put the gause in to heal it. they are no fun. and can ruine a good day of fishing.

Keep putting cold packs on your mouth to decrease the swelling. This will help a lot. I couldn't fully open my mouth for about 3 weeks, but you should be able to eat normal food in a couple days. You should have slept sitting upright the first night & you could have avoided most of the discomfort, it keeps your mouth from getting swollen & you have much less pain.

I had mine out about 8 years ago and if I remember correctly, they still hurt for about two weeks but it was about a month before I could eat normal solid food like hamburgers and stuff like that.

Normally you should not be in any extreme pain. Just soreness from them pulling the teeth. Make sure you do not have a dry socket which is continuous pain. If so see your oral surgeon. Do not drink through a straw or eat food like popcorn or chips which can get lodged in your socket. Rinse with warm salt water 3-4 times daily to increase healing. Do not rinse hard/gently will do. usually within 10 days you should feel like yourself again.

It should stop hurting very soon. I was eating normally again about 2 weeks- at most- after I last had teeth removed.

Cheer up! The worst is behind you!

mark k
I'd give it 3 weeks tops for the pain.
and i'd give you 1 week tops to start eating normal food on the other side of your better side of the jaw.....Rinse your mouth with water a few times after eating or drinking sweet drinks.


Rainy Day
I'd say a week at most. My brother got his out last year, and I'm getting mine this summer. I'm scared!!

If I remember right, it's at least a week, maybe a bit longer.

When I got mine out (they were all inside the jaw), most of the pain was gone after 4 days except for the occasional dull ache. You should take the pain medications if it's bothering you; I made sure to take the prescription Motrin every 6 to 8 hours after surgery (even at night) so the pain didn't come back.
I could eat solid foods again about 6 days after the procedure, but it may vary if your extraction was more difficult.

It depends how deep they were and how they were removed (pulled out cut out). You can eat normal foods, just take it easy and remember to rinse with salt water.

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