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 I'm taking some long term medication which causes a dry mouth?
Consequently I have got 9 mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth and am in agony. I have tried oraldene mouthwash and salt water but nothing is working. I have also been chewing gum. Any suggestions?...

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 Will my cavities get worse or stay same?
i have a few small cavaties i have a dentist appointment (not til aug) now if i brush, floss, & use listerine mouth wash. Can this help prevent the cavaties from getting worse than they are? or ...

 How do you cure bad breath/halitosis?
I have tried everything possible to cure this!! I bought online mouthwash treatments called pro-fresh that helped for a while (about 2 years) then I guess my body became immune to it b/c I'm ...

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 National Beat up a Dentist week?
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 What would happen if the tooth fairy left you a letter?
Thank you for leaving one [1] tooth under your pillow last night.

While we make every attempt to leave a monetary reward in the case of lost or stolen children's teeth, we were unable ...

 Okay serious answers only please. Toothbrushes ?
Is it wrong on any level to put a toothbrush up you own bottom?

Let me first say that it would be your own toothbrush, you would clean it afterwards and no, it would not be the bristle ...

 Nasty Breath?
Ok, I know the best thing for bad breath is brushing your teeth, but my friend says she can't get rid of her sick @ss breath. She said she's tried drinking more water, she flosses, brushes ...

 Do u think braces cool?

 Why would someone preface their e-mail to me by saying, "I doubt you are really a dentist..."?
Do they think that insulting me is a good way to get a helpful response? Do they check my bio first? (Just click on the photo to the left.) Do they realize that the photo I use as my icon is a ...

 If they say drinking black coffee stains your teeth, is it ok if you have milk in it??
sorry having a blonde moment, and i have just decided i like black coffee better than with milk, dont want stained teeth though.
Additional Details
Ceegt: can that really be safe??? I ...

Ok.. so i'm just about to start college and i need a brace i have been putting it off since high school and i was just wondering is there any outher treatment to strighten teeth? i only have 2 ...

 How to get rid of bad breath? **?
n how does bad breath come about?...

 Ick! braces! i have to get them can you give me advice?
like whats colors should i get?
do they hurt that bad?
how do you cope with no being able to eat chewy things?
are they really ugly?
have they worked for you?
im afraid!

 I have horrible breath and i have to chew gum all the time and like spray breath spray!!?
can anybody tell me how to make my breath fresh all day with like some special toothpaste or something?...

I never have time in the morning to eat breackfastfood. I try to leave for school as soon as I wake up. What can I eat?...

 Bad breath.!?
i have bad breath alot what are somethings i can do so its not so bad..and i know they say don't eat mints cause eventually it will make your breath worse but what are some of the best mints ...

 Is my dentist right not to inject me!?
I have never had a filling before in my tooth and neither have any of my mates so I am asking this question today to get some answers. I had a hole in my tooth that the dentist said was so bad the ...

 What foods can I eat to make my breath smell better?
I really don't like the smell of rite-aid mouth wash :P...

I am 30 yr old female haven't been to denist in 15 yrs?
teeth on top are ok except 2 front teeth are very yellow and discolored teeth on bottom in front are honestly gross looks like gums are rotting away have never had any toothache or any problems what is the best thing to do to get pretty new white teeth

Tony L
One word................... DENTURES!!!!!!!!!!

: )

El Recio
I hope you have been saving money during all this time, becasue is going to be very expensive... But start today, never is too late.. good luck... please dont kiss me...

i think that's a more appropriate question to ask the dentist... not some people on yahoo....

um, make an appointment?

The Man
If your English, this is normal.

I hope you are kidding??!! In this day and age there is no reason to have rotten teeth, unless you live in a third-world country or are a heavy drug abuser.


You should start by going to the dentist for a cleaning. I don't have insurance so I only go once a year instead of the recommended twice a year, but it is sooo important to go. Trust me- that is $100 well spent. From there, the dentist will make recommendations for further whitening. Gum rot is very serious- you may begin to loose healthy teeth soon because the gums are diseased and it will cost you a terrible amount of money for fake ones. Please please go get your teeth looked at and professionally cleaned. For your health if not anything else.

Get a dental hygenist to clean your teeth. Then talk to a Dentist about whitening products. Let the pros do it. some people don't realize that bleaching your teeth can and may increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

It sounds like you have periodontal disease. Since you haven't had your teeth cleaned in 15 years, there's probably a lot of tarter built up around your teeth, making your gums VERY upset! What you need to do is go see a dentist. They'll need to do a full exam and x-rays and then get you back for a cleaning. Since it's been so long, you'll probably need what's called Scaling and Root Planing. Listed below is a good web site that describes what will need to be done. Getting a good cleaning done will be your top priority. Then the dentist can work on helping you get a pretty new smile. Good luck!!

The Captain
go to the dentist

Kitty L
I hadn't been in over 20 years. I'm 50. I went last week for a cavity and found out I need oral gum surgery for periodontal disease. I brushed regurally, have pink gums, but just had a little bleeding every once in a while! Now I need surgery. Go now before they have to pull all your teeth! Mine weren't even yellow! Good luck, and GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to a good reconstruction dentist.
It won't be that painful - but it sounds like it will take a long time.

You are extremely lucky that you haven't been in incredible pain.

Justin C
Get them teeth brushed and make an appt. for the dentist ASAP. Might try to quit smoking as well. Tends to be bad for both the teeth and gums.

Since you do not have any tooth ache or any sensitivity, it just looks like beginning of gum problem. Visit a periodontist to have the gums checked and possible treatment, at the earliest. You have already made good saving by avoiding dentists in the past 15 years, wow! Once your gums are back to being healthy pink, you may thence consider bleaching for your discolored teeth.

Go to the dentist, fast!!! You'll like your smile alot better if you take better care of your teeth.

God Bless.

First, see the hygenist and get a good cleaning. If your gums are rotting, you may need to see a periodontist. Take care of the basics before you have the whitening done. Your dentist will let you know exactly what you need.

Nikki H. the wizard
oh wow. go to the dentist. tooth problems can actually lead to other health problems.

Yikes! Any reason in particular that you haven't been to the dentist? Besides the fact that the drills are scary, they put their fists in your mouth, the pain is unbearable afterwords, and their bills can really add up...

Nonetheless, it would be a very, very good idea to go. I need to go myself soon, lol

Brush tiwce a day and after meanls if possible. FLOSS. I HATE flossing. But its the best thing in the world for gums. If you use tobacco, try to quit. Its not good for your teeth or gums either. Coffee isn't good either... so much for drinking and smoking...

Whitening toothpasts are available and there are also whitening kits you can get for under $30. I reccommend rembrant. They'll whiten your teeth within a day! They are relatively safe, and for the price vs. a professional whtening job or caps, its a good step to try!

Your gums could be a sign of other problems that relate to the rest of the body. It also can be gingivitis gone bad. Tobacco can do that too (don't get me wrong, I like to smoke too), You may want to see a periodontist about that. Usually they can give you a prescription mouth wash to help.

If you have a phobia of dentists, I understand this. I had brases for 5 years, and had to wear a spacer as well. Oh it was miserable. I jump every time I'm in the seat.

What I do, and granted, most people will disagree with me on this, is I have a Vicodin before I go. I went from being a pain to their favorite patient. That way they can work, and I won't be in agony. Have to be careful though- they can be addicting.

Anyways, hope this helps.

"There are many pains, both physical and mental, the one that is both is dental." -ogden nash

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