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 Just off to the dentist, i am petrified as i have got older i have got worse even panick attacks now. help?

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I am not quite sure if you are allowed to put water on your
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 What will the dentist do about my wisdom teeth at 28?
i started getting my wisdom teeth through before xmas,i'm 28.
They are painful and pushing the other teeth out of line,looks bad.
they are at the bottom row,anyone know from experience ...

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Mine is that crest spearmint stuff it tastes so good!...

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 How long should my mouth be numb after having wisdom teeth removed?
More specifically, the numbness is in my chin and bottom lip. I used general anesthesia, but novocaine was also given. It's been 4 hours so far....

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How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened?

I've used the Crest Whitestrips and the results are good. The 10 day treatment is about 25$US. It lasts about 6 months.

1million pounds if ur rich
£2.50 if ur poor.
dont know about ur case. hope that helps

Free if you use common household bleach..........

Between $200-$400

it costs your tooth strength and enamel. don't do it.

I got mine done a few months ago. First they make an impression of your teeth. Then they put the whitten gel in the mold and put on your teeth for 15 min with the light three or four times. Worked really well and they give you your mold and gel to continue the treatments at home ( about once a month), when you run out of the gel you just swing by the dentist office and pick up another tube for about $15.00. The cost of the procedure ( called Zoom) was $500.00 which is the cost of the mold. I have done the kind you can get at the store also the gel is basically the same, but its better to have a fitted mold works much better.

my dental office charges about 250.00. They make you whitening trays and then give you the bleach stuff to put in for hour per night for about 7 nights.

Chablis F
it's a bit pricey if you go to a dentist, but why don't you just try those whitening strips first? like the one from crest?

no clue but i will see what others put.

I use the products in the store, and also before I brush I use regular peroxide, the kind you get for like under a dollar, and you mix it with water (half and half) Use it like a mouth wash. It does work if you do it everytime b4 you brush. It says on the side of the bottle you can use it as an oral rinse.
The products made to whiten your teeth are made with peroxide too. They just want you to buy the expensive crap.

you can pay $15. for a box kit in a chemist, or $2000. in a posh cosemtic dentist clinic, but all these kits containing bleach substance de-mineralise the enamel of your teeth and may make them very sensitive if you over-do it. Your teeth will correct this process, but that is why whitening is not often permanent. The 'whitening tooth pastes' were shown not to work at all, although if you use a product every now and then light stains will go, from red wine and coffee.

the thinker
dont bother they end up going semi transparent...

on ebay you can buy the bleach n the teeth trays from the providers to extreme makeover usa its about £13 including postage n u get 4 siringes for that (a few months supply)u can also get 1 siringe for £1.99 n teeth tray.they r excelent.i paid £250 2 yrs ago at my dentist n the bleach of ebay gives quicker results as its 4x stronger look under aution n warehouse ok

Sally G
It depends on where you live. It vary's from place to place.
Some range from $450.00 to $?00. 00. Call around to get your estimates, and take it from there.

at a dentists..anything from £350 - £1000

Where I work we charge 175$ for either the upper or lower arch. It's a light cured power bleaching program, I've seen the results and it works with most people. Unfortunately, if you have tooth colored fillings in the front of your mouth they will become more noticable. This is due to the fact that the teeth around the fillings become bleached but the fillings are unaffected.

In my opinion it is much cheaper to buy a box of Crest Whitestrips and give that a shot. Be aware that bleaching your teeth often leads to increased sensitivity.

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