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 Does my teeth look funny?check out my pic.?

This is my only picture smiling.I am not confident smiling on pics bcause of my fang,just one on the left side.I went to ...

 I got a cavity and its starting to bug me what should i do?

 Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow and have a few questions...?
Well first of all my insurance will only cover the local anesthetic(novocaine) so I won't have any gas or IV, because well...I can't afford it. I am just wondering has anyone had it done ...

 Apart from extracion and painkillers how do you cure toothache?

 So i got my braces yesturday?
and at the end of the wire there is no little cap just openwire

Additional Details

 I am gonna have a ortho appoint ment soon...?
is there anything i should know?
Additional Details
its my first ...

 Why does Listerine burn so much??
I use Listerine after brushing my teeth..but my goodness it burns....why is that?
Additional Details
Lord.....people....I don't have bad teeth nor do I have open wounds in my mouth.....

 Any adults/young adults that wear braces?
I'm 20 and I want to get braces because I want a perfect smile, but I'm really nervous about it because there is this whole stigma attached to it. To those adults/young adults that wear ...

 I have really bad teeth and....?
I have really bad teeth, braces won't help, and I'm only 18 so I don't want dentures. I can't even smile, talk, or laugh because I'm so embarassed by my teeth. There is this ...

 Can wisdom teeth grow back after they have been taken out?
I had my wisdom teeth removed about 4 years ago and recently I have been feeling a peice of tooth coming in were it was supposed to be taken out. Im guessing that they did not take it all the way out....

 For those of you who have braces...how much do they cost?
please respondd.....

 Any alternatives to braces?
i have a slight over bite and my dentist ssys i need braces but i really dont like the idea of putting metal in teeth are there any alternatives to metal braces other than the invisalign im looking ...

 My teeth hurt!!! what do I do? I'm still on waiting list for a dentist?

 15yr old needs braces never been to dentist should she go to orthodontist or dentist first?

 Terrible pain in my teeth after running! why?
i have started running in the mornings and i get a terrible pain in my teeth, when ever i'm out of breath this starts to happen, does anybody know why. i'm 24, dont want false teeth just ...

 ADVICE PLZ : ........In so much pain with my tooth i need help from YOU ppl helllllllllllp need advice!!!!?
As Sed in the Lst Add : bascially i was beaten up by a CHAV GANG & now its been 4-5 weeks my tooth is becomin so sore im in alot pain i dnt sleep still @ night bcoz flashbacks and pain within the ...

 Which mediciine help me out of hurt with pain teeth immediately?

 Honestly PLEASE!! doe's it hurt to get bottom wisdom teeth pulled Fully Out of Gum.Are the tools that scary???
Both of my bottom wisdom teeth are out of the gums they are fully exsposed.One has a big hole in the middle and abit broken!! Are the tools scary and big or will i be able to handle it.How long will ...

 Can I play flute if I just had my braces done?
As above.
What are the things that I need to aware of??
Because I am having my braces at the beginning of June and I will have an audition at the end of June.
So can I play flute ...

 Does diet coke realy rott your teeth?

How long does it take to get 4 teeth pulled?
How long does it take to get 4 teeth pulled? (Molars)

Too long! But no, seriously... it does take about an hour and a half. They knocked me out for it so it was like an extra half hour. Good luck! :)

About an hour.

Oh man! That takes a long time about like well depends which dentist you have they may do it fast or be slow or how busy they are on america's next top model it took that girl more than 24/hours to get her pull'n out! GL with that!

well usually they do 2 one day, and that way you cacn eat then in 1 or 2 weeks they pull the othe two. If you are a big chicken they will pull one out a week but that makes no logical sense.

without complications about 15 to 20 mins

It all depends on how good your Dentist is. I had twenty teeth pulled, partials put in in one hour total.

a very long time i got one and it seemed like forever

Tiny Tim
depends ive punched 6 teeth out and it only took a sec

Spaghetti MY
Only 10-20 min longer per tooth than 1 Tooth. (Wisdoms up to 1 hour each)

P.S. Have You Been Playing With Diet Coke & Mentos Aswell ?

took me about 1 1/2 hours. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Molars huh...

Theres a very fast way to do it.....Hit them with a hammer......

Or the dentist can do it...and itll take a good hour...

I don't remember. I was asleep the whole time. All I remember was "3,2,1... blank" Then I just woke up with 4 wisdom teeth missing and bleeding gums so it seemed like only a second but was actually much longer.

That depends on who does the extractions. Do youself a BIG favor and have it done by an Oral Surgeon and NOT by a general dentist. A surgeon is trained in extractions and other surgical techniques and spends 4 additional years in a hospital training. Where many general dentists do their own extractions, a difficult one for them is a very simple procedure for a surgeon. In general, after local anesthesia takes effect and you are numb, it should only take a surgeon less than a minute to remove each tooth. But, make the mistake of having a general dentist do it, and it may take 30 minutes or more for him to remove it. The general dentist just doesn't have the training or experience of the surgeon. This is especially true if those molars are 3rd molars - commonly called wisdom teeth. If they are impacted in the bone that is not completely in the mouth, letting a general dentist remove then is asking for trouble~!

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