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 I'm 21 and i want to know if there is any health risks to me getting dentures?

Additional Details
a little more to it!i went to the dentist today and i only have like 6 teeth they aren't going to have to either remove or work on some how.i'm looking at11,...

 My boyfriend has bad teeth! How do I fix this!?
I love my boyfriend for him - not his looks, but lately, his teeth have been bothering me. They are perfectly straight, but i doesn't look like hes spent a lot of time brushing. He rarely has ...

 My husband crunches his teeth while asleep can anyone tel me if theres a cure as he keeps me awake all night ?

 My 7 year old grinds her baby teeth so much they are now tiny.What should I do to prevent this in the future?

 Have you ever had a tooth knocked out?
This one time i was in the pool and i was on one of those littile kick boards on my knees to see how long i could do it for then all the suddan it launchs back on my face and knocks out a tooth. My ...

 Is it possible to "cook" your tongue?
there has been times when i scalded my tongue when eating hot food. but, is it possible that in the process, a part of the tongue gets "cooked". it feels numb and hurts when it rubs againts ...

 Could you tell me about getting/having braces?
Any good links to sites will also be appreciated. I'm getting braces next month and I just wanted know some things ahead of time like how painful is it really, and what's the process of ...

 When shld v change our toothbrush?
wht is d average life of a tooth-brush ? when shld v change it ? any other thing apart from looking its torn bristles ?...

 Does it hurt when your braces are pulled tighter?

 Wisdom teeth pulled, now spitting blood?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, everything went smoothly. However, 30 hours later when I spit, there is some blood in the spit, is this a sign that one of the clots is coming out and I'...

 Are you supposed to brush your teeth in hot, cold, or warm water?
When brushing ones teeth, is hot, cold, or warm water best used? Why, if that information is available as well. I have been using warm water....

 How do you deal with someone with bad breath?

 Can one tooth cause pain elsewhere?
If my tooth at the front is damaged, can the pain travel up the back of my jaw that would make me think that the back teeth were damaged? can one bad tooth make other "healthy" teeth feel ...

 How much does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?
help!!! im getting my two bottom wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and they are sitting on a nerve and im freaked out of my mind. has anyone had this done before? and what was it like?...

 Whats the best thing to do when you have a toothache?

Additional Details
its the back right one on the top,i think its a wisdom tooth coming through,are these usually painful?...

 Should I get braces even though I don't need them?
Well, my dentist said my top teeth are perfect except for one tooth, which is slightly higher, like 1/10 of an inch. On my bottom teeth, the 4 in the middle are overlapping each other very very ...

 How do you get a 2yr old to let me brush his teeth without 2 people holing him down and him freaking out?
my grandson hates being still . his mom can't get his teeth brushed .she trys twice a day but he screams an sqiggles like she is trying to kill him . serious problem yes ?...

 Are root canals painful?

 Anybody had their wisdom teeth pulled without being put under?
Just tell if it hurts. I can deal with the sounds, the drilling, the smoke coming out of my mouth, but I just need to know if it still hurts. I take to novacaine really well and have had root canals ...

 How much do braces cost?

How much pain should i still have after having 18 teeth pulled-6 days later?

Bill D
i dont think you actually got 18 teeth pulled, or ever will...unless your about to get dentures, whcih if its the case your a little too old to be on yahoo questions arent you, grandma?

I have a great idea for a christmas present for you!! If you could invent a time machine and go back 10 years buy yourself a toothbrush and use it!!!

Baron Von SnootchHeimer
WOW!! How do you still eat food???

bin there dun that
This will sound crazy ... but none. If you still have pain, real pain, go back to the dentist. It is quite possible the gums are not healing properly.

Well I had three teeth pulled, and it wasn't very bad at all. I was pain free in 1-3 days. So I'd say none or close to none in six days.

Cookie M
OUCH!!! i would say that it should still hurt, but not as much. ask your dentist if u need to know.

ooooouch... u can still be in pain

Diva D
My mom had to have a bunch pulled a couple of weeks ago. She felt pretty good by the third day. The sockets didn't hurt anymore, but her jaw hurt for about 2 weeks. She could control it pretty well with over the counter painkillers.
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! :)

honey, your going to have pain for the next month!!!!

eight teen teeth is like your whole mouth!!!!

getting adult teeth pulled is worse and i dont know if your talking about adult or baby soooooo i hope your feeling better i know how it feels i've had braces for 2 years!!

dude i just had all of mine out about 15 hurt like hell! was on perc for 4 days and tyl 3 for 3 more- then lots and lots of ibroprofen seriously swish salt water- warm often it helps and numbs it off and on all day i swear its the only thing that got me thru and it helps speed up the healing

That sounds like it hurts. You'll probably be in pain for a few weeks, but it should get better over time. If it's really bad I would call your dentist and make sure this is normal.

i want to know what you did all those years , did you not brush your teeth your whole life? what kind of food did you eat ? and yeah it will hurt its 18 teeth that were attached to your gums , yeah , just a little

Lil Jay
it depends on where they were pulled if they were pulled all on the same side then u have about 1-2weeks left

None, I had All My Teeth Removed at Once, (24 Teeth), Two days later, Good to go, no pain at all... Call Your Dentist if you are still in pain after 6 days...

WOW! 18? You must have had some major problems. I would say you should expect some major pain for a few days considering the trauma involved. But 6 days is a little long. See your dentist.

even this question look silly it is not, the problem relies on your pain tolerance and if there will be infections the following days.

So in reality nobody can answer your question if you don't have a infection.
But if you have infections take it from me it will be a lot of pain.



B Dub
a lot


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