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 OWW help!! Tooth pain - root canaled and capped......?
Got that done about 5 yrs ago, and now all of a sudden, pain!!!
Its swollen and I can't bite down all the way..
Why would it be hurting if there are no roots there..?
And its not ...

 How long do i need to wait to eat food after having cavities filled?

 People in the UK. do you have an NHS dentist?
mine went private last year. Its now very, very expensive when you have a family of 5 to visit the dentist. are we being ripped off?
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I live in East Yorkshire and can&...

 Can I exercise after wisdom teeth extraction?
I just had my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled today, but I am taking a PE class so I have to exercise tomorrow. (Not a heavy workout, just light jogging for 20 minutes.) Will it damage my health if I ...

 Should i get general or local anesthitic for wisdom tooth removal?
im worried im going to die uneccesarily, but i also dont want a lot of pain. should i just get the local? which one will make it better? i need 2 of my wisdom teeth out. ive gotten general once ...

 Most of the english men wont brush their tooth is it true?

 Why does my breath stink so bad??
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 I have a lot of tartar build up I brush my teeth twice a day why is this still?
I talked to someone and they told me it's because I use a soft tootbrush. She told me I need to use a Hard type toothbrush does this matter? All my life I've never had so much tartar ...

 How often should you floss your teeth?
1) After every meal

2) Once a day at the end of the day

3)2 - 3 times a week (me)

4) Never. Dental floss is an evil mechanism invented by unscrupulous capatalist ...

 Do you still have all of your wisdom teeth?
If so, do you have any problems with them. Any cavities? The reason I ask is, I have to go to the dentist this Friday becuase I have a cavity in at least one of my wisdom teeth. I haven't been ...

 Do we HAVE to have the baby tooth pulled if the adult tooth is coming in behind it?
My 6 yr old son has a tooth coming in behind his baby tooth. It is one of the front bottom teeth. The baby tooth is only slightly (really slightly) loose....

 Braces advice?
I just got my braces on the 5th of Jan. How can i cope with the pain? It's not aching, but it's sort of irritating. What are some examples of soft foods I should eat? What should I do at ...

 Why do we wet the toothbrush before brushing our teeth?
I don't leave the tap running anymore but I still wet the brush before I put the paste on. Why? I've tried not doing it but it just feels wrong, lol.
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 I have had a baby tooth loose for a long time and it wont fall out on its own. How should I pull it out?
I have a fear of pulling out my teeth, its loose but won't come out on its own. I'm 14 and I have braces and the longer it takes for the tooth to fall out the longer i will have braces....

 Anyone with braces out there??!?or ortho's?
im getting braces like soon, and i was wondering
where did you go?
how much they cost?
when do they start to hurt after you get them?
but i have a choice to go with getting on ...

 Insane toothache (Molar pain)?
Hi, i'm on my second set of Wisdom teeth (Molars) and for a long time my top right back one has been such a pain in the ***, So I finally got it checked out at dentist, but appointment is next ...

 3 year old to have 3 Root Canals?
My daughter needs 3 root canals. Is this normal? We are very concerned to get this work done to her at this age. She will be put under anesthetic. She also has a tiny piece of flesh in between her ...

 How often should someone visit their dentist for a cleaning?

 Tooth decay?
i think i have tooth decay or gum disease, what is the best cure to save my teeth and how do i repair the damaged ...

 How do you get rid of morning breath?
I always have bad breath in the morning and I am not sure why. I brush my teeth like a crazy person and don't eat or drink anything except water afterwards. My breath is fine during the day, it&#...

How long should my mouth be numb after having wisdom teeth removed?
More specifically, the numbness is in my chin and bottom lip. I used general anesthesia, but novocaine was also given. It's been 4 hours so far.

David F
Give it 3 days, or phone the dentist.

my brother's mouths were funny for about 3 days. ouch.

we are all different,but anytime now it should be wearing off,if after six hours,then I would seek advice from the dentist

Marcaine is normally given for extracting wisdom teeth. It usually lasts about 8 hours. This is purposely done, having a long-lasting anaesthetic, for your benefit. The pain sets in after that.

You should be using ice packs for now to minimize swelling, even though you don't have pain yet. Good luck.

it will go away in a few more hours. It takes awhile.

When I had a tooth removed recently under General Anesthesia [but with novocaine] it took almost 5 hours for it to feel normal.

3-4 hours is normal

Holly G
I don't know specifically BUT pray it stays numb as long as possible!

Rubba Bubba
usually 4 hours is the maximum. wait an hour or two if the numbness doesnt go away call your dentist and ask (he/she should have told you when the numbness goes away. my dentist tells me every single time i get novocaine no matter what)

Took me 8-10 hours, i thought it was never going to end and i was freaking out. It ended soon enough

Gl, hope you get back to normal

it will probably start to wear off in another hour or so...

it will go away soon...

Been a while since i had mine removed, but that doesn't seem unreasonable. Call your dentist back, whoever picks up the phone should be able to answer it.

Hope you got your script, 'cus it'll hurt once the anesthesia wears off.

Sarah B, Canadian Girl
I had partial numbness for a few days. The medication wore off totally within 6-8 hours

Give it an hour or 2 more and make sure to take your pain killers before you start to feel it.

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