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hardworkingman362002 !
I got all my teeth pulled out on the bottom 6 days ago?
my gums are still swallon, i am taking doxycycline 2 time daily. how long does it take for the swelling to go down?
Additional Details
ya i actually only had 8 left on bottom and had a abcess before so the dentist thought it was best to just get a plate. thank you all for ur response

Darren G
all of your teeth?? thats pretty odd, I hope it isn't meth related. It should only take a few days!! I hope they at least gave you vicadin!!

Ziad Y
yd u get all ur teeth pulled??? not just 2 but all???

you should have had them all pulled then u wouldent have to worry about brushing them again

i brush mine like 3 times a day and man i just get so sick of it its just like another anoying thing we have to do in life

it would take about a month.

Dr Harry W
IT varies! !! But be advised that a little swelling is good not bad, it is called edema & brings more blood supply to the area & aids healing,so don't worrry about it!! Doc W

brian m
abou 1 and a half week

♥ Black Adder
You are rinsing with warm salt water, right? The swelling should start gradually going down about now. In fact, you probably have had some reduction in swelling without realizing it.

I feel for you! Good luck.

a few days... eat popsicles

Ewwww... Why? No offense or anything. I am just really curious. I would imagine proably about a week?? I got two front teeth pulled (babys) when i was 8. Well good luck and i hope it feels better...

ouch. maybe 2 weeks total.
EDIT: people if the asker wanted you to know why the teeth were pulled you would have been informed. There are a lot of gum diseases that make your teeth weak and a lot of medical treatments that also damage teeth.

A couple of day's -two weeks. It depends on the person. Just take it easy, eat soft food like soup and applesauce.

Edit: all of your bottom teeth? I feel for ya. It may take longer since you have major surgery on the bottom part of your mouth. It may take up to a month. Good luck.

It takes about a week.
If you swish with warm salt water, it helps heal faster.

Eating yogurt can soothe.

The swelling should have gone down by now.
Do you have an infection? Have you followed the directions of your dentist? You have to take your medication as shown on the bottle. IF YOU HAVE FEVER or If your gums are very tender and bleeding you should contact your dentist.
HOPE all goes well for you!

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