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I'm thinking of having my wisdom teeth removed and My question do I need to be put to sleep since I'm afraid
that I might died if they put me to sleep??? Is there anyanother ones I can have that I don't want to be put to sleep at all.
Additional Details
All tow of wisdom teeth are out except one which is under the gum and one is out but it is cover by a gum above it.....What choice do I have that I don't want to be put to sleep at all??????

Joseph P
I had mine done in a hospital because i take Coumadin. I asked the anaesthesiologist if she was going to give me Demerol and Valium, like one of my general dentist friends uses on his patients. She said, "No, much better! Fentanyl and Versed." I don't know if this can be used for IV sedation (although it's more like anaesthesia) if you're being taken home the same day, but I know that both good general dentists who are trained in IV sedation and oral surgeons (who have to be) can come up with a good combination. Only problem is that many insurance companies will not pay for IV sedation, only for local (Lidocaine, sometimes called Novocaine because that was its original brand name.) If that's the case and you can't afford IV sedation, your dentist can give you (or give you an Rx for) as good-sized dose of Halcion, a very-short acting drug that's in the Valium family. Between two and three times the sleeping dose will sedate you fine and it works quickly. It also tends to cause some retrograde amnesia — so no painful memories. It was introduced as a sleeping pill in the mid-80s, but is now considered a little too dangerous compared to Ambien aznd LUNESTA. Recently, oral surgeons realized it could be a big help – since a little amnesia is a good thing when they do their procedures!

i had my taken out at 14 you can ask for laughing gas whitch doesnt put u 2 sleep but it numbs you i also have to have jaw surgery cause my bottom jaw is too big so i know what your going through

It's very rare to be put to sleep to remove wisdom teeth. Even when they are under the gum. Besides, a General Anesthesia is always a risk and if it's a unnecessary one , why take it? If they are too difficult to remove because they are covered the dentist might do it in two steps.Uncovered by cutting the gun around it, and 15 days latter pull it out. But it's not a big deal. You will be more then fine with local anesthesia and usually it's so quickly you will not even realize it's done.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out all at the same time. I did get a local anesthesia, because of the way my teeth was growing out. I think it depends on your pain resistant. However, I've known some people who have had two removed with out any medication and they were fine in a few days.

i don't think they will put you to sleep for that or else all patients getting teeth removed would ask to be put to sleep. don't worry, the pain is sharp and quite quick.

Had all four of mine pulled (2 one time and 2 another time). They can give you the gas to relax you. You stay awake and feel nice and woosey. You're still coherent so it's not like you're completely helpless. It isn't that bad.Could be like it was many many years ago when they had no anesthesia and stuff like that. You'll be fine!

No big deal. I had 23 teeth pulled about a month ago with only local anestethic. You don't have to be put asleep- but if you would feel more comfortable not being alert for it- general is very safe nowadays ;)

Nitrous helps or a small shot will do it.

There are plenty of other ways to go painless.
Go for the nitrous oxide...great buzz and no pain.
God, I hate dentists...but at least I have one that gives me lots of pain preps before tooth works.
Good luck!

I've had my wisdom teeth out and it was the best thing to be put to sleep. I heard that if you stay awake you feel it when the doctor takes out the wisdom teeth. Just a tip when you do get your wisdom teeth out use a heating pad on your face and your face won't swell up.

They tell you that there are possible complications from local anesthesia just to cover their butts from getting sued but it is very very very rare that anyone would die while they are under. People have elective surgeries every day and most everyone comes out alive. You're more at risk of getting an infection from gum disease than dying from anesthesia! I went under to have mine pulled and it was easy breezy. I didn't even know I had fallen asleep before they were waking me up because they were done! You would probably rather be put to sleep for it than stay awake through the whole thing!

For sure. It will be much more comfortable and is relatively safe

I had a single impacted wisdom tooth removed and I have to say that it was one of the worst experiences of my life. It is your choice, and if I had had all four removed I would still have wanted to stay awake since I'm terrified of IV's. BUT having gone through it, I would suggest having General Anesthesia.

I Don't Give Good Answers
Anesthetics don't kill you unless you have a severe allergy to them. Don't be worried. If you do have a severe allergy, your doctor will know.

you can do it without being put to sleep.. but i wouldn't recommend it..

the change of dying while under general anethesia is realllyyy small.. like one in a million...

i got mine out, my friend just got hers out the other day.. it is a routine procedure

it's actually kind of nice.. you just drift off to sleep and then wake up .. no big deal

don't worry :)

Computer Geek
They will put you to sleep but you will be fine.You will not remember a thing. When I had my wisdom teeth removed I could tell they were gone but my headaches were much better. You will have swelling. But it will decrease in the matter of weeks and not be noticeable. There is nothing to worry about. I went to a very good oral surgeon and got the best of care. Good luck! :)

My dentist told me about a new kind of anestesia they use for wisdom teeth removal. It doesn't "knock you out" the way traditional ones do. Instead, it temporarily puts you into a conscious sleep, in which you are awake, but not aware of what is happening, and when it is over, you do not remember anything. You are not actually put to sleep, though, so it does not have the side effects of traditional anestesia and the recovery time is quick. My father used this kind of anestesia when having a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, and he was fully alert again about an hour afterwards and had no side effects at all. Talk to your dentist about this kind.

A twilight sedation is one where you are out of it, but not unconscious. You will be sedated to the point of being asleep, but again, you will not be unconscious. It does not provide pain relief, so it would be given in addition to any local anesthetic.

Good Luck!!!

More than likely you be given a sedative that will knock you out (put you to sleep) for a little bit of time. But, it also depends on how bad they are.

If they are not to bad and almost all the way in? you not be put to sleep. But, your whole mouth will be numb and the Dentist will hit that nerve in your toongue that will make it feel like you stuck you tongue to an electric fence.

If they are not all the way in are coming in very crooked? then you will most definately be put to sleep.

The best option is the sleep thing. Just a little stick in the are and it will be over and you will be just fine. My wife just had her's done both ways. The tops one was a normal shot in the mouth the bottom was bad and she had the sleep thing. She say's she prefers the sleep thing over the other.

Do not worry you will be fine.


♥Im Eric's Chic♥

If I were you, I would be put to sleep. I had my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled on tuesday. One was completly impacted, the other partially. They gave me the gas, along with novacaine, but it didnt help much. Im not going to lie, but it was pretty painful. I was extremely nervous like you. While I was sitting the chair waiting, i was shaking I was so nervous. If your as nervous as I was, get put to sleep! I have nightmares about it now. It was not pleasant. It took them over an hour to get one tooth out, and they kept drilling at it, and then pulling at it, which felt like alot of pressure, and became pretty painful. They kept having to re-numb me... i cringe thinking about it. I wish I would have been put to sleep! Take it if you can!

You can get local anesthesia. My dentist told me that they shouldn't put you under General Anesthesia (i.e., "asleep") for wisdom teeth. Of course, that's just his philosophy, but I would say that the risk isn't worth general for wisdom teeth, so I had local anesthesia for mine.

Last Spring I had 3 of them removed and, yes, I was put to sleep during the surgery. But it was my choice to do so and had the option not to.

You are obviously very nervous about this due to you asking again about your teeth. You should ask your oral surgeon about the options for you. If you go it without General Anesthesia, your dentist would likely be doing the extractions. You will be there with your mouth open for the better part of 1.5 hours, because the dentist has to give you time to 'rest' while taking out all the wisdom teeth. You would likely be more uncomfortable awake.

Counsel with your dentist, and oral surgeon. But I think in general you are getting all 'wound up' over something that will be over with in less than an hour once started.

If your wisdom teeth are not coming in crooked, and they are erupting (showing) you can probably get it done with local anesthesia. But if they are impacted (below the gum), it may be more difficult.

I went through the same thing. No one wants to be put out for a surgery, but it was over in less than 45 minutes. And then 5 days of recovering. I had a complicated extraction that was very painful. If your extractions are not complicated, you will be up and around in a day or 2. None of the teeth that were pulled bothered me much except the one bad one, and I needed pain meds for 5 days because of the angle he had to dig it out with.

Again, your situation might be different. I tell you this, you are basically in 'twilite', and only out for about a half an hour.

You will do just fine.

sally s
i had my wisdom teeth cut & removed b4 they started to come out (when i was 16 ) i was hoping they would put me to sleep, no such luck i can honestly say if i had to do it again i would so maybe u dont need to be asleep

get laughing gas....but the iv is nice too...i had my wisdom teeth out not too long ago....the iv doesnt put you to sleep, it just makes it so you dont remember...and they have a whole team in the room, so you wont die, dont worry :)

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