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 Can you die from a tooth ache?

 Is it true that if you have wisdom teeth, they will cause you anxiety?

 I have a metallic taste in my mouth, what could be causing it?

Additional Details
would be a miracle if i was pregnant, no new fillings or crowns, and cant find a nail in my mouth,lol. i dont have a spleen and supposed to take penicillin every day ...

 Can a tooth decay cause medical problems?
Can a rotting wisdom tooth cause any medical problems? I have had medical problems for the past 2 years and no doctor has ever been ever to diagnose me. Symptoms included a low roaring back pain, ...

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i brush my teeth twice a day but they're still not as white as i want them to be. does anybody know of any products or techniques to make my teeth look whiter?...

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It looks kind of like a blister on my gum above my teeth. I had it a few weeks ago but it went away, now it's back....

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i am getting braces and all my friends say it kills.. is that true.. and what should i eat? what can't i eat? what do they do when they put the braces on? i am only getting them on the ...

 Dentist ROAR?
i just got bak from the dentist from getting my cavities filled and from the numming stuff they gave me my chin and right cheek and bottom lip is all numb and i would lik to know how you get it back ...

 How can I fight my bad breath?
I'm a 14 year old girl... and I brush my teeth twice a day and floss every once in a while....

 If you let a tooth go without treatment will it eventually kill you?

 I have impacted wisdom teeth. How bad is it to have all four of them removed surgically?

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I have braces...does that affect anything?...

 Best and quickest way to get rid of mouth ulcers?
I get small mouth ulcers every so often and would like to know the best way to get rid of them quickly....

 I am 19 and still have a baby tooth?
ok so i am 19 and still have a baby tooth (molar) why is that? is it normal?...

 Tooth problems!!?
Ok, well i got some teeth filled in when i was 9 or 10. im now 13 and about 4 or 5 months ago a filling started to really really ache. and eventually it fell out. now there is not as much pain, but ...

Whats the best remedies for toothache relief, while waiting to go to the Dentist. Please help
Additional Details
Thanks heaps for all the answers. I will definately give some of them a ...

 Do braces hurt because i'm getting them tommarow..?
i'm like really scared and excited at the same time! so i just wanna know what stuff i should eat and what medication to take if the pain is really bad and just what to expect and stuff..! okay ...

 My oral surgeon says my wisdom teeth need 2 come out cuz my gums and jaw are infected, but there is no pain?
do they really need to come out? both my bottoms are partial bony impactions (thats the ones thats infected) and my top one has a cavity in it. im starting to have second thoughts about being put to ...

 I'm having 3 Wisdom Teeth out, under local anesthetic. REALLY SCARED. Will it really hurt, PLZ ANSWER?
Having 3 wisdom teeth out, with local anesthetic. (Novocain)

Will it really hurt. Do the injections hurt ? Sooo scared

1 is impacted. Been given Valium to take. To calm me ...

 I have a hole in my tooth and cant go to the dentist for a while, any suggestions?
pain in my back tooth runs to my ear causing it to hurt and then to my head. I have used over the counter ibuprofen until i can go to the dentist. Anything better out there!!!...

How many teeth are you suppose to have on the lower part?
i have 14 teeth right now...

but i have 2 in the very back starting to come out..

Im 19!!

is that normal???

in all your supposed to have 28 so im guessing you should have 14 on top and bottom but however some people have more teeth due to genetic. It may be normal have 16 teeth. However those are most likely your wisdom teeth and most people get those removed

16 im pretty sure.
youre suppose to have 32 altogether..

and those are called your wisdom teeth.
if they're painful you'll have to get the surgical removed.

good luck!

4 molars, 2 pre molars 2 canines and 4 incisors. The 2 you are referring to are Wisdom Teeth.

It's normal to have 16 teeth including the wisdom teeth (third molars). So you're probably growing in your wisdom teeth.

margaret babieee
thats normal. ur widom teeth would come out so it would be normal.

That is what I have also. You start with 12, and then two more (14) when you get your twelve year molars and then 16 if your wisdom teeth come in.

Elizabeth B
I think it's 32 teeth total, so 16 on top and 16 on bottom. Your wisdom teeth are coming in and it's completely normal. You're not too old for it to be happening. :)

Alex D
your suppose to have 16. that is normal, they are your wisdim teeth dont worry i got mine at 21.. all normal..

YES-- it is normal

we have 16 teeth in the lower jaw

16 for an adult. the 2 in the back are wisdom teeth. there will be 4 of them.

who counts their teeth?

OOOh Yes Thats It Yes!!!!
in the bottom I beleive is 16 in total is 32 the ones coming out are call wisdom tooth they are suppose to come out at this age am 19 too and mines are already growing they hurt by the way you need to go to the dentist because you need to have them out they will mess up you front teeth or later on they will bring problems.

i dont know lol im younger than u and i have around 16

ps why does it matter

Silent Bob
You have a total of 32 teeth, 16 upper and 16 lower. The wisdom teeth are the back molars that grow in between 17 - 25 years old. Most adults do not have enough room on their jaw for the molars to grow in and have to have them remove before it messes up the rest of the teeth by pushing them out of alignment. Good Luck.

absolutely normal, u r supposed to have 16 and lucky you, u have. the 2 coming out now are called wisdom teeth. everyone have it

Im 19 and have 14 teeth on the bottom Too!! On my top teeth I just recently had one more tooth in the very back come in....weird I know.....now I have 1 odd tooth!! lol I think its normal...may be wisdom teeth...If you find out more let me know

I think you have to have 32 teeth by the time your fully grown up, and i really want to say 16 teeth on the bottom jaw at your age. You should try goggleing it. I'm sure you could get some answers from there

Very normal. Those sound like your Wisdom Teeth that are just now coming in.

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