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 Age limit for braces?
I'm not keen on my teeth.. the two teeth beside my upper front teeth are wonkyish and my lower 6 front aren't that great either.
I turned down braces at a young age..which wasn't ...

 Listerine burns my mouth really bad like i could cry... help!!??
i have tried the orange kind but it burns so bad like everytime i rinse i want to cry why is this??
Additional Details
i dont have a dirty ...

 Is dental work/braces cheaper in Mexico?
I have heard that lots of people go to mexico to get dental work or braces done because it is a lot cheaper? Is that true? How do you go about that? Have any of you done it?...

 What color braces are bad?

 Oral surgery?
am going oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal. Did anybody had this before? Share please. I am getting crazy because of ...

 Are braces all that bad?

 Had wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago- when can i eat my regular food?
i am scared to eat anything besides soft foods, i afriad food will get stuck in the holes where the teeth were. and how long does it take for the holes to completly fill in?
Additional Details

 What color braces should I get?
I have blue eyes, black glasses, blonde hair, and fair skin, with a TINY bit of pink in my cheeks. Is that description enough? lol....

 Does your tongue ever look white-ish??
Someone told me when your tongue looks white-ish your dehydrated is this true or is it just bacteria or something???? I'm curious. Thanks....

 OMG - my filling came out!! HELP!!?
omg, the filling in my molar that iv had for around 2 years just came out, like ten minutes ago while i was eating! and i swear, when i got the cavity filled, it wasnt that big, but the cavity in my ...

 Glowstick liquid stuff went in my mouth!?
right, well i was chewing on a glowstick ( i know, WEIRD MUCH!?) and then it snapped and some of the liquid went in my mouth :S so i spat it out, and now it tastes funny. i didn't swallow it ...

 I just got my braces put on
and it doesn't hurt right now so I want to eat as much as I can before it starts to hurt. The problem is that I just got it put on an hour ago. Is it ok to start eating now? Will it loosen ...

 Self injury-Please help me out and don't be rude
I have asked this question before, but no one was very helpful....

I have a habit of picking my gums and teeth with a tooth pick until they bleed. I've done this since I was a small ...

 Not seen dentist for nearly 20year. Too sacred!?
Since school Ive avoided dentists big time. But now im suffering. Last 5years been full of tooth aches. Cant hardly chew any more. But sooo scared. If gas used, i be ok. But scared of injection, and ...

 I get my braces on tomorrow what to expect and how bad will they hurt on a scale on 1-10?

 Is laughing gas safe to use on a 12 yr old girl? PLEASE READ!!?
She is having 2 teeth extracted by an oral surgeon but she keeps telling me its not safe and has many harsh side effects. I'm going to call the oral surgeon tomorrow. She wants to know if she ...

 Is their anything else you can use for your teeth to be straighten besides paying 5000 for braces?
Anything else you can use to straighten your teeth besides buying braces that are freaking 5000...

 Will most dentist knock you out completely if you ask them to?
I am so afraid of the dentist that when I get in the chair I back out and leave. Now my teeth are getting really bad and I need to get them fixed but I am to afraid to go tto the dentist. What should ...

 What are the advantages or disadvantages of leaving the space left by a "pulled" tooth: is it better to.....
....leave the space open [its a back tooth by the way]..or would it be better to fill or plug the gap?

would it depend on why the tooth was removed in the first place?

also, if ...

 Which pain reliever can effectively ease my tooth ache??
I'm kinda doubting what to use. or if i should use one.. so please help
Additional Details
okay.. i had tooth ache because i had my braces adjusted this afternoon... ind its hurting ...

How long after tooth extraction can I have coffee?
this is actually my 4th extraction but every other time i didn't drink coffee. (previous was #15, #8, and #9 (7,8,9,10 is a bridge)

Yesterday at 9:45 am i had number 18 extracted. Healing is going well it seems to have clotted well with no signs of dry socket. minimal post extraction pain or swelling all of which have subsided at this point.

i am wondering if it would be okay to have a cup of coffee now. i don't drink it very hot, with cream and artificial sugar or if i should wait if so how long?
Additional Details
i didnt ask for opinions about my sweetner. i used it under direction of a physician.

drink it with a straw and bypass the teeth

i truly have no idea! you probably need to ask your dentist!

Drink the coffee, but forget the sweetener.....that stuff will kill you!

I had it done this year and I used a piece of gauze when i drank coffee and took it out after I was done and then rinsed it with warm salt water and mine healed just fine

You can drink coffee as soon at the sedation has stopped working. Your nerves will indicate if the coffee it too hot or not. The Coffee itself doesn't infect. So there shouldn't be a problem. Best though is just to ask your dentist. He knows the complete details and only he can judge all effects. So asking the question here is dangerous. even my answer isn't 100% sure. There might be a special situation I don't know.

So again, ask your dentist. he knows.

It's ok to drink after 24 hrs. I just had my wisdoms pulled out this year and I dranked Cocoa after 24 hrs. to the hr.after the extration was done. It's BETTER yet after 48 hrs.

I would wait at least another day. Dry sockets can happen three days after the extraction. I had that happen to me , and I didn't drink anything hot or didn't even smoke. Caffeine does cause the blood vessels to dilate.

Nicole R
YOu are fine to drink coffee just as long as it is not too hot and you are not drinking it out of a straw. Good luck!

You can drink the coffee, just not too hot and be careful of the extraction site. You should NOT drink with a straw. The reason being is that when you drink through a straw you create negative pressure within your mouth which has a possibilty of dislodging the clot from the extraction site, possibily leading to dry socket. If you get a little coffee in your site it's not going to kill you. There are far worse bacteria floating in around your mouth already.

Should be okay. Just rinse mouth with water when you're done drinking the coffee. Enjoy.

Go ahead, just don't drink it through a straw and try not to drink extremely hot coffee. The big things are straws, smoking/tobacco, and carbonated beverages. Oh yeah, and no forceful spitting. Tea and coffee are okay.

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