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 What do u prfer? sugarless gum or sugar gum?

 Why do almost all famous people get fake teeth?

 I swallowed my gum, and coughed it back up. Am I cool?

Additional Details
Gum as in chewing ...

 Do you have braces?
Please tell me about your experience with braces, as I'm getting them on my teeth next month. I'm interested to know how much it hurts & what food is forbidden.. etc Anything you want ...

 How can you tell someone their breath stinks ! without hurting their feelings ?

 What are the causes for getting a Canker Sore and how can I get rid of it?
I got a canker sore on my lower lip, I also have braces so its near the lower left side where the little hooks are to put my rubber bands. I want to get rid of it soon. So how can I and whats ...

 Bad breath?
my boyfriend has got really bad breath its awfull sometimes specially when he finishes work he has been on a dirt for 1 month now and this is when i started to notice the bad breath he chews chewing ...

 I have problem with my teeth and mouth..,?
i allways i have bad breath.,i need brushing my teeth each and very time i eat otherwise my mouth smells.,like i brush my teeth after drinking coffee,after eating crisps, may be 4-5 times i brush my ...

 My sons mouth smells bad what should he do to avoid that?
He is 16yrs old,he brushes his teeth every day but his mouth keeps on smelling bad. please someone should help me with advice....

 How come flossing your teeth reduces the risk of heart disease....????

 Crest or Colgate?
I'm a Crest man myself.
Additional Details
Crest have variety and doesn't have that burning sensation and some are certified by the ADA.

Colgate has a burning ...

 Why do dentist always ask how many times a day do you brush your teeth?

 Why does your breath smell so bad in the morning?!?
gawd it smells and tastes so horrible i think my dog has better breath than i do in the morning lol (she has cofee breath which smells delicious) i cant even drink a glass of water or anything anyway ...

 I got 2 of my teeth extracted yesterday, and now (almost 24 hrs later), the hole is black and red, why is that
When it it heal up?...

 My breath smells like someone took a dump in my mouth. what the heck?
i know that's not particularly ladylike to say, but really.
Additional Details
I think it's a combination of dehydration, sinusitis and the Thai food I had for dinner.


 How do you get perfect teeths?
other than getting braces, is there another way to get good or perfect teeths?
And does it hurt you get braces in your teeths?
Additional Details
haha very funny^^...

 What discolours teeth?
Could you name as much possible, 10 Points to answer with most ...

 I need some dental help please...?
I have some bad teeth, and I need help please. How can I whiten my teeth and reverse damage, and yes I do brush daily. Also, how much do braces cost and is there any way to reverse the damage for ...

my bf brush his teeth twice a day, floss,brush his tongue but still he has badbreath. how can i help him? i think i already asked but still if someone could help please!
Additional Details<...

 How are braces?
How do braces feel? Do they hurt? I am supposed to be getting them in two or three weeks.
Additional Details
I have REALLY bad teeth....

How long does it take to get braces put on (Top and bottom)? And do you lose weight?

Additional Details
Does the dentist use anesthesia before putting on the braces?

Jenna J
4 me it took 25 min. on top and bottom...theirs no medicine cuz it doesnt hurt....all u r is nervous...although the only trouble i had was since i have big lips i need to lick my lips alot..sounds gross..but i couldnt but luckily they put cream on them and it was relaxing...u wear glasses so just close ur eyes nd drown out the noise and thts all their is to it :)
u dont lose weight from getting braces

you don't lose weight, and about 1-2 hourss.

Alex D
It took me 2 hours to get my braces on. And no you do not lose weight. Also you can choose to have anesthesia or not. I didn't and I hurt. So it should go something like that for you but I don't know because you have a different dentist so it depends.

katie babbayy
You dont lose weight.
There is no reason for anesthesia at all.
it only takes2 hours tops
the weight and anethesia are just myths.

Andrea S
i have braces top and bottom and they hurt.!!! And u will not lose any weight!!!!

Chelsea :]
it took me 2 hours to get bottom and top on.
no, u don't loose weight, but mine really hurt for like a day or 2 after they put them on and after i went to the ortho from then on.

My ortho didn't use anything to take the pain away, but if you ask them to, they might give you a prescription for pain, after you get your braces on.

depends on ur teeth and yes because you can only eat certain things

Jacy in the Hat
Braces will make you lose weight if you follow their rules on what to eat, what not to eat, and how to brush your teeth. It is possible to get them both put on the same day. You do not need to be numbed.

Lacey S
why would you lose weight just b/c you got braces? sure, they hurt in the beginning...but unless you're just really weird, you're not going to loser weight just b/c you have them...i dont know what you're thinking.

oh how perfect
hahaa no offense or anything but how would getting braces make you lose weight??

1-2 hours.
It hurts to eat for a bit after, but you shouldn't lose weight because you should be eating normal after a day.

It took me about an hour to get my braces on. It doesnt hurt when you get them on so no need for anesthesia. I actually have lost about 5 lbs since getting my braces on, the weight loss is simply because I choose to eat food that wont be too hard to clean out of my teeth and I eat less because of the same reason.


I get mine in 1 week! They say it takes about an hour and a half to get them on. You wont get anesthesia. Also, I dont think you would lose weight.

Cannibal Emma
Getting braces put on takes a while and will be rather uncomfortable.

& No, You won't lose weight.....

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