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*VA Mama*
How long will I feel like crap after having all 4 wisdom teeth out?
Not so much worried about when will I be able to eat solid foods and stuff, but will I just feel like plain crap all over after the surgery? They're all impacted and I will be using IV sedation. I know I'll be out of it the first day when I get home. But after that, will I be feeling better quickly? I ask because I'm doing it on a Friday so my husband can be home on the weekend to help out with our daughter. But he will have to go back to work Monday and I'm wondering if i'll feel well enough to take care of her by myself by then?


its not that bad, a few days at the most

Your a survivor not dat long maybe 2 or 3 days at da most. You'll be A ok

Brittnay P
well everyone recovers different, but all 4 of mine were impacted too! and they had to put me to sleep for it and stuff too, and it took me over a week for my cheeks to stop swelling, it looked like i had a tennis ball in each cheek(thats no exaggeration, i have pictures to prove it!) but that was the worst of it for me like the pain wasn't so bad after the 2 days. but i swell really easily and everyone is different, so don't worry.

Depends how badly impacted they are and how long they have been that way. In general, you are going to feel pretty crappy the first 24-48 hours b/c you can't eat much and your blood sugar gets low. If they are really impacted badly and have been that way for some time (meaning you are over 25 years of age) it could take longer. You still probably won't feel like doing too much work for at least 3-4 days or longer.

i had the same thing my senior year. they pulled all four during my senior spring break and i was sore for a whole week. not to mention my cheeks were swollen the whole time and i had to wear this thing we called a face jock, it had pockets for ice packss that was strapped to my head...wanna talk about embarrassing. but they gave me Vicodin which helped a lot. it just depends on how everything goes and how sensitive you are to pain. good luck.

It depends on your pain tolerance and how you react to anesthesia/pain meds. I had mine removed surgically and was able to take care of myself the next day; I found the pain no worse than braces. I was on flight three for a family vacation days later, so by Monday you should be out and about. You should be able to function as long as you keep up with your pain meds, swish with salt water, and don't try to eat solid food too early.

I had 8 teeth including 4 wisdom removed when I was 13...

It took about 4 weeks for the pain/ache to go away

2 days is enough, just ensure you are taking enough rest and pain killers. After 2 days the throbbing pain will go though there will be slight discomfort till week

I know because I got 2 removed on the same day and it felt like wrestling
All the Best! ;)

i only felt really bad the first few days after by the 3rd or 4th day i started feeling better.

You will be well enough to function as usual by Monday, but you'll still be healing so take it a little easier than usual. Good luck with your surgery!

Kelsey R
All four of mine were impacted, and i did everything I was suppose to do. I took the pain meds, iced and kept it clean. I was on the couch for a week, and i'm not a wimp with pain. I was swollen for two weeks. But then my boyfriend was fine the next day. I guess it's just luck. Good Luck!!!! Be sure to get a good pain med.

I was off work for a week. I'm such a weenie.

It will take about 5 to 7 days before your mouth feels better. Drink cold things, like shakes and ice water.
By Monday, you will probably be able to take care of your daughter,
but your husband should call you regularly to make sure all is okay.

take a look at this... it is three pages... :

Answer Fairy
Everyone is different. I had all four done at once and I was perfectly fine a few hours after the surgery. The pain was annoying, but I didn't need to take any of the drugs they gave me. I got them out a week before I went to live in England (I'm from USA) for four months and I was perfectly fine.

My cousin, on the other hand had a really hard time. She was down for a week. Hers had formed crystals in the sockets. It was gross!

craig l
Not long. It will take a few weeks for the gums to heal but it will not be very painful. Irritation is more likely due to bread crumbs or chips getting lodge where the wisdom teeth where. But in a day or so after surgery you will be fine as far as feeling sick is concerned. Ask for some pain medication just in case.

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