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I gargle my mouth with warm salt water daily. I think it is good for the teeth. Is it bad for the gums?

Malloryy M
yes; it is because the salt in the water and the gluscose in your gums to not mix well. if you do it way to much your gums will swell.

No. Whenever I have a sore throat the doctor tells me to gargle with salt water. Enough abrasives to cleanse the teeth and toughen the gums against gingivitis.

The Great Gazoo
I dunno but I know is good if you have a sore throat or tonisilitis

it doesnt hurt to do that they want you to gargle with listerine take care of your teeth I regret not taking care of mine

This will do nothing for your teeth. At all. The salt water may draw fluid out of your gums and other buccal tissues, but not much. In short, this isn't doing much for you at all except increasing your sodium intake. Some find a warm salt-water gargle helps with an irritated throat, but that is about all.

♥ ♥ ♥
it'll actually keep them cleaner and healthier
it might make them a little sensitive and bleed a little

Mouth Wash

railroad dave
no not at all .

peroxide is good to gargle... i dont use it but i heard it is... im not sure about salt i would have to research that

it's GREAT for you!!

Nick Z
Gargling your mouth eliminates some bacteria from your mouth, teeth, and gums. But it's not very effective when compared to daily teeth brushing with tooth-paste and flossing.

If you want to care for your teeth well, then you've got to do more than just gargle your mouth with salt water.

Liam B
I just use Mouthwash to be safe.

there is no point to doing that unless you have a sore throat
or if you just like gargling salty stuff

Becca B
No, it's totally healthy for you.

it's good for your gums too

Salomon S
no actauly it good for everything in your mouth

and kills most bacteria that toothpaste wont and it does not make you mouth smell good it just removes any bad smell

Jasdeep G
I believe the salt in the water draw our the bacteria in your mouth, causing them to burst due to different concentrations of NaCl outside of the bacteria cell (I believe its called Osmosis)

I know salt water is best when you have any cold sores in the mouth.

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