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japa l
I gave myself serious chemical burn using mouthwash for a tooth ache. I still cant taste! Is this permenant?
I had a very bad tooth ache and began using mouthwash to help numb the pain. I ended up burning my whole tongue and inside of my check. I had blisters on my check and my tongue was red and swollen and I still cant taste anything - it is day 2 since I stopped using it. Does anyone know if it is possible to totally destroy your taste buds or will it slowly come back!!
Additional Details
Just a little more info - some people are asking how I could have burned it sooo bad. Imagine taking a family size mouth wash and using it in one night.. trying to sleep and waking every 10 minutes. Rincing my mouth and laying back down... NOT PRETTY! So I did use a WHOLE FAMILY SIZE BOTTLE!!!!!!

I am not crazy....I was just in pain and couldnt think clearly! :):) Thanks for all of your replies!

im afraid it is permanant. Or at least will be if you dont do anything quickly, gargle lemon juice and then put a dissolvable asprin in your mouth. This should activate the tastebuds at the rear of your mouth to start proactivly renewing themselves

Fred Mac
yes you can ruin them permanently.

Mouthwast cannot damage taste buds for too long. If you wash your mouth out with warm salt water, you should be ok in 24 hours.


Are you 100% sure that it was mouth wash in the bottle. It is possible that you had an allergic reaction to the mouth wash. I would see a doc because red and swollen could possibly mean infection.

wow bummer...

Your taste buds will come back however, this will take a very long time.

Single Brunette Unleashed
u must of got some serious infection going on if your Mouthwash is burning your mouth. However your tastebuds will eventually come back.

Taste buds are like the cells of your body. If they are damaged enough, like losing an arm, they won't grow back. But, if you haven't -severly- destroyed your mouth and all your wounds seem to be the surface, then they should grow back. I would recommend STOP using mouth-wash and what on earth did you do to burn your mouth with mouth-wash? I would recommend seeing a professional dentist on the subject rather than ask on Yahoo! Answers. There is no real way I can know your condition unless I saw it first-hand.

Usually not permanent just cell damage the only thing you can do is wait it out and see what happens.

lol, what?!

Give it time to heal.

Have you ever impatiently bitten into a hot slice of pizza and really scorched the roof of your mouth? That can take a week to ease up.

If it's really bad, you might need to make a dental appointment.

Sarrah L
It should come back
Thhe mouth heals pretty well after a week, esp if you are young.
If you have lesions anywhere in your mouth after a week see a periodontist or oral surgeon to make sure you didn't do damage to you mucosa. The mouth is very susceptable to cancers. (don't want to scare you, but be safe than sorry).

Talibah B
yeah you'll be fine I used rubbing alcohol once and lost some skin on the roof of my mouth.

No, this is very similar to burning your mouth on hot soup, or pizza. It may be numb, discolored and sensitive for a week or two but you will most definitely regain your ability to taste.

It will come back. It's kind of like when you drink or eat something way too hot. It damages that area, but it comes back within a few days to a week.

King Mustard III
I don't understand how Mouthwash gave you a chemical burn. What did you use -- gasoline?

give it a week, after that go see a dr.

Wild and Free
It should get better soon. I did the same thing except I used Golden Grain alcohol (190 proof). Yes, I did! It worked temporarily... and I know what you mean about the pain.
It would have helped more if I'd swallowed it ... but all I did was swish it over the sore tooth, and it numbed it. Blistered my mouth, too.

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