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 How to get rid of stinky breath...PLZ HELP!?
My good friend has awful breath. I have tried to be a good friend and talk to them about it but i have not had any luck. I feel bad for them, but it is their own fault for not brushing every day. W...

 What kinda toothpaste do you use?
I use Mentadent the ...

 What to eat with braces on.
i just got my braces put on today. i know i cant eat sticky, hard, crunchy, or sugary foods. but what can i eat. can i have examples of like meals. like hamburgers, pizza(without crust), etc....

 Will it hurt?
I might get braces in a month or so, im wondering how they do it and if it will hurt and stuff. and do you have to get a needle in your mouth?...

 Is it bad to eat a bannana when ur sick??
i have a fever of 102.8 derees f . plz tell me im starving and i wanna eat a soft bannana cause i also just got my teeth pulled at the dentist like 5 of them. and i can only eat soft ...

 Can a 12 yr old take regular asprin my girl has toothache and its all i have in the house?
the tabs are 300...

 Why is a tooth brush, called a tooth(singular) brush, when it cleans teeth??just a daft one for you!!?

 What is your opinion about this image? What is happening?
You can find the file in address: http://osmeusficheiros.no.sapo.pt/yahoo/Comparacao2001vs2006.gif
The image in the left is of 2001. The image in the right is of this year....

 Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
Research shows that since acid levels in the mouth rise immediately after eating, the tooth enamel is more likely to be damaged when brushing after eating. I imagine most people don't have time ...

 When getting a shot at the dentist's office.....?
i got a shot of novocain (in the hinge part of jaw) and almost immediately my heart started racing, and i became very shaky, and felt like i couldn't get enough air...kinda like what a panic ...

 Does it hurt when you get your wisdom teeth removed?

 I am going on a date with someone, how can i keep my breath fresh?

 Too late for braces?
How old were you when you got braces?

hi there, im 15 and i still havent got my braces although i have had a couple of appointments with my orthodontist. the only thing that is causing me ...

 Why do we have wisdom teeth?
do we need them?...

 Does everyone have to get their wisdom teeth cut out?

 Severe pain please help!!!!?
I really hope that somebody can help me with this today. 4 weeks ago i went to the dentist and i had a filling on a upper tooth on my right side. The day after my filling i started to get severe pain ...

 I get very scared at the dentist what helps relax you?
I get dizzy when I lay back in the chair, I break out in hives/rash.
I am a nervous reck. But my root canal filling came out and my tooth hurts like hell. What should I do?
Additional D...

 How often do you change your tooth brush?

 Got a tooth pulled and its still bleeding like two hours later!?
ive kept pressure on it like the dentist said, with gauze. anyone have a toth pulled before? did it bleed alot ? how long ?
Additional Details
its bleeding quite a bit too, also they had ...

 Do you mind?
when you are at the dentist do you mind wearing the bib and retractors when they work on you and wear glasses for orthodontics? do you mind the feeling of rubber gloves in your mouth and the mask on ...

How many sets of baby teeth does a child have?
My daughter's front tooth is loose but I seem to recall this same tooth already coming out. Just curious but how sets of baby teeth does a child have and will they eventually lose all of their baby teeth?

656456332145666845 sets, duh!


Liz Bow.
Well I was talking to my toaster, Nick, 32, the other day and he told me that baby sharks have 9 rows of baby teeth. If this helps you out, please contact me @ http://WallaWallaBingBang@coconut.gov

Yes, they eventually lose all their baby teeth, but it can take them up to 10 years old to do so. As far as baby teeth - I believe they have two sets. First is 'baby' and second is '?' Ask your dentist to be sure.

Normally people have one set of "baby teeth", but there have been rare instances where children have two sets of baby teeth.

Your child is at an age where dental visits and cleanings would be beneficial. The dentist can and will take X-Rays of your childs teeth and at that point you'll know FOR SURE what's going on in your kiddo's mouth.

Good luck!

The great king
1 set

You only get one set. When you lose a tooth, it comes back ONCE. Lose it again, it's gone forever.

1 and then the permanent teeth come in

As far as I know and have ever ecen heard of they only have one set of baby teeth

kleighs mommy
one set of baby teeth one set of adult teeth

Pissed off pussycat!

Jennifer V
You have on set of baby teeth

I really feel bad you got smart remarks, your child only get one set. I think you should take her to the doctor. Her teeth shouldn't fall out so soon. They might be rotten. And she will have to replace them with silver caps. Please see medical advice.

There is only one set of baby teeth and one set of adult teeth. She should go see a dentist if her front tooth is loose.

Usually humans only have one set of baby teeth, then their adult teeth. There are very rare instances when a child may have a second baby tooth, I had one. I would take her to a dentist though if you believe that she has lost that tooth already.

Shelly t
you only have 1 set of baby teeth then adult teeth. maybe you were mistaken about the tooth

Usually just one set. If it is loose, and you think it has already come out once, maybe you should take her to the dentist to see why it is loose again.

Mrs. T
Only 1 set of baby teeth, and they will all eventually fall out. If you think she already lost this one, you should take her to the dentist to make sure there is nothing wrong with her permanent teeth. If she has ever been to the dentist, they might actually have a record of which ones she actually already lost, so try giving them a call.

Rich Z
They have just one set that can be up to 20 teeth depending on whether all of their molars erupt. Usually all are lost but occasionally one or more remain

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