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joe c
How would I get tested for mercury poisoning from amalgem fillings?

Dentists don't use, mercury in their fillings anymore, I don't think? I don't know what it is exactly but I would be calling someone ASAP. Also, if you think you have mercury poisoning and it did come from there, I would be calling the local poison control center and find out what you should do from here and where you need to go and get help. If you either didn't get it from there and you have mercury poisoning, I would be trying to find out where it came from.

Like the others have said go to the doctor and get a blood test.I don't think you can get enough mercury from fillings to be harmful,but if it puts your mind at rest, get tested!We all probably get more mercury from tuna than our tooth fillings.

A blood test, Your Dr. can set you up with one.

The only thing you should be concerned about as far as amalgam is concerned is if you are allergic to it. Your body is not going to absorb the mercury in your silver filling unless you do something like swallow it and why would you do that?? Silver fillings are harmless. They don't cause cancer and they don't cause alzheimer's. Some years ago (and I mean a long time) there was this big scare that silver fillings caused all these problems so there were some dentists that decided to monopolize on this: they began to remove their patients silver fillings and replace them with tooth colored ones. Why? Because tooth colored fillings cost more. When it was later found out that there was no harm in silver(unless you are allergic to it) these same doctors that did this unecessary work were sued.

marisel c
amalgam is an alloy of a whole bunch of metals, mercury is one of the ones that keep the amalgam together but the amount of mercury in it is so small that it cant hurt your body. In the course of the years I have seem many people to come to replace their amalgam by resin composite and in many cases I have seem them come back to change it by amalgam again. The resin composite dont have the strenght that amalgam does and in many cases the it wont seal the molars the way amalgam do. For back teeth you shold stick to amalgam for his strentgh and keep your resin composite for the front teeth for esthetics.

Need an answer
see a doctor and he will draw a blood test.

If you think you've been exposed to mercury you should contact your local poison control center and get their advice on what to do. But, you should probably call your doctor immediately and ask schedule an appointment.


You may find that will be a long and expensive road. The ADA doesn't want anyone freaking out that their bodies are loaded with mercury (lawsuits you know) so they are keeping all that hush hush.

But, others are saying they cause lots of problems. You may have to really search hard to find someone to take them out and replace them with something that is non-toxic. It is costly. I asked my dental hygenist about it.

The prospect of poisoning from fillings is pretty frightening, and there's a class-action suit in Canada over the issue... the charge is that the gov't knew of the dangers and did not inform the public.

But it's not possible to be tested, that I know of, as the toxic effects on the body (as the direct result of a filling) are largely speculative. You could be tested for various problems that can be related to mercury poisoning, ranging from mental health issues to sleeplessness and gastrointestinal disorders, but that's not exactly the same as linking those problems to the fillings.

You can have a dentist remove the fillings and replace them with what are likely safer fillings... gold, or plastic, for example.

Go to the Doctor.

FDA and other organizations of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) continue to investigate the safety of amalgams used in dental restorations (fillings). However, no valid scientific evidence has shown that amalgams cause harm to patients with dental restorations, except in the rare case of allergy.

go to the hospital immediately

The fillings in your mouth contain metallic mercury. This can not be absorbed in your body. Ionic mercury such as methyl mercury for one, can accumulate in the body and cause problems. Hope this helps.

Russian T
Amalgam is the correct spelling. It helps when looking up info.

Your chances of getting mercury poisoning from your amalgam fillings are slim to none.

If you are really curious, see tha webpages below....

Possibly you can find info on getting tested at one of these.

you should worry a whole lot more about mercury poisoning from a can of tuna rather than you fillings. i'm a dentist and everyday i pray that it will come out that your silver fillings are killing you. if that's the case then my office will be booked solid for years! i liken it to plastic surgeons boom in business when they started removing silicone breast implants. they made money a second time taking them all out and putting new ones in.

also note the article in May's journal of the american medical association that sited no increase in neurological disease in patients with silver fillings. and trust me, any chance the md's get to dog on dentists is a welcome one to them. they're jealous that we work less and make more money.

there is no cover up. there will be no lawsuits. and you don't have mercury poisoning.

with blood test

Just get a blood test and send the sample to the very few labs that measure that kind of metals.

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